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A Moment In Time
Janet Quinn
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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"God, I'm bored," Eric Sandoval utters just before he finds himself transported back in time to a seventeenth century pirate stronghold. Captivated by Captain Felicity LeBeau, he thinks he's gone to heaven, where he'll find the love he craved in his former life. Then Felicity comes under attack and he must use his wits to find out who is trying to kill her and to win her heart. Felicity wants nothing more than to remain captain of the pirates and is caught in a struggle to keep her captaincy, but Eric steals her heart and she must guard it, or her struggle will be for naught. Can Felicity give up her dream for her love of Eric and can Eric find a home in a time not his own?

Florida Keys, Present Day

“God, I’m bored.”

Eric Sandoval leaned against the railing of his father’s yacht and watched the waves lap against the side. He sipped at the white Zinfandel in a crystal glass and grimaced at the vinegary taste. He needed to speak with the captain about getting aboard some decent wine. Pivoting his wrist, he watched the pale liquid pour into the blue waters below, swallowed up without a sign.
Swallowed up as life was about to swallow him.

The glass, hanging in his fingers, brushed against his thigh as he watched Susan paint her toenails. They had become hot pink blobs separated by wads of stark white cotton. She alternately dabbed then blew at them with her mouth pursed, her knees bent. Susan Langford. The perfect socialite wife for the up-and-coming attorney. Her blonde hair was flawless even on the windswept deck. Her bronze skin harmonized with her white bikini. Her manicured fingernails delicately held the nail polish brush.

Time seemed to run endlessly. When Tony had suggested they borrow the yacht for a three-week cruise through the Florida Keys, it had sounded like a wonderful idea. One last fling before life started in earnest. Law school completed, Eric had passed the bar exam, spent two years working for a small firm and now his father had offered him a junior partnership in Sandoval, Graham and Turlock, Attorneys-at-Law. He’d have to earn a full partnership, his father had stated. Eric figured five years. His father had hinted at buying a “starter” house for Susan and him when they got married. After all, with the right woman on Eric’s arm, he’d go far.

As far as his father, with his endless string of mistresses in the guise of secretaries and his mother with her twenty-six year old muscle-bound oaf whom she called her personal trainer.

Would he and Susan end up with the same life? The perfect wife tucked on his arm for social events. The perfect wife who led her own life and left him to his behind the scenes. Was that all the future held? Money to buy all the toys he wanted, but not one cent to buy lasting love.

Such a cynic. Susan was beautiful, even if she was wrapped up in staying that way. She had passion, especially when he let her use his platinum card to go shopping.

He glanced over her head at the horizon. Dark clouds formed, studded with flashes of lightning that crisscrossed the heavens.

“Susan, you’d better get below decks. Storm’s coming.” Eric didn’t move. The rain wouldn’t hurt his white polo shirt and shorts. Who knew, maybe he’d be hit by lightning. That would liven things up. He laughed and heard its hollow tone come back at him on the rising wind.

Susan jammed the lid back on the nail polish. “Oh, damn. My toes are wet. Help me, Eric.”
“Yes, my dear.” Eric pushed himself upright and sauntered toward her.

“Hey, guys, hurry up,” shouted Tony from the cabin. “That storm looks nasty. Wendy’s got cheese and wine below, and Dramamine for Susan.”

Susan groaned as she wobbled on her heels. She reached for Eric’s arm.

Grabbing her by the elbow, Eric tried to steady her. The first drops of rain splashed down leaving wet circles on his shirt.

“I can’t stand another night of tossing about.” Tears welled up in her eyes. She punctuated her sentence by waving her hands.

The lid flipped from the polish, landing on Eric’s shoulder. Sticky pink fluid dripped down his shirt. He grabbed for Susan who wobbled precariously. “Stop waving your hands and put your feet down.”

“I’ll smudge my toenails.”

He grimaced.

The wind whipped across the stern, buffeting against him. Susan listed to the side, still balancing on her heels. The rain pelted them. Lightning sliced into the water with thunder cracking right behind it. Eric jumped, dropped his wineglass and grabbed for Susan. The boat tilted, throwing Susan into his chest.

A Moment in Time blew this reviewer away, and was the best story read in a long time. Janet Quinn is a master at weaving just the right modern day elements with historical accuracies. There is tons of sensual tension. There’s a fiery redheaded pirate captain and a gorgeous modern day hero who is the only one capable of taming and saving this shrew. This reviewer encourages fans of romance time travel and historical novels to immediately read this book. Janet Quinn gets a five because she earned it from page one! This reviewer KNOWS that readers will enjoy! Reviewed by Kelly M

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ISBN: 1593742290
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593742294
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 332
Paper Weight (lb): 14.0

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