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Protecting Rena
Donna McGillivray
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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After waking in the hospital to be told her abusive husband shot her before putting a bullet through his brain, can Rena Thompson ever trust a man enough to fall in love again? Can Matthew Preston get past Rena’s fears and doubts enough for her to accept his love, and trust him enough to give hers in return? Can seventeen year old, Tim Mathers go to the police and tell them he was sent to Mississippi to kill Rena? Rena gave Tim the only home he has ever known. Now all he wants is to protect her, but can he do that if the price is prison? After a second attempt on her life, Matt and Tim team up to protect Rena. Can they save her from the third murder attempt and catch Jim Paxton, leaving Rena free to live and love again?

“How much hair do you want me to cut off?” asked the beautician working on Rena’s hair.

“All of it,” she answered wearily, her exhaustion and distress barely under control.

“That’s a lot of hair to take off,” commented the young lady. “About three feet, I would guess.”

Rena set her face in a stern grimace, anger seeping into her mood as she spoke between tightly clenched teeth. “I said, all of it!”

The beautician only shook her head as she began to cut the long, auburn, curly strands and gently laid them on her worktable. These locks were worth several hundred dollars from a wig manufacturer.

Rena shut her eyes. The memories flooded back, as they always did when she became still. Her husband’s voice rang in her head. You will be so beautiful sitting in this rocking chair with your hair flowing over one breast while you nurse my child with the other. She shuddered at the thought. Roger had been obsessed with her long hair and having a baby. Where did these irrational ideas come from? Why didn’t she see it before they were married? That was simple. He never displayed them then. She thought he was the ideal man. He was so sweet, compassionate, thoughtful and kind. How could she have been so wrong about him?

“I need to stand up for a minute, if you don’t mind,” said Rena, struggling to be polite.

“Not at all,” answered the girl wearing a nametag labeled Michelle.

Rena rubbed her hip and took a few steps before seating herself once again.

“Are you all right?” asked Michelle.

Rena nodded her head wearily. “Yes, I had an accident recently. I still get sore if I sit too long.”

Michelle, her curiosity piqued, waited for Rena to continue.

Instead, Rena closed her eyes again, hoping this ordeal would be over soon. Her hip throbbed from the bullet wound. Again, the memories crowded her thoughts. Another bullet wound in her shoulder and a third one in her stomach that nearly took her life.

The stay in the hospital had been long and painful. After being released and checking herself out after weeks of recovery, barely able to walk with the assistance of crutches, Rena boarded the taxi that took her to her home. The place of horror where she had barely escaped with her life, terror hanging in the air, ever present, and reminding her of what had taken place there. The gunshots, the pain and finally, oblivion as she passed out, thinking herself dead.

The odors of shampoo, hair spray and permanent wave chemicals permeated Rena’s nostrils as she rose to leave, barely glancing in the mirror at her now short hair. The loose curls that framed her face barely reached her ear lobes, showing off the diamond hearts in her ears. Rena shuddered as she opened her purse to pay the bill, but was interrupted by Michelle.

“Ms. Thompson, the hair I cut off can be sold for a good price. I would be willing to pay you for it.”

“I don’t want any money for that hair,” Rena answered tersely.

“Then I can’t possibly charge you for your haircut,” Michelle told the troubled young woman, waving away the bills in Rena’s outstretched hand.

Rena removed the earrings her husband had given her on their wedding day that she hadn’t removed since. “Thank you,” she said, and handed the beautician the diamond earrings. “A tip for you, Michelle,” she said, as she walked out the door.

Michelle stood stunned, staring out the window at the lovely young woman leaving her shop. She held the earrings up to the light and spoke aloud. “The real thing. Why on earth did she give me these?” She smiled and nodded to Rena as she drove off.

* * * *

"This is a wonderful mystery novel with lots of twists and turns to the plot. A story so chock full of suspense you rush to finish reading the end. Ms. McGillivray even manages to have a little surprise towards the last chapter. She has definitely penned a tale worth reading."

Candy Cay Rating: 4 cups
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


Donna McGillivray gives readers so much with this book but it’s not overwhelming. All the characters and their lives have now become intertwined. No one element can be changed and have the story remain as great as it is. The love story is inspiring, the suspense is unnerving and the characters are all grounded and believable giving Protecting Rena all the elements of a great romance.

Reviewed by: Jaymi 5 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews


"Donna McGillivray has written a great suspense that will answer these questions and more. This reviewer loved the hero, Matthew. It has a great plot that will keep the reader turning the cyber pages and wonderful characters that will reach into the reader’s heart. Her hero is yummy, her heroine is emotional and her secondary characters compliment the plot. Ms McGillivray keeps her reader on the edge of her seat wondering what will happen next. The plot will keep the reader guessing as it twists and turns. This is one read that the reader will get excited about and one that will be ended in a satisfying sigh. This reviewer can recommend this as a great read and time well worth spent. Ms McGillivray writes exciting, suspenseful romance and this reviewer is looking forward to reading more."

Reviewed by Valerie, Love Romances 4 Hearts

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ISBN: 1593744366
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593744366
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 220
Paper Weight (lb): 9.4

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