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Night Without Stars
Judith Otto
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When Matt Smith asks his super efficient PA to care for his twins while he’s in bed with chickenpox, little does he know she can’t even boil an egg.
Very soon, he discovers competent career girl does not equal capable homemaker. He has a feeling he might live to regret his decision.
When Jilly Tremayne’s father ran off with his secretary, she vowed never to become “the other woman.” Now she’s in Matt’s home, in danger of becoming just that.
Matt is committed to Claire, the mother of his children. So why isn’t she there for him?
And how can Jilly let Matt down when he’s ill? Or is he?
Not only is she battling her desire to jump into his bed, another battle rages with the twins. They want her out of the house.
And far away from their daddy
Then she steals a kiss…

Jilly Tremayne stepped from the elevator onto the gleaming rust-coloured slate and waited for the doors to sigh shut behind her. She took a deep breath and said, “Matt, I’m sorry to do this to you, but here’s my letter of resignation.”

At last she had come out and said it. Only problem was, the words were spoken to a deserted foyer. They were going to be a lot more difficult to expel when her boss was on the receiving end. She’d figured that several dummy runs might make it flow more easily when the time came.

The lump in her throat said she was mistaken.


Beth Simpson, receptionist, clattered up as Jilly turned towards her private office. “Wait’ll I tell the others about this!”

Jilly whirled, encountering Beth’s broad grin, and shuddered to think how the news would be bandied around the office before she had the chance to tell Matt herself. “Tell the others what, Beth?” Perspiration coated her palm as she gripped the handle of her leather briefcase.

“That I caught Miss Efficient talking to herself.” Beth giggled. “Great, huh?”

Jilly relaxed. Her words, foolishly said aloud, hadn’t been overheard after all.

“Don’t call me that, Beth, please.” Normally Jilly took the nickname for what it was, a bit of fun, but what she was about to do had momentarily stripped her of her sense of humour. Her efficiency ensured she gave her utmost as Matt Smith’s PA.

And now she was about to resign.

“I was only teasing.” Beth pouted, managing to look like a wounded spaniel.

In apology, she touched the girl’s arm. “Sorry, Beth.”

Jilly didn’t need a conversation this morning, especially a meaningless Monday morning exchange that would set her nerves jangling even more than they were right now. Until she faced Matt across his desk, she was going to stay in this highly charged state. Once she began, the words, carefully rehearsed while staring up at her bedroom ceiling all weekend, would tumble out, leaving only relief.

She hoped.

“It’s okay.” Beth stared, wrinkling her nose, apparently trying to figure out what was different. Her eyes lit up. “Hey, I love your hair! You’ve had auburn foils done, haven’t you?”

About to tell the younger girl that was more than a week ago, Jilly cocked her head in the direction of her office. “Oh, there’s my phone. Talk to you later.” Jilly, grateful to have an excuse to escape, hurried towards her office.

She listened to Beth’s awful platform shoes clunking away in the opposite direction.
Once through the door, Jilly kicked it closed behind her, dropping her briefcase on a burgundy leather and chrome chair as she walked towards the Maplewood desk that dominated the room. Today she had no heart to admire the beautiful polished wood that usually gave her such pleasure. The insistent ring of the phone continued above the low monotonous hum of the heating unit.

Reaching across her desk, she sent a vase of snowdrops spinning to the floor. “Blast!” She snatched up the receiver, hoping the caller hadn’t got tired of waiting. “Matt Smith’s office.”

Matt’s voice burst down the line. “Help me, Jilly.”

“Matt?” She frowned. Although her boss could be a bit of a prankster when the mood took him, he hadn’t gone this road before.

“The twins have given me smallpox.”

Jilly smiled. Her heart skipped a painful beat when she realised that after this week, she would never hear that rich, sexy voice again. Then she became conscious of his words and said, “Matt, smallpox is out.”

“What about chickenpox?” He sounded sheepish.

Enjoying the exchange, and forgetting her earlier mission, Jilly felt her lips twitch. She sat on the corner of her desk, swinging one leg, her navy suede shoe dangling from her toes. “I’d have to say—definitely in.”

“Right. Chickenpox it is, then.”

This modern tale manages to have a slightly old-fashioned charm that is endearing.
by Amanda Killgore


“NIGHT WITHOUT STARS is a very sweet romance with quite a bit of humor. Matt is a bit frustrating at times because he cannot seem to make up his mind about his growing attraction for Jilly and keeps sending her mixed signals. Jilly is a riot as she tries to tend to Matt’s children and fails miserably a few times yet still seems to redeem herself with them. The attraction between Matt and Jilly is strong at times but they both have very strong feelings against romance in the office so they resist longer than expected.
Ms. Otto has written a book that portrays all the aspects of children growing up in a household without both parents quite well. She not only goes into Matt’s children coping without their mother but also with Matt struggling to bring some normalcy and stability to their lives and how Jilly grew up with an absentee father. NIGHT WITHOUT STARS evokes laughter, tears, a little sexual heat and is definitely worth the read!” -- Mandie, Love Romances & More


Ever read a romance story based on the scenario of a boss and his secretary?
Here's another one but with some delightful and unique touches not the least of which are healthy amounts of hilarious humor. There's this one scene that caught me so much by surprise that if I hadn't swallowed my coffee, I would have shared it with my PC screen…This story concentrates on Matt and Jilly.
Matt's the boss who's suddenly noticing Jilly and Jilly is his PA, who has always noticed him, but fights against becoming a cliché. Their working relationship is delightful, colored with witty repartee which leaves your own eyes sparkling with humor… All in all, Night Without Stars is a sweet read for readers who are looking for a passionate romance balanced with fun, family and a couple of appliance malfunctions. Rated: 3 1/2 books, Reviewed by Michele, Long And Short Reviews


"Children in a book are usually fun to read, and this one was no exception. Somehow, the reader simply does not know how and when the time passed, or how 210 pages have gone by and she’s found herself engrossed in it. Matt and Jilly make an explosive pair, and this reader has to admit Matt is a man who can melt any woman’s heart. The mystery of Claire missing also adds further to the everyday drama of the plot, and spiraling out of control is Jilly’s grip on her highly organized and efficient persona.

This is one book to read if you want to be engrossed and lose track of time. You’re bound to laugh, sigh, and enjoy yourself." 4 Enchantments! - Zee, Enchanting Reviews


5 Angels! “Night Without Stars by Judith Otto is a heart-warming and charming story. The twins were adorable even with the pranks they pulled trying to get Jilly out of their house and far away from their daddy. Matt was a great father, and the chemistry that brewed between him and Jilly was kept at the boiling point.

Ms. Otto has written a delightful tale full of humor, engaging characters and a smooth flowing plot that will keep you glued to the pages. If you love a good romance, then you won’t want to miss Night Without Stars!
Reviewed by: Tammy, Fallen Angel Reviews

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ISBN: 1593748019
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593748012
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 212
Paper Weight (lb): 9.0

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