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The Senator's Daughter
Debbie Wallace
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Most women kidnapped on the eve of their wedding would be devastated, but not Sophie. She’s thankful for being rescued from marrying a millionaire she doesn’t love. Besides, her abductor is a gorgeous hunk who makes her feel anything but frightened. His masterful touch sends a river of fire through her blood that releases the vixen in her. She surrenders to an afternoon of passion, only to wonder when it’s over, how will she ever be able to leave Brent for the arms of another man?

Brent can’t believe he let Senator Adams talk him into kidnapping his daughter. Now he has a hellion on his hands, who’s as clever as she is beautiful. He tries to convince himself she’s not his type, but every time he touches her he can’t deny the rush of sensation that leads straight to his loins, then to his heart. Soon he begins to question; can he let her go when it’s over?

At six feet five inches, short women didn’t appeal to Brent Howard in the least, so it was only natural his gaze zeroed in on five feet ten inch Sophie Adams the minute she walked into the crowded room. She was a stunning creature, cultivated and poised; her status of wealth and influence in society evident in not only her regal appearance but in her every move.

The evening gown she was wearing wasn’t much more than a black sheath of shimmering satin, the halter style cut revealingly low in the front while falling in a graceful line all the way to her elegant ankles. It hugged her hourglass shape like a glove, revealing she couldn’t possibly be wearing any undergarments. Three-inch heels put her over the six-foot mark, which meant she’d fit perfectly against him on the dance floor.

As she moved, the light captured the brilliance of the emeralds adorning her slender throat. Even Brent’s inexperienced eyes could tell they weren’t made of paste but were the real deal, and probably worth a small fortune. The fifteen-carat diamond on her finger alone could probably buy a small country and would certainly feed a lot of starving people. His mouth turned down with mild disgust. He didn’t begrudge people who had money but flaunting it in pretentious ways had always turned him off. And Miss Adams had a way of flaunting it as though it was as natural to her as air was to breathe.

She turned slightly and Brent caught his breath, his gaze landing on the amount of flesh exposed by the daringly low cut back of her dress, which narrowed to the curve of her slim waist. Not only beautiful but an exhibitionist as well, another strike against her. Furthermore, with everything else he knew about Sophie Adams, a woman like her would never interest him.

Without being obvious, his gaze followed her as he waited for the right time to make his move. As she glided smoothly from one painting to another wearing that “look but don’t touch” attitude, he was surprised to see she was alone. No one approached her, not even to say hello. However, he knew in spite of her social standing within the community, it was a well-known fact that Miss Adams insisted on her space and privacy. In fact, she demanded it. An unapproachable beauty one could only look at and admire from afar.

Brent knew that would be her downfall.

With a roguish grin his mother would say held a look of pure trouble, he reached for a glass of champagne off a tray as the hostess walked by, sipping at it without really tasting it. Pretending interest in some of the artwork and sculptures scattered throughout the spacious room, he continued to watch Sophie as he gradually made his way in her direction.

The museum was crowded with black ties, suits and evening gowns as only the wealthiest had turned out for the grand opening of the Calabay Cove Art Museum.Photographers were many, frenziedly snapping pictures of the rich and famous. He scanned the room, taking note of the security guards stationed about, who were also dressed to the hilt in an effort to blend in and not alarm the public in case they might be needed.

Strictly as a precaution, the owners of the museum weren’t taking any chances with the millions of dollars worth of art they had on hand. Brent wondered if it had occurred to anyone that there was more there then just artwork needing protection. His gaze automatically searched out Sophie, and froze.

The lady was looking directly at him.

* * * *

An uneasy feeling enveloped Sophie as she unhurriedly made her way around the room, not for the first time peering over her shoulder


Classic elements and fast paced action make this an easy to read, enjoyable story. By Amanda Killgore.


Joyfully Reviewed...You won’t go wrong reading The Senator’s Daughter. It was romantic, suspenseful at times and just an all around good read. Thumbs up for Debbie Wallace!


Recommended Read & 5 ANGELS from Fallen Angel Reviews!

"The Senator’s Daughter by Debbie Wallace in one word is wow for its suspense and oh so gorgeous kidnapper. The attraction between Sophie and Brent is evident from just the first page. I loved the book and can’t wait for more of Debbie Wallace’s books. Here is an author who knows suspense and erotica mix very good to make a great book. Great job!"

Reviewed by: Lena C., Fallen Angel Reviews


“Sophie is getting married and she’s not happy about it. She’s being blackmailed by a disreputable millionaire whose touch disgusts her and doesn’t know how to avoid the upcoming wedding without destroying her father’s reputation.

Brent is a highly trained professional bodyguard who has been hired by Sophie’s father to kidnap her and stop the wedding from taking place until the senator can discover what his only daughter is being blackmailed with. Brent has his hands full with the spirited and beautiful woman. He finds himself drawn to Sophie against his better judgment and passion between them flairs.

Miss Wallace has written a fast paced and well crafted Contemporary Romance filled with suspense, sexual tension and passion. The chemistry between the two main characters ignites from their first meeting and only grows more intense as the story progresses into an unexpected love. The story point of a father’s love willing to do whatever is needed to protect his child a wonderful addition.” 4 Roses! - Reviewed by Pam, My Book Cravings


“THE SENATOR'S DAUGHTER is a great read. The story flows nicely and the characters are done really well. I really enjoyed all the characters in this book, even the hateful fiancé. He brought quite a bit of drama and excitement throughout the book. The author developed each character's story really well and made them realistic in action and voice. This book has it all great characters, an engaging storyline, and fast pace action. It was very difficult to put this book down.” – Marina, Cupid’s Library Reviews


“Though they meet in the most unusual circumstances and start clashing from the beginning, the transformation of their relationship from hate to love is a thrill to watch. The spark that ignites does a great job of keeping the reader interested in the story. Their verbal battles heightened the sensual pleasure. The plot moved at a fast pace offering very few surprises but the sheer thrill of the events has adrenaline coursing through the reader’s veins. I had my doubts about Senator Adams’ character but I soon learned to admire him as the tale progressed. By giving the couple’s romance a thrill factor, Ms. Wallace made sur

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ISBN: 1593747138
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593747138
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 188
Paper Weight (lb): 8.0

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