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Port Of Fear
Sherry Derr-Wille
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With her life threatened by a serial killer, Dani Karr ran to the only place she felt secure, Karr’s Port. The retirement home that had belonged to her parents, sat in a secluded trailer park. There she could hide among the older residents and not have to face the inevitable. Hugh Anderson only wanted to get the new owner of Karr’s Port to sell the trailer to him. He certainly didn’t expect to become embroiled in a manhunt for the killer responsible for the only case he’d left unsolved when he left the Atlanta Police Force.

The ringing of the bedside telephone jolted Hugh to full awareness. Its irritating noise echoed in his head, causing the pounding to increase. Somehow, the word ‘hangover’ didn’t seem strong enough for the pain he experienced. The phone rang again and he groped for it, trying to find it without opening his eyes.

"Hello," he said, his voice raspy, his tongue too thick to form the word properly.

"Hugh, did I wake you up?" Betty Adams’ voice greeted him.

"It’s all right, Betty," he assured her. "Is something wrong?"

"Well, not really wrong, but somebody is staying at Al and Molly’s place."

Hugh flopped back against the pillow. "I know, at least I know she’s coming—the daughter, I mean. I thought she would be driving down. I guess I misunderstood."

"She drove in last night at seven-thirty. I saw—"

"I appreciate you keeping an eye on things. I’ll check on it later." Hugh hung up the phone and pulled the covers back over his head. He certainly didn’t want to think about Danielle Karr while his head continued to pound.

The phone rang again. He decided he’d better answer it. Living at the Shangri-La Trailer Court, surrounded by senior citizen insomniacs, he knew another neighbor had probably noticed the strange car across the court at the blue trailer, with the sign that read KARR’S PORT.

Carrie Bennett relayed an almost identical message. God love these older people; they certainly looked out for each other.

He swung his legs over the side of the bed and focused on the clock. "Seven-fifteen," he said aloud. "Half a day gone as far as these folks are concerned."

In the bathroom, he downed a handful of aspirins, then stepped into the shower. He thought back to three years ago, when he’d bought this court. Of course, until this very moment, he’d never regretted the move. He knew he didn’t really regret it now, but his current state made him irritable.

He’d come to Florida at a time when he desperately needed a change. It was the annual "Spring Fling," the time when he and his buddies from college tried to regain their youth. An ad in a local newspaper read Looking For A New Career? Call 555-4323. When he called the number, the man on the other end of the line told him about this wonderful opportunity he had to offer. Even his friends’ good-natured teasing didn’t change his mind. Within six weeks, he’d packed up his life and moved to Selkirk.

In the past three years he’d watched as things changed. Older people who originally sat quietly watching the world go by, came to him with their ideas for improving the run down court. Now, everyone pitched in to help. Not for any monetary gains, but for the self-satisfaction they got out of being useful again.

He thought back to almost a year ago when Al and Molly Karr left to return to Wisconsin for the summer, with the promise that they would call and let him know when they arrived. Less than a week later he received a message on his machine. Mr. Anderson, this is Danielle Karr. I wanted to let you know Mom and Dad were killed in an accident just outside of Nashville. I’d appreciate you keeping an eye on their place.

Danielle Karr wouldn’t have needed to ask him for his help. He usually watched over the trailers of his "Snowbirds" while they went north to spend the summer with their kids and grandkids.

Since then, the checks came monthly, each written for more than necessary. He called it guilt money. Even though he wrote her a note saying the extra amount wasn’t needed, it kept coming.

Last Wednesday, just three days ago, he received another message from Danielle Karr. Mr. Anderson, this is Danielle Karr. Can you turn on the power and water at my parents’ trailer? I’ll be leaving for Selkirk tomorrow morning.

Unless she drove without stopping for sleep, she could never have arrived by Friday night.

Overall rating: 4 Hearts "Port of Fear is a great story that will keep you in suspense from the start. This action packed thriller is very well written as Sherry Derr-Wille gives us a story that keeps you on the edge from cover to cover. Will Hugh save Dani, or will a serial killer get to her before he can catch him? Can Dani stay alive long enough to turn states evidence and put a killer behind bars? What will become of the attraction between our hero and his lady? Find the answers to these questions and more when you read Port of Fear by Sherry Derr-Wille." Reviewer: Diane T. The Romance Studio

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ISBN: 1593740301
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593740306
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 272
Paper Weight (lb): 11.4

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