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The Lost Wizard
Book 1

Suzi Goode
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Magicus Oncely from Nanaking needs help! Dependent on magic spells, which he hides away on folded pieces of paper to jog his failing memory, he travels the universe to escape his determined one-time friend, who believes the wizard knows a special spell that even Magicus couldn’t possibly have.

Will the twelve-year-old Grimm twins, on a boring summer vacation in Washington state, be able to aid this bumbling, scatterbrained fool to escape his friend and the quirky (and none-too-witty) characters from Nanaking who pursue each other for their own hilarious reasons?

Magicus Oncely was a wizard with an unusual problem. Not only was he five hundred years old, but when he needed his magic spells the most, he couldn’t remember them. Wizards in any society are powerful beings, but in Nanaking, Magicus was the only wizard, and during his lifetime he made many influential enemies—including his once oldest and dearest friend, Jigie Wiggopolus.

Jigie had grown old, and along with growing old, sometimes people get cantankerous and mean-spirited from thinking about how they have missed grand opportunities to make something of themselves. Jigie wanted to be young again so he could correct the mistakes he thought he had made. He strongly believed Magicus had the spell to make him fifteen years old again.

One day, unintentionally, they confronted each other at the Frugool Café. Magicus strolled up to Jigie, forgetting the other man harbored no love for him but was, in fact, his declared enemy. “Argus Fargus but we haven’t met in a while!” Magicus said. “How are you, Wiggopolus?”

Jigie growled and straightened his hair—which happened to be a patch of dry grass that kids liked to set on fire. A ladybug nestled inside the grass spread its wings and flew off. “There is nothing that makes me angrier than being called by my last name. My surname reminds me of squishy earthworms.”

“Sorry Jigie. What’s up?” Magicus noticed his friend’s shirt buttons didn’t match up again. And his pant legs were too long, which meant his bones had shrunk since the last time he’d had his trousers’ hems adjusted.

“It’s not what’s up but what should be down,” Jigie grumbled.

Concerned about his friend, Magicus reached out to try to comfort Jigie. “What should be down?”

Jigie jerked his arm away in disgust. “You old fool! You should be dead and some other fool of a wizard should be in your place casting magic spells.”

Magicus didn’t like the harsh tone Jigie used. He tugged on the white t-shirt thrown over his emerald-green wizard robes. The letters on the shirt read I ROCK in bright yellow. The t-shirt clashed with the orange spirals and elliptical shapes printed all over his robe. “It will be a long while before I’m ready to go to the Land Beyond. I’ll be hauled off screaming and resisting with all my powers.”

“That’s exactly what I’m afraid of,” Jigie muttered. Louder, to Magicus, he said, “I won’t be thwarted.”

“Why not?” Magicus asked, wondering why his best friend had become so hostile. He knew he needed to remember something important about Jigie, but he couldn’t remember what it was. He shoved back his neon-purple baseball cap (the one he always wore with the brim to the back) and scratched his head.

“Because I have an evil heart filled with crawling maggots.” This wasn’t true but gave Jigie an idea. Why not hire someone to kidnap Magicus for him so he could finally get the wizard’s spells and use them for his own benefit?

“You’re not sounding quite like yourself today,” Magicus said sympathetically.

Outraged, Jigie threw his hands in the air, infuriated by his friend’s seeming kindness. “I want the magic spell that makes me young again!”

“I’ve told you a million times,” Magicus protested, “I don’t have a spell to make you young again.”

Jigie patted his barrel-sized belly and peeked at Magicus with his permanent squint, a result of the inch-long scar streaking his right cheek. “You’re lying, aren’t you?”

Magicus shook his head, wary of his old friend’s animosity. “Why would I lie to you? If I had a spell to make me young, don’t you think I would have used it by now?” He lifted the hem of his robe and showed Jigie his knobby kneecaps and the veins bulging out at the back of his legs.

5 Lips From Two Lips Reviews"

"The Lost Wizard is a delightful and enchanting tale with appeal to readers of all ages. With its high moral ground and morality play lessons couched in subtle humour and warm familial support and friendships new and old, The Lost Wizard is a winner on first reading and on multiple rereadings. A fine addition to the Keeper Shelf, this story is a must-read and entices readers to keep eyes peeled for further installments in this series and additional books from excellent author Suzi Goode." - Frost, Two Lips Reviews


"What's a wizard to do when he has lost his memory? Why, he writes all of his spells down on scraps of paper. He stashes those papers everywhere and anywhere. Does he remember where his spell is at when he needs a certain one?
Shall we find out?

Magicus Oncely is a 500-year-old wizard with a problem. He can't remember any of his spells when he needs them. Of course, he writes them down and stashes them everywhere, but in an emergency, he's usually in a jam.

Jigie Wiggopolus hates his last name; it reminds him of worms. He thinks Magicus has a spell to make him younger and won't share it with him. So he has a plan to kidnap Magicus and make him tell.

Totty Rimmer is a witch whose black hair is caught up in a bat, which serves as a barrette. She always wears black. She is neither good, nor bad, but something in between. Right now she is mad at Jigie for selling her husband a lemon. She means to give him a piece of her mind.

Lots of things are going on in Nanaking and Jigie seems to be the bad guy at the center of it all. Will he catch Magicus? Or will Totty catch Jigie?
Will Magicus remember his spells?

Ms. Goode wrote a very good adventure for young adults. Magic is real for them and Ms. Goode makes it real in THE LOST WIZARD. I laughed and cried as I read of Magicus' adventure. It brought the child out in me. So kids, I hope you have as much fun as I did reading this adventure." 4 Ribbons! – Ladybirdrobi, Romance Junkies

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ISBN: 1593748175
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593748173
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 158
Paper Weight (lb): 7.0

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