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Love, Honor And What?
Brenda Nyveld
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Something inside Morgana Wiley snapped when she heard the word obey in her wedding vows. After a life of having everyone make decisions for her, she found herself desperate for escape. One word, carelessly tossed into her wedding vows, did the trick. She ran from the church and straight into the arms of Daniel Jacobson.

Daniel fell for the lovely Morgana the moment she landed in his arms. It helped a great deal that she was escaping his cousin, Willy, with whom he had a long-standing rivalry. He gladly whisked her away to his country home. But Morgana needed freedom, and no matter how much he wanted to hold her close and keep her in his life forever, he knew he had to let her go to find her own way. Unfortunately, Willy stood in the way of her freedom.

“Do you, Morgana Marie Wyley, take Daniel William Ja-cobson to be your lawfully wedded husband?” The elderly minister’s voice crackled and echoed off the walls of the grand cathedral. “Do you promise to love, honor and obey him...”

“Uh…” Morgana Wyley blinked beneath the opulent sheer fabric of her veil. She waved the bouquet of white roses clutched in her clammy hands. “I’m sorry. Could you repeat that last line for me? I’m not sure I heard it correctly.”

The minister looked disapprovingly over the glasses perched on his nose. Bushy grey eyebrows arched as he cleared his throat and quoted the words again. “Do you promise to love, honor and obey—”

Morgana lifted a perfectly manicured hand. “Yes, that’s what I thought you said. Can I have a minute, please?” She turned to the groom. “Willy, we need to talk.”

He frowned at her. People in the pews whispered. “No,” he hissed. “We’re about to be married in front of four hundred of our closest friends and relatives. I think anything you want to talk about can wait until later.” He turned to the minister. “Please proceed.”

Morgana swiped at the frilly headdress cascading over her face. “No. Willy, I want to talk about this now,” she whis-pered urgently. “Obey wasn’t mentioned during the rehearsal last night. I just want to be clear on it.”

Willy glanced at the crowd behind them. He smiled nervously and spoke to Morgana between clenched teeth. “Can we please have this discussion later?”

Morgana turned to the guests. “I’m sorry,” she spoke to the crowd. Her voice vibrated off the walls of the church. “I just need a minute with the groom.”

Willy moaned his disapproval as Morgana gathered the folds of her elaborate white gown and walked toward the side door. She heard his nervous comment that they would be right back before his expensive leather shoes echoed on the floor in a scurrying motion behind her.

Willy glared at Morgana when he stopped and gently pressed the door closed. “What do you mean by stomping out of our wedding ceremony like that?”

Morgana pressed her fingers against her temples. “There was no mention of my having to obey you at the rehearsal last night. Why is it in the vows today?”

“Now,” Willy said and raised his hands as he always did when Morgana was getting upset over something he consid-ered unimportant. “Don’t get angry about a silly little thing like a single word in our vows.”

“My question is, why was it there?” Morgana demanded. She punctuated each word with a rigid finger in his chest.

“All right,” Willy answered, “I asked the minister to in-clude it. It’s tradition. It really doesn’t mean anything—”

“If it doesn’t mean anything,” Morgana whispered frantic-ally, “why didn’t you include it last night during the re-hearsal?”

Willy sighed as though she were an insolent child. He spoke slowly, drawing each word out. “Because you were al-ready distraught after talking to your father last night,” Willy went on to explain. “I asked the minister to avoid using obey because I had no doubt your father had filled your head with all kinds of foolishness. I’m not oblivious to the fact he’s against this wedding. Your mother has voiced her fears on more than one occasion. Having the word obey included in the ceremony is a tradition in my family. All wives of Jacobson men abide by it. Why is it such a problem for you?”

Morgana pointed an accusing finger at him. “Because I know darn well you’re going to take it to heart and expect me to obey every word you say. I already quit my job. Isn’t that enough for you?”

Willy placed his hands on her shoulders. “Of course, it is. I already told you I appreciate the fact you left your job to de-vote all your time to our marriage. Do you want me to fall at your feet?”

Morgana’s fingers massaged her aching forehead. She never said she would devote all her time to their marriage. “You wanted me to quit my job so I could get more involved in charity work!” she cried.

Such a complex relationship is difficult to depict on paper, but author Nyveld manages it skillfully. Morgana and Daniel seem like real people, with all their faults and foibles, and the reader just can’t help hoping they will work it out together. The sex scenes between this loving couple are sensual and tender. Willy is a really menacing villain, and he scared the socks off me! There are some violent scenes in this book, but they occur in the context of the story and serve to demonstrate the bad guy’s state of mind. I highly recommend this novel for lovers of romantic suspense!

Reviewed by: Jean 5 Angels

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ISBN: 1593742533
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593742539
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 178
Paper Weight (lb): 7.8

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