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Love At First Bet
Joanna Whitman
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Racy competitions and scandalous bets, tossed in with thick-as-molasses sexual tension, keep unlucky in love Sophia Caliano from sticking to her pact of no more men. Add in headstrong, local football coach, Vinnie McAndrews, and it becomes nearly impossible to keep her vow.
Exotic dancer turned teacher, Sophia is determined to stand on her own two feet. Batting zero in the dating game, and having made a mess of her life in the past, she’s sworn off men for good. The last thing she needs is to cross paths with Vinnie McAndrews. Never able to stand losing, her competitive nature is resurrected when the sexy coach draws her into contests, and goads her into bets. Sophia discovers losing to Vinnie can be deliciously sinful.

Who the hell does this broad think she is? Fuming, Vinnie McAndrews hurled the football helmet to the ground.

“Coach? What do we do?” Bobby worried his bottom lip while waiting for his coach’s reply.

“Like hell you’re not going to practice before our opening game against Canton High! A tutoring session after school? What a load of garbage! Is she out of her mind?” His gruff voice bellowed in the humid air and hung like rain waiting to fall. “When the hell does she expect you boys to practice? Forget about it; I’ll handle it. Don’t worry guys. Now go on and get suited up.”

Vinnie mumbled to himself about the gall of the new English teacher; probably some old bag that lived with her fifteen cats and had nothing better to do with her afternoons. Well, he had news for her; his boys would be coming to practice—no doubt about it.

Bobby looked uncertain. “But, Coach, she said if we didn’t show for tutoring tomorrow…”

“I said I’d take care of it; now go.” His booming voice sent Bobby scurrying for the locker room.

“Rudy!” he barked, towards one of the co-captains. “I want them warmed up by the time I get back. Run them three laps, lead the stretches, and start the defensive plays. I’m about to go have a little chat with ol’ Mrs. Caliano.”

Vinnie stalked off the field towards the school’s main entrance. This was his first season as head coach, and he’d be damned if he was going to let anything stand in his path of taking the team all the way to the state championships.

The team had been so close last season, losing in the semifinal game by a successful field goal attempt late in the remaining minutes of the fourth quarter. With his returning seniors, a running game that was unstoppable, and a defensive line that was like a steel wall, Vinnie knew that the state champ title could be theirs. No way was this new English teacher going to squash his dream before it even began.

He couldn’t stand teachers who got their panties all in a bunch if everyone wasn’t getting straight A’s, causing scenes about how these students wouldn’t get into a top-notch college. Hell, most of the boys on his team who wanted to go to college would get some form of scholarship; they would do just fine without her meddling in their academics. The others who weren’t college material would go on to learn a trade or join one of the services. Some people just didn’t understand that not everyone was cut out for school.

His old man had sure taught him that early on in life. Sports, not school, were what made you a man. When he told his father about his interest in pursuing a law degree, his dad scoffed at him and told him dumb jocks like Vinnie didn’t go on to become lawyers; their purpose, if they went to college, was to play football.

“English teachers,” he muttered, as he entered the school.

He knew the type. Older, matronly women who used books as a substitute for men. Dried up and crusty were words that came to his mind when he envisioned his own English teachers from high school.

He had seen his own football coaches, from his days of playing high school ball, make the old ladies swoon and forget about the fact that the players in their classes may have been missing a few assignments. Well, he’d just have to work a little of the McAndrews charm on ol’ Mrs. Caliano.

He’d be damned if he couldn’t dazzle her with his charisma; he had schmoozed his way with the best of them. He was used to getting what he wanted fairly easily because of who he was.

Even though this was his first year as head coach, he had been an integral member of the coaching staff for the past four years. In this town, any relation to the DeKalb High football team made you somebody pretty damn important.

He made his game plan as he sauntered down the long hallway, his heavy steps echoing off the walls.

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ISBN: 1593745117
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593745110
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 160
Paper Weight (lb): 6.6

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