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My Life With Apache
Linda Lattimer
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He is Brave Coyote, but she knows him as Apache. On the way to pursue her father’s dreams of a new life, the wagon train she and her family are a part of is brutally attacked by Indians. The lone survivor, Elizabeth is surprised when other Indians arrive to offer assistance. With one bullet left in the gun, she recalls her father’s words to save it if necessary. Her father never wanted his daughters to suffer such a fate at anyone’s hands. Apache takes her to his home to be his wife but Elizabeth plans to flee. On the way to finding an escape Elizabeth learns much about the Indian people. And when she sees a side to her own people that wish to bring deliberate harm to the Indians, Elizabeth realizes the color of one’s skin makes no difference in a world seeking freedom. But is it too late for her and her Apache?

I once read there were many stories written by the white man about the Indians and since the white man told the stories, they were never really told from the Indians’ point of view. I realize many actual stories have been told about the Indians and their struggles, as well as the white man and his struggles. History has always fascinated me. I am sure many stories have gone to the graves of both the Indian and the white man that will never be told.

I wanted to write a story about a young girl who had heard many rumors about the Indians. A young fourteen-year-old who sets out on a journey with her parents and sister to find a new opportunity with a promise of gold that her father feels will be an advantage for them. However, what Elizabeth finds is not a gold nugget that will change their lives and fold into money to keep them endowed the rest of their lives; instead she finds heartache and loss. With her parents and sister being killed by Comanches, she is left alone to survive in a western territory she knows nothing about. And when other Indians come to her rescue, she doesn’t understand how they can betray each other.

She finds herself caught up in a world amidst people who do not understand her ways, nor she theirs. A people who in a short number of days prove to her they mean her no harm. She doesn’t understand any of the confusion that has been thrown in her lap. All she desires is to find a way of escape. A way to get to Montana to be with her only relative left, her grandpa.

She doesn’t wish to be with these people the white man has referred to as savages. With people who kill innocents then brutally scalp them. This is not where she wishes to be. Her home should be with her grandfather in Montana. One that she intends to flee to as soon as she gets the opportunity. But the brave Apache who has come to her rescue has other plans for her. He wants her to be his wife.

At fourteen, Elizabeth does not wish to marry. Her mother was young when she married her father, but that is not for Elizabeth. With each passing day, she is drawn closer to this family of Apaches. They treat her kindly. They treat her as if she is a part of their family. She doesn’t understand any of it.

And as time continues to roll, she soon sees that it is not the Indian who savagely kills the white man but the white man who is bent on killing. Those white men kill innocent women and children all because they are a different color and should not be on a land the white men covet for their own greed.

She is only one person but if she could convince the Apache who has taken her in to go with her to Montana to live with her grandfather, she believes they will be safe. She has to make them see that if they stay, the soldiers will destroy them, put them on reservations and separate them from their families. But at fourteen, she wonders if her words will be heeded, especially when the Apache intends to make her his bride. A young woman in whom he sees courage and determination. A young white woman whom he is proud to have by his side.

This story, though fictional, is one I wanted to present as the good side of the American Indian. There is so much real history that has been buried throughout the years that we will never really be aware of. After reading much on the Indians, I feel in my heart, there were some who were kind to many white settlers that we will never really know of. And as we all are born into this world and all are different, it is true, we all have a heart, whether good or bad, and one that we control.

"My Life With Apache by Linda Lattimer is a wonderful historical novel filled with images and emotions that portray life in the old west with a reality that is sometimes harsh but always interesting. I loved this book and I believe its target audience will love it, too. There is a great deal to be learned from this story. The way Elizabeth’s rescuers treat her, with kindness and compassion and a desire to understand her, is something that is truly touching. Her reaction to them, after her brutal ordeal, is understandable.
The way she gradually realizes what the real dynamic are that exists between Indian and settler is enlightening. There isn’t anything about My Life With Apache I didn’t enjoy. I’d love to read a sequel to this story, to find out what happens next!" 5 Angels! - Reviewed by: Carly, Fallen Angel Reviews


"I enjoyed watching the relationship and the love grow between Elizabeth and Brave Coyote. I was fascinated by some of the historical and cultural information that flowed seamlessly throughout the story. I was quite satisfied with the action scene that led up to the HEA; the loose ends and how certain issues were resolved. I absolutely adored the classic John Wayne style ending.

All in all, My Life With Apache is a wonderful story about a young woman in a difficult time in history, finding love in an equally unstable and dangerous world. Well worth reading, if you remember to save the introduction until after you’ve read the book." - Reviewed by Xeranthemum, The Long And Short Of It


"Ms. Linda Lattimer has written several books I have read and this one, while different, is every bit as good. Her characters are so vivid and either compassionate, or harsh, or forgiving, as the case may have been, that it gave extra interest into the book. The plot was rather new to me; her writing style has always been great for me—this was no different. I had a hard time putting the book down. The ending, I must confess, was a total surprise to me. You will see when you read it. Great job, Ms. Lattimer!" - Overall rating: 4 1/2 Hearts, Sensuality rating: Sweet Reviewer: Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

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ISBN: 1593748256
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593748258
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 162
Paper Weight (lb): 7.2

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