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No Worries
Lauren N. Sharman
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Witnessing her mother's murder put a label on Gypsy Lance that few people overlooked. Raised in foster homes, she spent her childhood yearning for love and acceptance. Nearly penniless, she arrives in Hagerstown, Maryland looking to put down roots and outrun a past she fears is about to catch up to her...
Blue-collar, bad boy Rebel McCassey knows what it’s like to try and escape your past. No longer the hellion he once was, he's never been able to shake his family's bad reputation. When he finds Gypsy lost in the woods, her unconditional trust and refusal to judge him by his infamous last name touch Rebel in a place he didn't know existed...his heart.
When the demons chasing Gypsy are caught lurking in the shadows, Rebel vows to keep her safe, even if it means slipping back into his old ways...

The man was poised for battle.

As Gypsy Lance stood frozen, staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed at not only his enormous size, but the length of the knife sheath on his belt, her first thought was that he was going to kill her.

Her second thought was to laugh at the irony.

She’d survived twenty-one years of living in the worst neighborhoods in Baltimore City without so much as a scratch. Now, after being a resident of the small western Maryland town of Hagerstown a mere eight hours, she was sure she was about to be raped, and God knew what else, by a man more than twice her size...in the middle of heavily wooded private property that she’d intentionally trespassed on...in a town where no one knew her, and no one would miss her if she disappeared.

The thought of turning around and running left her mind the instant the man noticed her. Chances were that those long legs of his would catch her in no time. And just where did she think she would go, anyway? They were in the woods...his woods, and she was hopelessly lost; which was why she was still wandering around at sunset as the early April air was rapidly turning chilly.

She’d have to face him; sooner rather than later because his long strides had already closed half the distance between them.

Pretend like he doesn’t scare you to death, Gypsy, she thought to herself. Take in everything you can about the man’s appearance, just in case you survive whatever’s about to happen and need to give the police a description of your attacker.

As he stepped over fallen trees and trudged effortlessly through ankle-deep brush, Gypsy watched him closely, making mental notes of his approximate age, height and weight, which she guessed to be close to thirty, six-foot-four, and maybe two hundred and forty pounds. She noticed he was wearing what looked like old work boots, a pair of faded, grease-stained blue jeans with holes in both knees, and a jet black T-shirt, the exact same color of the straight hair that fell to his shoulders. When he reached her, he quickly scanned the area then turned to look directly at Gypsy.

The pair of intense royal blue eyes staring at her had Gypsy paralyzed with fear, the violent thud of her heart making her entire body to feel as though it was vibrating.

She’d always avoided men so that she never had to feel helpless and at the mercy of someone again.

Could he hear her heart beating?

Had he seen the fear she was trying desperately to hide?

He took a step back and raised his hands in the air. “I won’t hurt you.”

Oh great, he’d seen it.

Was he telling the truth? She supposed that if he’d been planning to harm her, he would’ve tried to do so by now. And the look in those magnificent eyes wasn’t one that threatened violence, it was almost...was that concern she saw?

There was only one way to find out.

Keeping her eyes trained on him, she took a tentative step back, testing to see if he’d follow. When he didn’t, she released the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding and relaxed a little. Relieved he didn’t seem to want to hurt her, at least for the moment, Gypsy dug deep and mustered all of her courage, offering a quiet, “Hi.”

“Hi, yourself,” he shot back in a voice laced with light sarcasm and just a hint of a southern accent. “Are you lost?”

Gypsy didn’t miss the tone of his voice, but chose to ignore it. She nodded, hoping that being friendly would keep him from getting angry. “Actually, I am,” she said, fighting desperately to keep the fear out of her voice. “Can you show me how to get out of these woods?”

He shrugged. “Yes, but what are you doing out here? You’re not exactly dressed for a hike.”

Gypsy could feel the heat of embarrassment creeping up her cheeks as she crossed her arms to cover numerous small stains on the bib of her overalls. She’d spent the morning cleaning her new apartment, which she’d been lucky to find on such short notice, and hadn’t bothered to change before she left.

"No Worries is an amazing example of romantic suspense done right. Lauren Sharman has a homerun with this novel. Everything works and there is no slack in the writing. This is one of those books that had me reading from start to finish in one sitting." - Kimberley Spinney, Reviewer, Ecataromance


"No Worries is a gripping story from beginning to end. Readers will thoroughly enjoy the wonderful characterizations of regular folks who may be poor in terms of wealth, but who are rich in family and loyalty. Readers. . .are likely to find themselves sucked into the story so thoroughly that not much else will get their attention. So stock up your kitchen with food ahead of time, open a cold one and settle in for a heck of a read." -Lil, Reviewer, Love Romances


"I loved No Worries by Lauren N. Sharman, for this author gets better with each book, never taking my attention away. . .I instantly fell in love with the McCassey clan. . . All in all, Lauren N. Sharman did a great job with this book from beginning until the end." -Lena C., Reviewer, Fallen Angel Reviews


"No Worries is probably the best love story I have read in years. Ms. Sharman describes Rebel so clearly that he stirs my blood faster than a three second funny car on a quarter mile track. Gypsy turns out to have a spunk all her own, once she gets in with the McCassey family. Together, they guarantee the safety and security of each family member in a down-home country way that screams "no worries." -- Reviewed by MargeAnna Conrad for Novelspot


“I loved Rebel and Gypsy. No Worries by Lauren N. Sharman is a sweet love story in the middle of a suspense novel. All the elements of a good suspense story are here, someone wants to kill or harm Gypsy, someone is stirring up trouble for the McCasseys, and there is drama and action galore. But despite the suspense, the romance between Rebel and in fact his whole family and Gypsy is so sweet. Gypsy doesn’t just fall in love with Rebel but with his entire family and the feeling is mutual. It is easy to fall in love with this gentle, misjudged giant and his family and Gypsy in spite of all she’s experience is a loving, yet spunky, soul. The fact that this book is just the first in a trilogy makes it all the more special. I can’t wait to read the next installment and watch as the McCasseys grow and evolve into the wonderful loving people they are meant to be. It will be an interesting “ride” to see how Ms. Sharman manages to turn these rough men around and make them fit for society and to see just what kind of women will love them!” 5 Angels! Reviewed
by: Stephanie B. Fallen Angel Reviews

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ISBN: 159374563X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593745639
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 306
Paper Weight (lb): 13.0

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