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Prayer In Praise
Jean Even
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Some of life’s toughest situations don’t come with a standard guidebook and no one has all the answers. When Jean’s children and husband present her with everyday challenges in life she turns to God in prayer, searching for inner strength, help and answers.

Faced with another of her husband’s military moves Jean, once again, turned to God in prayer. The answer came in the form of a challenge to praise God everyday. She has met this challenge and has continued for the past few years to write out her prayers in praise as an offering to God. Encouraged by family and friends Jean is sharing her poems to help inspire and uplift others who are facing life’s toughest situations.

A Day To Sing

You gave me a day to rejoice and sing,

A day to be happy and gay. With care

I lift up my voice and sing unto You.

Hosanna! Hosanna in ecstasy.

Joyfully, resounding in gaiety.

Exaltation! Hosanna in jubilee.

A day to rejoice and sing,

Celebrating a joyful noise, is

Music in heavenly ears,

Hosanna in jubilee,

Resounding to joy in song.

Hosanna! To You, my King.

You gave me a day to sing


Walking With Music

Walk through the day with birds singing their songs,

Music to the soul brightening your Way.

Be content to hear their voices in sweet harmony,

The symphony for the rising day.

Take time to notice the trees standing so tall;

Each branch reaching out, upward to the Sky;

Each leaf shimmering in the sun, dancing in the wind.

They add their touch, providing cool shade.

Look up at the sky; see the changing blues.

Notice the clouds, white and gray, drifting By.

Be it sunrise or sunset, flat or fluffy tall clouds

Scatter the sky in their fancy ways.

Look up to see the possibilities of your day.

Reach up to seize the opportunities that come your Way.

Take hold of the things presented to you.

You won’t find them unless you do.

Walk through your day, singing a song,

Music stirring your soul with thoughts,

Each a note of possibility, rising to the sky.

Seize a note; it’s opportunity come your way.

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ISBN: 1593740549
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593740542
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 248
Paper Weight (lb): 10.6

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