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Midsummer Nights
Janet Mills
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Who is stalking Lenzi Newman, and why?

When Lenzi Newman breaks up with her abusive boyfriend, strange and frightening things begin to happen. Is he still trying to control her life, or is there someone else who wants to intimidate her?

Jayson Kendrick loves Lenzi's gentle spirit, her sense of humor, her eternal optimism. He can't imagine why someone would want to hurt her, but he is determined to find out.

Lenzi Newman took a deep breath and let the tranquil view of gently sloping foothills beyond the house calm her nerves. She turned the car ignition off, allowing the heat of the late afternoon sun to envelop her. The other vehicles in front of the double-car garage suggested both her roommates were home. With their different schedules, they rarely spent much time together. Although Lenzi usually welcomed the com-pany, she would have preferred solitude today.

She rolled her shoulders in an attempt to relieve the stress of a busy day. Her few spare moments between her duties as a purchasing agent at the hospital had been tainted with a shadow of foreboding she hadn’t managed to shake. She didn’t easily buy into the idea that a person could have premonitions of impending disaster, yet the sensation was there, just the same.

To add to her unease, the feeling had become stronger af-ter she’d talked to her boyfriend Kyle. He’d called continu-ously until she’d agreed to see him tonight. What she had really wanted to do was take a walk before settling into the bathtub with a glass of White Zinfandel and a good book, then eat a light supper and go to bed.

“Miss Non-Assertive,” she scolded herself aloud. “Instead of doing what you want, you’re doing what he wants.”

She cared a great deal for Kyle, but at times he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Lenzi avoided conflict with him like a traffic jam. From experience, she knew it was easier to skirt any issues she had with their relationship than to bring them up for discussion.

Her cell phone rang. Lenzi pulled it out of her purse and checked the caller ID. Kyle. Hadn’t they spoken just a half hour ago? She let the call go to her voice mail and slid out of the little green coupe.

The house was quiet as she stepped into the foyer. Lenzi loved the old two-story brick home she and her friend Gail, who worked in the hospital business office, had found in the rental section of the newspaper six months earlier. They each had a bedroom on the upper floor and shared the large bath-room located between the two rooms. The small bedroom on the main level would have been ideal for storage, but they’d quickly realized it would be far more sensible to have another person splitting their monthly rental fee and other household expenses. When their notice on the staff bulletin board at work didn’t produce a housemate, they ran an ad in the classi-fieds.

Masculine laughter drifted down the hallway from the kitchen, and Lenzi smiled. Jayson Kendrick’s query about their ad had come as a surprise. Neither Lenzi nor Gail had considered what they’d do if a man wanted to move into the spare bedroom, but the idea had quickly appealed to them both. Jayson’s acting job kept him away most nights, yet he gave the young women a feeling of security by living under the same roof. Any doubt that he could pay his share of living ex-penses evaporated after the second month. Jayson had a part-time day job at the athletic club; he was responsible and he could cook.

A woman’s answering laugh followed Jayson’s. Tina Dut-ton didn’t appreciate the fact that her boyfriend lived with two single women, and she made that clear on the occasions Lenzi or Gail encountered her in the house. Taking a detour through the front room, Lenzi headed for the staircase. The polished mahogany banister felt smooth beneath her hand as she slowly climbed the steps.

“‘Get you gone, you dwarf!’”

Lenzi turned at the sound of Jayson’s voice, much louder now, and shook her head when she saw he was addressing her.

“I’m not that short,” she said with a chuckle as she glanced down to where he stood at the foot of the curved stairway. “Let me guess—Shakespeare?”

He grinned and nodded, his sandy blond hair falling back from his forehead as he looked up at her. “Which play?”

“I have no idea.”

Jayson gave her a perfectly executed look of disgust, his dark brown eyes narrowing. “‘You juggler! You canker-blossom!’”

4 Cups from Susan White at Coffeetime Romance!
"Ms. Mills has written a touching story of a young woman's survival from a devastating trauma. She handles the situation with a deft touch and a steady hand. A few unexpected twists and turns make this a very intriguing tale of modern day life."


5 Blue Ribbons from Jodi at Romance Junkies!
"Ms. Mills has penned a heart-wrenching tale of betrayal, suspicion and romance. I couldn¹t put this novel down, and cannot wait to see what else Ms. Mills puts out to tug at our heartstrings."


A Recommended Read from Cindy at Cinny's Place Reviews!
"Janet Mills has, once again, penned a winner. MIDSUMMER NIGHTS is a gripping story! The suspense is spine tingling, the plot is solid with twists and turns, and you will come to care for the characters."


-5 Hearts for MIDSUMMER NIGHTS from Penny at Love Romances "Don't sit back and relax while reading this one, because no one will want to miss a word of this action-packed adventure! Author Janet Mills' writing is effective and powerful. She grips the reader intensely with her suspense from the first chapter and doesn't let go. What a gifted pen she wields!"


"MIDSUMMER NIGHTS is an outstanding romantic suspense book. The author does a masterful job of weaving the terrifying emotions resulting from the rape and stalking together with the power of love. The plot moves quickly, fueled by the increasing boldness of the stalker. MIDSUMMER NIGHTS is Janet Mills¹ fifth novel and a very enjoyable contemporary romance with a twist of suspense." -Robin at Round Table Reviews


"MIDSUMMER NIGHTS bring up two important issues we face today such as date rape and stalking. Janet Mills handles the date rape issue very well. The reader knows something violent happened that night, but we aren't given the grisly details. The suspense keeps the reader hanging on by a thread as does the budding romance between Lenzi and Jayson. I've always enjoyed Ms. Mills work and MIDSUMMER NIGHTS is no exception." -Jennifer Ray for The Road to Romance


"Mills' writing is fast-paced and easy to read."


Janet Mills’ words come to life in Midsummer Nights. The suspense and action of this book are at times downright creepy. Fairly early in the book, Lenzi suffers a trauma, and then throughout the book her stalker appears. It would have been perfectly justifiable for Lenzi to cling to Jayson, the stronger one, or run home to the safety of her family, but Ms. Mills didn’t write Lenzi that way. She’s a strong heroine who refuses to be run out of her own life. It’s this admirable quality that carries Lenzi throughout the book and this same characteristic will have readers behind her all the way. At times Lenzi’s decisions are questionable, but it’s easy to remember that this girl is done being a doormat and she’s standing up for herself. Jayson is a great hero; he’s patient, protective, understanding and kind. Jayson and Lenzi are the perfect match; the chemistry and the romance between them is believable and progresses at a realistic pace. The twist in this book isn’t so much surprising as it is shocking. I’ve heard it said that Janet Mills is an exceptional author, and I, for one, completely agree with that statement.

**For the sensitive reader. There is an implied rape scene in this story, but it is not detailed at all.**

Reviewed by: Jaymi 5 Angels

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ISBN: 1593742797
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593742799
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 310
Paper Weight (lb): 13.0

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