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Lucky In love
Lori Avocato
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Lucky Santanelli’s strength is her independence--but learns after meeting EZ Dalton that it is also her greatest weakness--leaving her alone and lonely.

Lucky’s father had been a reputed Mafia boss and even after his death, she can't live down his reputation. In an attempt to sever the last tie to her father, she goes to dump the dilapidated amusement park she’s inherited from him only to find out it’s half-owned by EZ’s father--and EZ runs the place.

She offers to sell her half to him for a penny, but he wouldn’t even pay a penny when he finds out whose daughter she is. Instead, he wants revenge. Revenge in the form of using her successful business skills to revitalize the park. But soon revenge takes second place to...love.
She’s always had Lady Luck on her side, but, this time, will she really be lucky in love?

Lucky Santanelli glared at the six-foot tall chipmunk and silently cursed her father—once again.

She spun around to see that her limousine had already left, then groaned. Nothing in sight except this dump of an amusement park glaring before her... Red, yellow, and what she guessed was one time orange lollipops bigger than the palm trees back home lined the entryway. They looked half licked or more like partially bitten off by rats, she thought, leaning over to see if the limo may have parked in the lot. No such luck. “Damn it.” Now she was going to be stuck here longer.

Behind, a giant roller coaster clanked upwards toward the sky on a whitewashed wooden frame chipping paint like falling snow. When she looked back toward the admission’s booth, no one was around except the annoying chipmunk that kept asking her if she wanted to buy an all-day pass or a book of coupons to Funland Amusement Park.

“Look, lady,” the chipmunk said. “I haven’t got all day…” Who would have thought a chipmunk would have such a sexy voice?

“Why?” she questioned, “you have to start squirreling away nuts for the winter?” She couldn’t help but laugh at her stupid comment, until she looked past him to the dilapidated buildings inside the gate.

Funland. Yeah, right. It looked like it may have been a fun place in its heyday, but right now it looked more like it needed to be put out of its misery.

The sight quickly took all humor from the moment.

“Pass or coupons, lady?”

She shook her head although she doubted if he could see through the black mesh screen on the giant chipmunk head. “A silk suit isn’t exactly amusement park attire, kid.”

He leaned near. She stepped back but not before inhaling a wonderful, spicy scent. Wow. She would have thought sweating under all that fur would smell...more natural. For a teenager-who the hell else would be desperate enough to dress up in a getup like this-the kid had a very deep voice. “Look, son, I don’t want a pass for all day or one minute. I want to see the owner…’’

The chipmunk groaned. “You a bill collector?”

“I have business with the owner.” She set her briefcase down on a nearby ledge. Her feet were killing her in these heels, never should travel in Italian leather with skinny straps and spike heels, her body cried out for a cool shower and a line was forming behind, making her feel as if every eye shot daggers at her. Especially from the kids.

“What do you want?” the chipmunk asked.

“I have no intention of discussing why I’m here with a boy who keeps harassing me about a ticket.” She tried to push past him. A giant brown furry leg blocked her from moving through the gate. “What the hell do you think—” She poked at his bristly chest. He stumbled backwards. Obviously his paws weren’t his correct size.

“Mommy, that mean lady is hurting Alvis Chipmunk!” a small boy screamed from behind.

Lucky turned to see the kid, red-faced, eye’s glaring and yanking at his mother’s hand. The family of four came closer, as if ready to pounce on her and save the stupid chipmunk.

“That’s Alvin, sweetie,” Lucky corrected although she’d rather have told the kid a few choice words.

“No it’s not! No it’s not!” he whined.

The chipmunk moved his leg. “Kid’s right. Alvis. Combination of Alvin and Elvis…”

“He plays a guitar and sings. Nah! Nah!” the kid chanted.

Lucky caught the mother’s eagle eye and shrugged. “Whatever.” In order to get his attention and maybe see some human features, she leaned near the face of the chipmunk, ignoring that he smelled good and not like the inside of some teenager’s locker and said, “Find me the owner. Now.”

“Look, lady. There’s a line forming. Wait over there and I’ll—”

“Alvis Chipmunk. Alvis Chipmunk,” the kid started to sing. “The mean old lady hurt Alvis Chipmunk!”

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ISBN: 1593740221
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593740221
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 328
Paper Weight (lb): 13.8

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