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Mischief In Moonstone
Christine DeSmet
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Welcome to Moonstone, Wisconsin, a small town on the shore of Lake Superior, where you’ll find mystery and romance, good-hearted neighbors and hilarity, with a dash of intriguing food on the menu at the local restaurant, The Jingle Bell Inn.

When Rudolph was Kidnapped {A Mischief in Moonstone Story, Book 1} {romantic mystery}: When her pet reindeer, Rudolph, is stolen from the live animal holiday display, first-grade teacher Crystal Hagan has a big problem on her hands. Her students fear Christmas will be canceled. Ironically, the prime suspect is a man who lives in a mansion known as the “North Pole.”

Misbehavin’ in Moonstone {A Mischief in Moonstone Story, Book 2} {humorous romantic mystery}: When the men of Moonstone suddenly seem to be off fishing a lot, Kirsten Peplinski discovers a topless touring boat has set up business in Lake Superior. But when she steps aboard for negotiations, Jonathon VanBrocklin kidnaps her—he wants something special from her in exchange for stopping the tours.

Mrs. Claus and the Moonstone Murder {A Mischief in Moonstone Story, Book 3} {humorous romantic mystery}: When a pie contest judge drops dead, new county deputy Lily Schuster is determined to solve the case fast and professionally—despite the interference of a trespassing, amorous archeologist in search of an ancient, giant beaver skeleton.

When the Dead People Brought a Dish-to-Pass {A Mischief in Moonstone Story, Book 4} {romantic paranormal mystery}: Three days before Halloween, a dead man disappears from his car in the ditch near Alyssa Swain’s old house. When that same man shows up at her doorstep the next morning, the last thing she expects is for him to steal her heart—or to insist she hold a traditional Halloween party for her dead relatives from centuries past.

And never-before-published, exclusive to this Mischief in Moonstone Anthology—

A Moonstone Wedding {humorous romantic mystery}: When grocery store owner Margie Mueller’s fiancé—chef Tony Farina—sends her a “fertility rug” to stand on at their wedding, she panics. Margie’s no spring chicken and she’s not about to hatch a big brood for the Farinas. Before she can call off the wedding, the Farina clan invades Moonstone for partying and mischief. But Margie doesn’t mind—behind the scenes she’s got a murder to solve. A dead man shows up wrapped in the fertility rug. And it looks like Margie’s fiancé may know more about it than he’s letting on.

When her pet reindeer, Rudolph, is stolen from the live animal holiday display in her small town, teacher Crystal Hagan has a big problem. Her students fear that
Christmas will be canceled. Well written, enjoyable story, which kept me guessing almost to the end as to who the real kidnapper was. –Lighthouse Literary Reviews


This story tugs at the heart of many Christmas celebrations, the children. Through a class of bright-eyed children, older generations find new meaning in community celebrations and traditions. – LoveRomances.com

A rollicking romp through small town Wisconsin that really captured my attention. Ms. DeSmet is able to use wit and humor in a thoroughly entrancing way. It is not easy to predict what will happen from one moment to the next, which makes for some very interesting reading. This story is the perfect way to round out a volume of appealing tales sure to end up on many a reader’s favorites list. –Coffee Time Romance


This is another fun episode of the madness found in Moonstone, Wisconsin. There are lots of funny and entertaining things happening all at once in Moonstone in this tale, and I really enjoyed it. This is one of those series that the story incorporates characters from the earlier books, and you will want to find and read the other episodes! –Fallen Angel Reviews


A delightful romance and ghost story. The creepiness in this story is in the beginning; after all wouldn’t you be unnerved by finding a dead man in a car crash who disappears then reappears at your house and tells you he has come to help you? This story is just down right fun! I loved it and can’t wait to read more stories in the Mischief in Moonstone series. —Fallen Angel Reviews


A beautiful but unusual love story about John and Alyssa. –Romantic Times magazine


3 Stars! "These connected stories featuring the town of Moonstone, Wis., are full of fun dialogue and strange high jinks. Romance is combined with mystery or the paranormal. The inhabitants are quirky, and the anthology format highlights the differences in tone and demeanor displayed by the characters. Overall, a good read." – Reviewed by Keitha Hart for Romantic Times BOOKreviews


“Reading the review request for these mischief stories had me hooked, now to see if the collection stands up to first impressions. YES! Ms DeSmet, Dame Moonstone, I want more!

All stories are set in fictional Moonstone, Wisconsin and each surround the escapades of individuals finding love. Dame Moonstone’s characters are totally new and exciting and funny. I can picture Moonstone. I can smell and hear it. It is a real place for me. There is a cozy fun atmosphere to Moonstone. It is a very down to earth place with very complex people. Yes, I have found a new favourite.” -- ChrisChat Reviews

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ISBN: 1603131426
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603131421
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 386
Paper Weight (lb): 16.0

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