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Never A Bridesmaid
Sherry Derr-Wille
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Kelly has never had the honor of being a bridesmaid. Her size would make the bridal party look lopsided. When her cyber friend, Birdie, asks her to come to Arizona to be her maid-of-honor, Kelly jumps at the chance and plans a summer of traveling throughout the West. Little does she know that the man of her dreams will also be in Phoenix.

JK has been in love with Kelly since the first time she logged onto the Big Beautiful People chat. Now he has a chance to meet her, but will she accept him? Having lost over two hundred pounds, he no longer qualifies him to be in the group, but to give it up would mean losing touch with Kelly.

With determination, Kelly decides that if JK can lose the weight, so can she, but what will she do when she returns to Wisconsin and he stays in Los Angeles?

Kelly sat at the table and watched as her sisters Kim and Kate danced the night away. She knew she should be happy for her sister, Kim. This was her special day, but inside, Kelly cried bitterly for herself. She couldn’t stop the memories of the past few weeks.

When Kim first came to Kelly’s apartment to ask for money to help finance her wedding, Kelly had been flattered. It didn’t take her long to find her checkbook and write her sister a check for two grand. As she signed her name, she dreamed of being Kim’s maid of honor.

“Who are you having stand up for you?” Kelly remembered asking.

“Kate is going to be my matron of honor and my friends Sue and Jean will be the bridesmaids. I want this wedding to be really special. I know that Mom and Dad didn’t approve of me getting married the first time and they were right. Patrick was a jerk and I was unhappy from day one. Of course, that really nixed them helping me out for this wedding. We’re doing everything on a shoestring, but we want it to be right. With the wedding in the park and the reception at the legion hall, we’re really saving a lot. Oh, by the way, would you make the cake and cater the dinner?”

That’s all I’m good for, Kelly silently lamented.

As it usually was at family gatherings, the food was excellent and the buffet table looked as inviting as the ones they served at any of the fancy restaurants in town.

“Everyone knows, if you want good food, just ask the fat woman to fix it,” she heard someone say. “That Kelly can certainly cook.”

Kelly wanted to cry. She knew if she made her exit now, no one would miss her until it was time to clean up. Since they had the hall rented until tomorrow morning, she would be expected to come back early to take care of it. For tonight, she’d had enough of everything. She’d set up the buffet table and put the finishing touches on the wedding cake, stayed for dinner and watched the toast, cake cutting and grand march. It was time to get out of here before she burst into tears and embarrassed herself.

No one stopped her as she left the hall. In the parking lot, she could hear the giggles of the young girls who had slipped away to the privacy of the darkness to engage in romantic interludes.

Just once, I’d like a romantic interlude but considering my size, who would want one with me? I’ll just have to be content to help my sisters finance their weddings and dream of looking like a fairy princess rather than a fat frump.

Once she was back at her apartment, she signed on to her computer and checked her e-mails. When she finished, she went to the Big Beautiful People web site and straight into the chat room. Her usual Saturday night pastime was to chat with her cyber friends. Here, it didn’t matter what a person looked like. Everyone who visited the site was big like her. They were more concerned with her ideas and opinions than her appearance.

“You’re late tonight, Kelly,” the moderator typed. “I’m glad you made it. Where have you been?”

“My sister got married today. I prepared the food for the wedding.”

“What are you doing home so early?” JK typed. “Doesn’t the wedding party stay for the whole thing?”

Kelly knew JK came from California and was always present at the Saturday night chats. It was evident his existence resembled hers in many aspects.

“The wedding party does, but I’m not part of it. I couldn’t even buy a decent dress for the occasion. Everything I tried on looked like it was styled for my grandmother. I opted for a pair of black slacks and an oversized white top.”

“Why did you have to make the food for the wedding?” Marie, a girl from Georgia asked.

“It’s her second marriage and Mom and Dad wouldn’t pop for anything. As usual, I was asked to cater the thing, pro bono of course. Add to that the two grand I gave Kim for the rest of the wedding, and this was a very expensive evening for me. At least I had it to give her.”

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ISBN: 1593742657
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593742652
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 254
Paper Weight (lb): 10.6

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