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Mission Of Mersea
Jan Janssen
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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When Sean Callaghan shows up in Mersea Heights to start a new business, he inadvertently steps on a few toes, some of which belong to Molly McKenna, all round good girl and longtime resident. At an antiques auction his first day in town, he outbids Molly on items from her grandparents estate. Items she was anxious to get back!
Sean wants to make amends. And after meeting Molly, he starts to think he'd do nearly anything to get into her good books...and her bed. But Molly refuses to give in to his hot looks and come-get-me hints. She gives Sean the cold shoulder, and even her dog attacks him!
Then, things go from bad to worse for Sean, and Molly begins to think that his misfortune just might be her fault. She tries to fix things before they get completely out of control, and Sean brushes the dust of Mersea Heights from his shoes forever! Because, while she's been avoiding him at all costs, her heart has been busy falling in love.

Molly groaned softly as Number Eighty-six waved his paddle in the air. The hunk in jeans and a dark green sweatshirt was going to beat her out—again. She’d already lost three items to him. Rats! She glared at the back of his head covered in neatly cut, nearly black hair and willed him to glance her way so she could give him an evil look.

“Sold, for two hundred dollars to number eighty-six.” The auctioneer’s voice boomed out over the crowd. At his country auctions, George paced the front of the room and made eye contact with his buyers. No podium and gavel for him. The immediacy of roaming through the throng seated in the hall obviously made it more fun. Molly knew half the people there had come for the entertainment value, and George’s jokes. Most of them would probably go home empty handed.

So would she, if Mr. Eighty-six didn’t stop filching everything out from under her! She stuck her tongue out at his back, as he continued to face steadfastly forward, then settled into her chair with a disconsolate sigh.

Another piece of her grandfather’s life gone.

There wasn’t much she could afford to buy, but she wanted to return what she could to the old Victorian Eastlake-style house she now called home. Maybe it was a good thing that she wasn’t winning everything she was bidding on. She had one particular item in mind that would become hers. She’d need all her cash for that. It would be up soon.

Molly sat quietly for the next hour as item after item from her Grandfather’s estate was hauled to the auction block and carted off triumphantly by the highest bidder. Number Eighty-six got more than his fair share.

Every now and then, she’d catch a sympathetic glance sent in her direction. It looked like the entire town of Mersea Heights had turned out for the fun. In fact, the large attendance surprised her. Who knew so many of the good people in town were into antiques? But nearly everyone present was either a neighbor or friend, and they all knew how unhappy she was about this auction.

Maybe she should have sent someone else to do her bidding. No pun intended. She’d tried to make herself as inconspicuous as possible by slipping in at the last minute and concealing herself in the back row, but when you’d grown up with half the population and the other half had helped raise you, it was hard to be invisible. She nodded to a few people who looked her way, then slouched lower in her seat, waiting for the last item she would bid on. Everything else would have to go to new homes.

“Okay folks.” George’s gravelly voice cut across Molly’s thoughts. “This is the final item of the day, and the best of the lot.” He paused for effect, and to wait for his runners to carry out the foot and headboard of an old bed. They set them down gently beside George and melted back into the shadowy storeroom behind. Molly could almost feel ears prick up and she watched necks strain to get a better view.

“What we have here is an original, signed Stickley bed. It’s done in the Mission style and was built in the heyday of the Grand Rapids furniture boom. The McKenna family guarantees it to be an original piece, purchased in 1910 by their Great-grandparents, William and Kate McKenna. Everything is here. The bed-rails are in the back, and it all looks in great shape. So what am I bid for this lovely piece of history?” George launched into his auctioneer’s spiel, revving the crowd to fever pitch. Paddles started popping up all over the place but Molly clutched hers tightly, waiting for the right moment. The enthusiasm usually died as the price climbed, and she would be ready.

“The bid’s at two thousand dollars. Do I hear twenty-five hundred? Come on, people, an original Stickley.” A paddle fanned the air. The price quickly jumped to four thousand. Still Molly sat patiently.

“Now we have five thousand. Do I hear fifty-five hundred?” The rippling murmurs in the crowd had slowed, as had the paddles.

This was just a nice story, I enjoyed it very much and the humor with the dialog were good easy to follow. If you are looking for a fast read then Mission of Mersea is one for you to read.
Reviewd by Rondy 4 Unicorns


...I really enjoyed this one. Molly is beloved by all of the townspeople and they want to look out for her, but get a little overprotective. Someone sees this as an opportunity to cause even more trouble. The characters were very real and sympathetic. The story line is gripping, so much so, that once you start reading, you can't stop. I had to find out what happened next. This is a very sweet love story set in a small town. I recommend it highly.
Reviewer: Maura Frankman, The Romance Studio, 4 1/2 hearts


This is a warm and humorous romance. Between the antics of the people of Mersea, and Molly’s determination, you fall in love with everyone. Sean is every woman’s dream hero, and he sure held up his end. The story was fast paced but very thorough, and the mystery behind all of Sean’s problems keeps you captivated. The sex was romantic yet very sensual. A pure delight that this reader thoroughly enjoyed.
Wateena 5 cups
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


Mission of Mersea is a warm, touching story from Jan Janssen. Molly and Sean are genuine and fun. Their encounters are amusing as well as steamy. Mission of Mersea is a charming story that readers will surely enjoy. Molly is very protective of Sean and the sentiment is endearing when one thinks that it’s the town she’s lived in her whole life that she’s protecting him from. Sean falls head over heals in love the second he sees Molly and he sees no reason to fight it. The story overall is very sweet and pleasant to read. Mission of Mersea is just the kind of story one would expect when penned by Jan Janssen.
Reviewed by: Jaymi 4 Angels

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ISBN: 1593741553
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593741556
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 174
Paper Weight (lb): 7.6

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