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An Anthology

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What would you do for LOVE? Would you risk your life to save another? Would you face all your fears and confront your past?

Whiskey Creek Press is pleased to announce the release of the LOVE An Anthology, a beautiful collection of short stories and poems devoted to that heady feeling of love. The collection is available in both trade paperback and ebook form.

“A Slender Debt” by Katherine Smith:
When his ship is run aground, Adrian Keitly, Duke of Northallerton, does not expect to be plucked from the sea by an angel disguised as a lovely young woman. Injured and far from home, he discovers that despite his wealth and title, his privileged life might just be a farce and he has much to learn from his heaven sent rescuer…
Widowed and lonely, the last thing Sarah wants is to suddenly find she has to care for a handsome and enigmatic stranger. What is worse, she is attracted to this dark, mysterious man, trading her future for a night in his arms and finding an unexpected paradise…
Together, Adrian and Sarah find that social rank does not matter, but the heart most certainly does…

“Unbounded Love” by Giovanna Lagana:
There’s a serial killer on the loose and he has targeted policewoman, Adrienne Wilcox, as his next victim. Regardless of Adrienne’s rebuttal, the chief assigns the handsome detective, Justin Murray, to be her stake out. Little does the chief know something happened between Adrienne and Justin at the Christmas party that Adrienne wants to forget.
But after getting a direct order, Adrienne accepts having the handsome detective as her guard. With the sexual tension between her and Justin at an all time high, will they be able to control their emotions long enough to nab the killer, or will the killer use their sexual attraction as an Achilles’ heel and strike when they least expect?

“Remember” by Judith Fox:
Penelope Curtis travels back to Salal Island twenty years after she lost her true love. She applies for a job tutoring and caring for a small child. At a majestic mansion on the island, she finds her love for Brent Eden has not changed. But the barriers she must conquer for him involve ghost-like memories and murder in the dark lush forests of the Pacific Northwest.

“A Soldier To Love” by Diane M. Wylie:
Why did Daddy have to die in this hole of a town in Georgia and leave me alone and penniless? Christine Lawson is desperate. With no money and no place to live, that forty dollar enlistment fee to join the Confederate Army is sounding better and better…too bad she is a girl.
A surprise attack, one cold night in the Alleghany Mountains, lands Private Ryan Bishop flat on the ground and thankful to be alive. But his savior turns out to be someone he never expected and finds he cannot forget.

“Meant To Be” by Crystal Inman:
Lynn would never learn. Left at the altar by a man she didn’t love, she jumped into her car and changed her life. The accident scarred her face, but her new reality scarred her heart. It was her fiancé’s brother, Max, who Lynn started to care for. But when she went to talk to him, another woman was there in his bathrobe.
It was easy to listen to Jerry and hear him profess his love for her. But it never felt right. And when Max walked up to her on the day of her wedding and told her Jerry wouldn’t be there, she felt sorry for Max. It was the woman in Max’s bathrobe that left with his brother.
After the accident, Max took Lynn into his home. But did he feel sorry for her? Or did his feelings run deeper?

“…Along with the wonderfully sweet prose in this anthology, also comes beautiful poetry with three poems that have been artfully interwoven in this collection. Ms. Marsha Briscoe contributes two of her best works to the book, along with a breathtaking ballad by Mr. Daniel Wilder. The masterfully written stories, combined with the amazing poetry, make this book a must read for anyone who maintains a lifelong love affair with love. I was chained to the chair, waiting for what came next in this tearfully romantic book. All the contributors are masters of their trade and are to be commended for such a wonderful piece. Love is definitely a book to be purchased and read again and again.” ~~ Sue F. for Coffee Time Romance


"There is a little something for everyone in this book. The poems by Marsha Briscoe and Daniel Wilder are interspersed between the stories and therefore much more noticeable for the change in reading. The poetry presented is flowing, with verse that is easy to understand. In addition to their fine work, there are many wonderful, short stories to be read. Each work within the anthology is unique, from the American West in Echoes of the Plains to the onset of the Civil War in A Soldier to Love, historical fans will be pleased. The loves presented are diverse and yet full of emotion. I particularly enjoyed the change of heart the hero in A Slender Debt has when he meets his love. There are opportunities for lost loves to be regained in Judith Fox’s Remember and Barri Bryan’s Where the Heart Is. Finally this anthology offers a variety of contemporary tales that manage to touch the reader’s heart with the love that is found. Whether it is Janet Mills’s Worthy Hearts that had me laughing out loud or Giovanna Lagana’s quick suspense Unbounded Love, this anthology is a thoughtful, touching read."

Reviewed by: Amanda 4 Angels Fallen Angel Reviews


"...Sweet verse and captivating stories make this anthology a winner. The contributions of numerous talented authors weave tales of love that are spellbinding and brilliantly written. They bring joy to the heart and instill much to preserve the feeling of affection in one's life. The stories are moving, breathtaking and keep the reader fascinated from the first page to the last. The list of gifted authors make this Love Anthology priceless!"

Overall rating: 5 HEARTS
Reviewer: Linda L., The Romance Studio


"An elderly heart can be reconditioned to a lovely new life with the proper touch. For romance to come in the advanced years is heartwarming"
From Novelspot.

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ISBN: 1593745133
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593745134
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 268
Paper Weight (lb): 11.2

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