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David Greske
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Murder, madness, and revenge.
Meagan Connors is young and beautiful, but her dreams are driving her mad. She seeks the help of psychologist Donovan Grey, and he begins to unlock the secrets to Meagan’s troubled past. But Dr. Grey develops a secret of his own—he’s falling in love with his patient.
Paul Connors is Meagan’s much older husband. Victim of an abusive childhood and haunted by horrid images of his dead mother, he’s begun the slow spiral into insanity. At his mother’s insistence he focuses his madness on his wife and takes her to the old deserted park, where the past and present collide and Meagan’s dreams become her worst nightmares.
And then there’s Marlene.

Hand in hand they strolled down the dirt path meandering through the pines and weeping willows. The last days of summer had been swallowed by autumn and the air hinted at the approaching winter. The couple wandered past the windmill, its four latticed blades creaking over lazily in the afternoon breeze.

“I’m sorry,” the woman said.

Her companion only grunted.

Cabins were scattered throughout the park. Children played in front of them. Adults sat on redwood decks sipping iced teas or drinking cocktails. The wind soughed through the trees.

During the summer months, hordes of travelers vacationed at Deer Park. But as winter closed in on their dreamland the park became less populated and in another month it would be as deserted as an Arizona ghost town.

They walked past the last cabin, strayed from the marked path, and shuffled through a meadow where the dried, brown grass brushed their ankles. She tried to take the boy’s hand—he pulled away from her.

“We need to talk about this,” she said.

“There’s nothing to talk about,” the companion responded. There was an edge to his voice that frightened the woman.

They headed toward the lake at the northeast corner of the park. Here there were animals locked in cages far too small. A deer, trapped in a pen with a metal floor, cowered as they passed. A black bear slept on a bed of its filth as its stubby tail tried to swat the flies buzzing around its hind quarters. Smaller cages rested on rotten planks above the deer and bear. These housed rabbits and beavers and badgers. The woman looked into the rabbits’ eyes and saw pain and misery staring back at her.

“Poor things,” she whispered.

The boy only sneered.

Fifty feet to the left of the cages was a small tin shed. A sign written in red paint against a white background hung above the door. It read:


A bright, silvery padlock held the door closed.

They passed the pathetic zoo, the pain of the suffering animals locked in her heart, and journeyed across a wooden bridge spanning the small, man-made river which flowed into another natural lake. Halfway across the bridge they stopped, gazed over the railing, and stared at their reflections.

The water was so clear, so cold, and so very deep.

The woman turned her head upward and gazed at her partner. She couldn’t see his face, but could see his eyes. They were as dark and as cold as the water.

Then there was darkness and falling...falling...falling...

* * * *

5 Stars! This book has it all… “Megan sought the help of Dr. Donovan, a psychiatrist. She was plagued by nightmares. Donovan suspected that she was reincarnated. He also realized that he was falling in love with her. The personality of Paul, Megan’s husband, began to change when he began having nightmares. The memories of years of child abuse at the hands of his mother began to surface.

Retribution by David E. Greske has a gripping plot. I’m not sure whether to classify this as suspense, horror, or thriller, for it is a combination of all three. Plus you can throw is romance. While I abhorred Paul’s actions, I also felt sorry for him as a sexually abused child. Megan is a delightful character. She has too much strength to be considered a victim. Retribution has it all: ghosts, murder, insanity, and great romance. Don’t miss Retribution.” Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com


“The book is genuinely suspenseful, with a plot that leads inexorably to a moment of reckoning from beyond the grave. The characters behave like real people, even in the throes of passion, and they behave like intelligent people too. Some of these people are genuinely evil, and the writer makes them just as real as his protagonist. The blend of suspense and supernatural elements is seamless, and results in book that’s got a surprising amount of emotional nuance.” Kate Parrish, Bitten By Books

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ISBN: 1603133524
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603133524
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 274
Paper Weight (lb): 11.4

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