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One Enchanted Evening
Crystal Inman
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When a magical evening lifts the veil between the mortal world and the fairy tale kingdom, Ivy Daniels enjoys a closer look at the characters of her childhood. But they are also looking at her.
To save their world.
Prince Duncan enlists the fascinating and infuriating Ivy to help him save the kingdom and his ailing father. Although reluctant at first, Ivy comes to realize that unless she helps, the precious world of her youth will disappear.
Not to mention that her house has a revolving door for all magical creatures wishing to plead their case. Which is becoming really, really old.
Armed with an attitude, a hypochrondiac sister, and a fairy tale bear, Ivy has her work cut out for her.
Ivy Daniels used to believe in Fairy Tales.
Now they believe in her.

Ivy touched the wall in front of her and traced the blue rock. And then a brown one. The cool stones brought her back to reality. She was standing in front of a fairy tale castle. With her sister. And a prince. She turned and looked at her sister.

Rose’s jaw hung open, and she stared straight up to the heavens. Her hand pressed to her breast as if to slow down her frantically beating heart.

Ivy reached out and took Rose’s hand in her own. Every-thing up to this point was worth it. Her sister deserved to en-joy the day. She would simply calm down and let things unfold. Then she would politely decline to help and toddle off back to the real world. The small pang in her heart would go away.
“Oh my.” Rose struggled to capture the right words.

“Don’t worry, sis. I believe Duncan knew what effect the castle would have on us.” Her brown eyes narrowed on his green ones. “Didn’t you?”

“Come, ladies.” Duncan’s face seemed to grow longer. His eyes deepened a bit, and he tried to smile. “I need to see my father. And I’m fairly sure he wants to see the both of you.”

The trio moved forward a couple of steps when a young man strode purposefully forward. Ivy bit her tongue. Hard. Apparently plain people need not live here. Because this man was beautiful.

His blonde hair curled haphazardly along his ears. It was so light it seemed to absorb the sun’s rays. His baby blue tunic and gold pants shone brightly. Neither hid the ease and grace-fulness the man carried in every step. And his blue boots daz-zled the eyes. The man’s body was lithe and graceful. His whole being seemed to bounce with energy.

As he approached, Ivy watched Rose. And she could see that the kingdom had more perks than she originally thought. Her sister was overwhelmed, and who could blame her? As the man came closer, Ivy could make out his aristocratic features and baby blue eyes. He was a perfect specimen of princehood.
“Eric!” Duncan rushed forward, and the men embraced. They looked like night and day standing there. One so dark and handsome while the other was light and beautiful. It was almost too much for a poor mortal’s heart to take.

Ivy moved over to Rose and whispered in her ear, “Easy, woman. Let’s not give the eye candy too much power.”

Rose snickered and shot Ivy a glance. “The eye candy is really persuasive.”

Ivy coughed to cover her laugh as the two men ap-proached.

“Ladies.” Eric bowed low and then stood straight. He moved forward and brought Rose’s hand to his lips. “My plea-sure to make your acquaintance.”

She blushed. “The pleasure is mine, Prince Eric.” Her eyes seemed to take in his entire being.

“Just call me Eric.” He winked and turned. “And you must be Ivy.”

“I am.” Ivy studied him objectively. She watched him take her hand and press a kiss to the back of it. It did absolutely nothing for her. Obviously she needed professional help.

Eric stood and smiled sadly. “I hoped you would be back soon. Father wants to see you.”

Duncan jerked his head in acknowledgement. “Let me settle our guests. And then I will go see him.”

“He wants to see them, too.” Eric looked at Rose and then Ivy.

“We’d be honored.” Rose smiled prettily.

“Come.” Duncan moved everyone forward. “We’ll show you the castle and serve refreshments. And then you can meet our father.”

Ivy pinched herself just once as they entered the main hallway. Because nothing she had ever read prepared her for the magnitude or the majesty of the castle. The furnishings gleamed while the floor and stairs boasted polished marble. Oil paintings hung on some of the walls, and Ivy moved forward to study the portraits. One, in particular, moved her.

It was a family portrait. A tall, dark-skinned man stood proudly above a woman with two small boys.

“This was a pure treat to read. Initially, it was so cute you couldn't help but smile, then, when the shift came to the more serious plot, it was still enchanting, only in a different way and deeper. One Enchanted Evening feels like the start of a series of adventures, and I hope this is true.” – Amanda Kilgore, Independent Reviewer


“This was an extremely enjoyable read, and one of the better-executed fairy tale spinoffs that I’ve seen... However, this is a wonderful read to curl up with if the world is being dreary and you’re wondering if there’s still magic left in the world – it’s sure to bring some fairy dust your way.” 4 Hearts!
Reviewed by Kyraninse, Night Owl Romance


"One Enchanted Evening by Crystal Inman is a delightful read for someone who grew up believing in fairy tales. Many of my favorite characters were mentioned and a few I had never heard of. Fans of paranormal will enjoy One Enchanted Evening." 4 Stars! Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com


"This book contains a fun, humorous tone that I truly enjoyed. I’ll never forget the moment when Ivy kicks the copy machine which was continually breaking down, opens the machine up only to be faced by ... well, that would be telling. But trust me, it's absolutely priceless.

If you’re looking for a story that plays upon childhood memories, makes you laugh, as well as one which raises the heat between the hero and heroine then pick up a copy of Crystal Inman’s One Enchanted Evening. I was glad to see that the ending set up for a sequel. I look forward to finding out about the next adventure these characters will strike out on. It’s an exploit I am more than happy to join in on." By Orange Blossom, Long And Short Of It Reviews


"Crystal Inman gives us the tale of a woman, who prophecy tells will save the land of fairy tales and does a beautiful job of incorporating all of my child hood favorites, from the Old Lady in the Shoe to Snow White. What struck me most about this book was that our heroine, Ivy Daniels was not just a woman who didn't realize how great she was but that she was also not physically perfect. Ivy's self depreciating attitude stems from her slightly rounded belly and not quite perfect hair. It was very refreshing to have a hidden beauty that was truly hidden. I turned page after page, finishing this book in under a day as I followed Ivy on her quest to find out who was destroying the land of dreams. She meets all manner of fairy tale creatures, both good and bad. Her uncertain relationship with the Prince Duncan, while frustrating to the man and at times the reader was true to life and her self image. If you like fairy tales and long to believe in the world of magic then One Enchanted Evening is definitely the book for you." Grade A-, A Simply Romance reviews Outstanding Read! – Tonie, Simply Romance Reviews

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ISBN: 1603131019
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603131018
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 252
Paper Weight (lb): 10.6

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