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Picking Up The Pieces
Tammy L. Boulds
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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He was killed in an automobile accident. Finally, after having accepted his death, Jena begins to rebuild her life. When she receives a mysterious letter implying her husband’s death was not accidental, she is forced to confront the possibility of his murder.

Luke Collins was surprised to hear a familiar voice from his past on his answering machine. After some persuasion, Luke agrees to return to Southern Illinois to help Jena solve the mystery.

Soon, Luke discovers it will take all his skill and training as a police detective to keep Jena safe. But his training will not protect one important thing – his heart.

Southern Illinois

Luke Collins was miserable. In just a few hours, his whole life would change, and it was something he was not looking forward to. He glanced at his watch, wishing time would somehow stand still, but it didn’t take him long to realize his wish was not being granted.

He lowered his head and clamped his hands together behind his neck, not quite sure if he could manage the task ahead of him. Although he knew this had been coming, it still wasn’t easy for him to swallow. After leaning back, he stared at the ceiling, thinking back to five years ago when he first saw the new girl at Crab Orchard School. He had been a sophomore in high school and she was in the eighth grade. Her name was Jena Holmes and she had taken his breath away from the moment he first saw her, and he’d been in love ever since.

The problem was his best friend, Dean Madison. Dean had also fallen in love with Jena. And in the years that followed, they both tried to win her heart, but in the end, Dean was finally victorious. Dean and Jena were getting married, today. Luke shifted in his seat again before checking his watch, then decided it was time for him to get ready for the wedding, after all he was the best man.

* * * *

It was a lovely day for a wedding; in fact, it was absolutely perfect. The young couple was standing at the front of the small church facing the minister and listening intently to the words that were being spoken; they were ready to pledge their heart and soul to each other.

All the guests in the church were beaming with happiness for the young couple, except the best man, who was standing tall and straight beside his best friend, but looked like his whole world was about to come to an end. There was no sign of happiness on his handsome face.

Jena Holmes stood proudly beside the man she chose to be her husband. They had been planning their wedding for quite some time. The hold up had been Jena, she was still in school, but she graduated three months ago.

As she listened to the minister’s words, she looked up at the man she had fallen in love with; her love was so deep for him, it scared her. She caught a glimpse of their best friend, Luke Collins and was surprised by the look on his face. He looked like he was sad, but he couldn’t be. He knew how important this day was to them.

She didn’t have time to think about him anymore as Dean squeezed her hand and motioned with his head toward the minister. When she realized he had been speaking to them, her face flamed with embarrassment. She didn’t think about anything else until the ceremony was over and the minister pronounced them man and wife.

* * * *

Much later in the evening at the reception, Luke stood in the shadows with a drink in his hand, brooding. He needed to talk to Dean before the reception ended. Finally, he was ready to go in search of Dean and Jena, then he saw the couple heading directly toward him. He finished his drink and waited.

“Luke,” Dean said. “Jena and I would like to talk to you.” He placed his hand in the small of Jena’s back and guided her to a chair. “Here, sweetheart, have a seat and get off your feet. I know you have to be worn out.”

Luke watched the couple, jealousy rising in his chest. Once Jena was settled, Luke turned to Dean. “What do you have on your mind?”

“I don’t want any hard feelings. I mean...about my marrying Jena.” Dean glanced at Jena, love shining in his eyes. “I love her, Luke, and she loves me.”

Luke was dumbfounded. He had always made certain his feelings were hidden well from Dean, but evidently not good enough. “I know you love her, Dean...and I’ll tell you right now, you’re a very lucky man.” He let his gaze settle on the beautiful bride sitting beside his best friend. “She’s a very fine woman.”

I don’t know how Tammy L. Boulds did it, but somehow she wrote this story in such a way that it’s difficult to leave it behind you when you’re finished reading it. It stays in your mind for a while. Picking Up The Pieces is a definite page-turner. Annick ~ Euro Reviews


"Love story meets mystery crime novel in this unusual blend of romance and suspense. Told in both Jena’s and Luke’s point of view, it is a roller coaster ride to the end."
~Barbara Ehrentreu ~The Muse Book Reviews


Tammy Boulds has created a suspenseful tale that will make readers jump in their seats in anticipation. These characters have an endearing quality that is easy to relate to. The triangle of love between friends is heartbreaking as well as reassuring. A definite must read for those who love an action packed thriller and a romance tied in one.
Jayne ~ Romance Junkies ~ 4.5 Blue Ribbon Rating


I like the book because I thought the by-play between the two main characters was honest. I also felt the motive for the murder was very original. I will recommend this book to my friends who are into mysteries as well as those who enjoy romance. ~ Beth ~ Myshelf.com


Okay when I started reading this romantic suspense. I thought, can Tammy Boulds make the story more exciting and bam she does. This is Romantic Suspense at its best. Tammy Boulds does a great job not only for her wild imagination but to actually create a story where it could actually happen to anyone makes you wonder how much books sometimes depict real life.

Reviewed by: Lena C. ~ Fallen Angel Reviews ~ Five Angels


An engrossing suspense story that will keep readers glued to the pages, PICKING UP THE PIECES, is a book that you won't want to end. The tension-building mystery is a strong and satisfying story of two best friends who find love in the middle of terror and murder. PICKING UP THE PIECES is well-written, a hot love story, and a good mystery.
Marilyn ~ Romance Reviews Today


Luke and Jena are appealing characters and the sexual tension between them crackles. Enhancing the love story are several unexpected twists and turns of plot as the mystery surrounding Dean's death unfolds. If you enjoy a spicy love story with mystery thrown in, give Picking Up the Pieces a read.
Laurel Johnson ~ Midwest Book Review


This is a rather intriguing romantic suspense novel. I particularly liked the twist she throws in that caused the death of the husband in thestory. It is frightening and, eerily enough, quite plausible.
Charissa ~ Coffee Time Romance


PICKING UP THE PIECES has you wondering who you can trust. It's a fast read with plenty of bad guys around every corner. Frustration, a need for resolution and justice and an opportunity for a new future are all part of Bould's story line. Denise Fleischer, gottawritenetwork.com

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ISBN: 1593746121
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593746124
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 236
Paper Weight (lb): 10.2

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