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Profile Three
Dave Field
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Jack Pymble refuses to help export firearms illegally from Australia to New Guinea. A mobster threatens him—Jack accidentally kills the man, and suddenly he's on the run.

Mysterious Susan Carter convinces Pymble to fight back. Infatuated by her sexuality, he agrees. There's an arms dealer's meeting—their only opportunity to untangle the mess—in New Guinea, thousands of miles away...

Chased by both the mob and the cops, they go for it, using motorcycles, a coach, a stolen car, a prawn trawler and a helicopter.

They burst open a plot to seize vast mineral resources…but will they die before they can talk?

Pymble watched the nearly naked girl carefully as she licked at the ice cream cone. She was gliding her soft pink tongue slowly over the confection, concentrating on what she was doing. He could see the way the edges of her tongue curled to fit the shape she was making, like a tiny, squirming animal in her mouth. She was holding the cone delicately, as if it were a flower, and her exquisitely manicured nails glistened pinkly in the pre-dusk sunlight. Suddenly she stared back at him, and her green eyes widened into a mock innocent expression, because she knew what he was thinking.

He grinned back, and sipped a little of his Scotch. The yacht lifted slightly and turned a few degrees on its mooring so that he could see out beyond the island and off to the horizon over the ocean. An evening sea breeze was rising to caress them, a warm, luxurious air in the tropical night. He turned back to the girl. She was half-reclining on the other banana lounge, and her long black hair hung down straight from the side of her head as she played with the cone. The tiny white chemise had rucked up as she moved around, and her long, perfect legs sprawled languorously, delightfully for his entertainment. He knew there was nothing under the chemise. Except perhaps for one of her perfumes. The ice cream was melting faster than she could eat it and two or three drops fell onto the globe of her breast, curling gently down into her cleavage. Pymble felt himself stirring. The chemise was one of those garments which seem destined to be ripped away in one brutal lunge by a man intent on the pleasures of the flesh—the thin straps were hardly more than strings, the front cut low, and laced almost to the hem with loose ribbon.

The girl had beautiful breasts, quite large and firm, with a trembling tautness that allowed her to wear or not wear a bra as she fancied. The man shivered as more ice cream dribbled, no doubt continuing down past her navel. He tasted the Scotch again. Chivas Regal on the rocks. Life was good.

She stood and flicked the ice cream over the side, tired of it. Abruptly and lithely she lifted her arms and slipped the chemise up and over her head, dropping it to the deck. Without a word she launched herself over the stainless steel safety rail and plunged into the sea. Pymble knew she could swim like a fish. He watched as she cut strongly away from the yacht in an Australian crawl style. They would make love again when she came back. On the deck, with the smell of oiled teak, the jungle plant scents from the island, and the heavy, erotic perfume the girl had touched on her body.

Her breath would be hot and sweet on his neck, and she would writhe and help as he grabbed thick beach towels and pushed them under her back so that he could arch her for the most enjoyable coupling.

He tried a little more of the Scotch. The sun had kissed the horizon. The girl was swimming back, about a hundred metres away. He stood to watch. She was an exotic creature, an adept lover full of skills and tricks bordering on the decadent. He couldn’t get enough of her. The ship’s ladder creaked softly as she climbed on board. Her nipples were engorged, coaxed out by the cool touch of the sea. She dried herself perfunctorily with a towel, then picked up a container of sunning oil and handed it to him.

“Would you like to do this for me?”

Without waiting for an answer she spread the towel on the deck and lay down on her back. Pymble kneeled by her side, opened the oil and squirted a little onto her abdomen. She wriggled and her breasts performed their little trembling trick.

“Don’t miss any!”

“I won’t!”

He slowly smeared the oil over her skin. She felt cool, yet warm beneath. There was a fine, healthy resilience to her musculature. He added more oil and curved his fingers up and over her breasts. She sighed, and slipped a hand carefully up the leg of his shorts, searching…

There are three requisites for a good thriller—character, action and plot. Field delivers them all in a page-turner filled with conflict, tension and drama. As a bonus, the reader meets a bevy of unforgettable characters and gets a glimpse at the
Northern Territory of Australia.’
John from Lighthouse Literary Reviews


5 Angels! “Dave Field is to be applauded for creating a work that is not only a fast paced adventure story, but also an exceptionally realistic depiction of Australia. The dialogue and setting are impeccable and transport readers easily into this brief glimpse at a much seedier side of politics and greed. Jack and his willing accomplice, Susan, display a blend of ingenuity and luck that makes their exploits believable and ensures that the tension within the plot never falters. As the web closes in around them, the author makes certain that the reader is on edge to see how long this pair can beat the odds mounting against them. Mr. Field has injected this originally done plot with details and supporting characters that truly bring the work to life. From start to finish, Profile Three will hold your attention and take you on an adventure laden with action and intrigue.” - Reviewed by: Amanda, fallen Angel Reviews

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ISBN: 1593741693
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593741693
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 234
Paper Weight (lb): 9.8

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