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A Mage In The Making
Book 1

Alastair J. Archibald
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At the age of seven, Grimm Afelnor is sent from his grandfather’s forge to learn the craft of magic at Arnor House of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Magic-users, Sorcerers and Thaumaturges.
He soon learns that his beloved grandfather, Loras Afelnor, is not the simple blacksmith he appears. Once a powerful Mage Questor of the Seventh Rank, Loras fell into disgrace and was banished from the Guild, his name and honours stricken from the Guild records.
As a charity Student and the grandson of the reviled Oathbreaker, Grimm faces a difficult and uncertain future in the class-obsessed House. His lowly status also permits the ambitious and unscrupulous Prelate, Thorn Virias, to submit Grimm to the grueling Questor Ordeal. Brutally trained to become a human weapon, Grimm is driven to the very brink of insanity by the man who betrayed his grandfather.

Humankind’s long flirtation with Technology began with the first crude stone tools and ended with the fusion flames of the Final War. The war lasted five days. At the end of this time, no ruler, government or nation remained to declare itself the victor. Plutonium mushrooms hung over Earth’s once-proud cities of steel and glass, turning them into radioactive charnel houses. Hundreds of millions suffered and died in the radioactive ruins, cursing the technocrats who had brought them to the gates of Paradise, only to deny them entrance.

Humanity had overseen the demise of the dodo, the passenger pigeon, the thylacine wolf and many other species. It now faced extinction at the hands of its primary survival attribute: intelligence.

Under the black, awful clouds that coalesced to form a funeral pall over the proud dreams and hopes of mankind, the flame of the human race guttered fitfully, on the brink of final, irrevocable extinction.

Nonetheless, the indomitable human will to survive made many of those remaining on the face of the radiation-scorched planet struggle to rebuild some remnant of civilisation in the wilderness, where the depredation and tribulation wrought by the thermonuclear weapons was less than in the ruined cities. The first townships were little more than loose collections of shanties where people banded together to scour the radioactive ruins for tinned food, bottled water, clothes or whatever else they could find that might prove to be of some use in their shared fight for survival.

The scourge of radioactive decay lingered, and, for generations, sports and stillbirths were common, and even the victors of the initial struggle for survival hovered on the brink of oblivion. It was then that evolution, held at bay for so long by the protective cocoon of civilisation, began once more to shape the future of humankind.

* * * *

5 Lips) "Alastair J. Archibald demonstrates a firm grasp of plotting and character, together with a skillful weave of paranormal and fantasy elements. Aficionados of fantasy, paranormal, and post-apocalyptic tales will all rave over A Mage in the Making, and wait with eager anticipation for the next installment in The Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster." by Frost from Two Lips Reviews


"A Mage in the Making by Alastair J. Archibald is the first book in The Chronicles of Grimm Dragonblaster. I’ve got to say I’m really looking forward to reading the next book, as well as anymore that may follow.

Grimm Afelnor goes to Arnor House of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Magic-users, Sorcerers and Thaumaturges. There he learns that his grandfather has a past that isn’t honorable; this has consequences for the young student.
As a result he has a very low position in the House, a reflection of his grandfather’s dishonor. This puts Grimm at a disadvantage, and leaves him open to being brutally tested by one in the House who has no scruples against using someone so young to further his own purposes.

This first book is intense and engaging, and I found myself completely immersed in the world of mages and would-be mages. The dialogue took a while to become comfortable with, as it has unusual expressions and words to it, but it didn’t take long to become accustomed to the manner of speech used in this book. Grimm’s journey is intriguing, as are his relationships with those around him. I especially loved the way he spoke and interacted with his grandparents. This relationship seemed natural and loving. This is a great book, one that seems to be only the beginning of what is sure to be a very interesting tale." 5 Angels! Reviewed by: Carly, Fallen Angel Reviews


"Grimm Afelnor is a young child, not more than eight, not less than seven who has been sent out on a trip far from his Gramfar and Grandmother who have been raising him since the death of his parents. Grimm knows nothing of the history of his Gramfar, who was once Loras -- a very powerful Quester Mage, one whom was disgraced and barred from practicing magic again. He sends his grandson who has begun to show the talent in hopes that the family name can be cleared.
The story takes place at a school run by Lord Thorn who hungers for new Quester Mage to gain prestige for his House.
A Mage In The Making is a bold and realistically detailed story of what it must be like to become a Mage and what forms of madness can over take even the gentlest of souls on such a journey. I look forward to reading the rest of the chronicles and reviewing them as well." - Reviewed By: Nancy Louise, September 2007, Novelspot

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ISBN: 1593748450
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593748456
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 294
Paper Weight (lb): 12.4

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