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Liberty Road
Annette Snyder
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Ida Keller’s life is a series of turbulent events. Ever since she remembered, she’s been running. She runs from heartbreak and fear. She runs from a troubled past. She runs from mistakes and broken promises until wandering into the quiet town of Barnhill and finding tranquility under the direction of Christopher Trapp.
Christopher Trapp, saloon and brothel owner, isn’t one to mix business with pleasure. He protects his girls at all costs, even the at the cost of his heart. Resolved to a solitary life, he never deviates, or even wants to, until he crosses paths with the enchanting Ida.
When a vile criminal from Ida’s life arrives and threatens her safety, Chris fights his internal desire for her, yet fights to protect her with every desire he possesses.
Together, they decide if love can conquer the evils of their pasts and allow comfort in each other’s arms.

The sun set golden across the azure sky. Brilliant streams of light beamed through cotton white, silver-edged clouds, creating a dramatic contrast against the new leafed, spring green of the trees, emerald with the approaching dusk. The coolness of the early evening rushed up to meet the wagon as its large, round wheels cut into black dirt. Rusty metal hinges and brackets clunked against hard buckboard sides as spoked wheels slid easily into the rutted path.

“What a lovely evening for a party!” Ida exclaimed, jubilant.

Chris Trapp held the reins of his two-horse team, looked sideways at Ida and smiled. He knew she was so happy because of the beautiful spring day after the long, cold Nebraska winter. He was as well. The reflected rays of the setting sun caught in her expression. The sunbeams made her smile and glow with happiness. Because of the sunbeams, she was even more beautiful, if that was possible. He was a lucky man! Even if his plan for the evening failed, he still felt blessed to have Ida with him at that moment in his life. Even if he lived no more days, he lived that one with contentment. It was as if God planted all the goodness and wonder of the world around him. How fortunate he could have so much!

Ida’s copper hair wafted in the early evening breeze and she reached with her small hand to tuck its waves behind her ears.

Over the arched backs of the draft horses under the rolling hills in their wake, Edgar Conner’s plow burrowed into the rich, dark earth of Horner land. The scent of musty soil and damp spring surrounded them as he waved merrily to the passing wagon. Ida waved in return and then looked to Chris.

* * * *

Up until last year, Ida’s life was a turbulent mess! After years and years of frightful grief and terror, her wagon rolled on a wonderful, peaceful and happy path with a great man.

She grinned at her escort, then looked to the bright yellow setting sun. Wasn’t it funny how she hardly noticed how much her life had changed? Yet the changes were so drastic! Not in the place or the faces around her. As in any small town, things in Barnhill remained virtually the same. Day in and day out, the small town of Barnhill changed very little, save for births and deaths. The changes were in Ida, and they were good. Her old life seemed like it belonged to another person.

A year? Only a year! It seemed like a lifetime. Ida looked to the man she’d grown to love. Chris was an honorable man, gentle and strong, honest and dependable, trustworthy and protective. Only such a man would have been able to get her through a troublesome period and for that, Ida was very thankful.

She smiled at him as he expertly guided the two spotted horses down the road to the old Hoppie place, now occupied by the Martinas. To look at him, sitting serenely behind the two large animals, no one could tell he was strong and dependable. His baby face and calm, chestnut-shaded eyes concealed the strength that centered in his soul. A look closer and it was apparent with his broad shoulders, muscular arms and powerful legs, Chris Trapp could hold his own.

Chris clicked his tongue to direct the team and sent his comfortable gaze to Ida.

"Liberty Road is a story about learning to love and trust, a story about letting go of the past and looking for a bright future. Ida wishes to start fresh and when she meets Chris, her life couldn’t be better. Everything appears to be going well for her until a nuisance from her past intrudes into her life, threatening her with the memories of the terrible beating. Now, with only Chris to turn for help, can she listen to her heart and allow him entrance before it is too late? Liberty Road is a profoundly moving story surrounding a young woman’s trials in her lifetime. Ms. Snyder instills life into the characters with emotions that truly reach out and touch the reader. With the stroke of a pen, she brilliantly details a most tender sex scene between Chris and Ida, and fills it with sweet romance to erase both of their troubled pasts. My heart went out to Ida as she struggled with many obstacles to overcome her haunted past. Ms. Snyder is a most talented writer who never disappoints."

Reviewed by: Linda L 5 Angels RECOMMENDED READ!, Fallen Angel Reviews

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ISBN: 1593743513
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593743512
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 196
Paper Weight (lb): 8.6

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