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Legal Tender
Sarita Leone
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Lindy thinks she has it all. An exciting life in New York City. Career prospects. Men. And she does, too. That is, until Granny Walker is killed. Then, all bets are off.
To satisfy the terms of Granny’s will Lindy must step into her grandmother’s orthopedic shoes and assume her place on the family farm. She’ll have to uncover the mystery between a raging bull and a Mustang, all while finding a husband and fighting off a nasty cousin.
Life on the farm makes a white sale at Bloomie’s look like child’s play!
Can a woman who’s more comfortable in stilettos than boots move from the city to the country and still have everything she’s always dreamed of? Maybe she can—with some luck and a lot of help from Granny Walker herself.
You see, the wise-cracking, advice-giving ghost isn’t quite ready to give up the old homestead. Not yet, anyway.

‘A woman’s most tender time is in the spring. That’s the time for love.’

The familiar voice came from nowhere and filled Lindy’s mind like helium fills a balloon. For a second it was all Lindy could hear. She shook her head. Honey-brown curls pulled loose from the length of yellow ribbon holding them back from her flushed face and fell in soft rings around her cheeks. Brushing the back of one hand across her forehead, she looked up into the empty room.

“Granny, you say a woman is at her most tender at the start of every season.” Her voice bounced off the walls of the warm kitchen and her words seemed to echo against the old-fashioned appliances and well-worn pine pieces that furnished the space. “You never miss the first day of a new season, do you? And why do you persist in sneaking up on me like that? You know it unnerves me.”

With a mind to finishing her pie, Lindy bent to the task before her. Flour coated the table; a bowl of sliced apples mixed with cinnamon, lemon juice and honey and the empty pie tin presented enough of a diversion so she was instantly occupied. The ticking of the heating oven was the only sound in the room for a long moment. Lindy lifted the bottom crust and pressed it into the tin before dumping the apples on top of the crust and spreading them out with an old wooden spoon. Relishing the newfound silence, she began to roll a second lump of chilled dough into a thin layer for the top crust.

Lindy studiously ignored the room and whatever—or whomever—it contained. Whether it could be seen or not.

‘I am not sneaking. A person has to have a body to sneak.’ The voice was insistent. ‘I’ve told you that time and again, haven’t I? I’m simply coming to you as I see fit, as I think you need me—and I think you might need me today, is all. What with that new fellow moving into the Dunham place down the road, my expert advice and insight might just be exactly what you need. And you are going to change your clothes before you go over there, aren’t you? You aren’t going calling dressed like that, are you?’

It was nearly impossible to hold her tongue at times like these. A voice inside Lindy’s head—this time her own—screamed so loudly she pressed her eyes shut for a moment. Part of her wanted to let the words out in a rush, to just say them and be done with it. But she’d been taught to respect her elders so she kept her opinions to herself. Too bad Granny wasn’t doing the same.

She took her time pressing the top crust into place and crimping the edges of the delicate butter dough between her fingers.

Honestly, you’re more opinionated now that you’re dead than you ever were when you were alive! Why can’t you just go off into the great beyond like everyone else does? Why can’t you just go quietly, like other grandmothers?

With a sigh, Lindy slid the pie into the oven and set the ancient timer. She wiped the excess flour from the table, gathered up the measuring cups and bowls and dumped them into a sink filled with soapy water. Leaving the dishes to soak, she turned and headed for the stairs. She hadn’t planned on changing her clothes but she knew when she’d been outmaneuvered.

“No, I’m not going like this. I wouldn’t dream of embarrassing you when I go to call on the new neighbor.”

Lindy tugged her flour-covered sweatshirt off as she went into the large bathroom. She shut the door behind her, knowing as she did so it would never keep the prying eyes—or tongue—of the house’s only other occupant out of the room if that occupant truly wanted to enter. Doors had become fairly useless in the Walker house.

* * * *

“To fulfill the terms of her grandmother's will, Lindy must live in the old woman's home, take over the business she began, and within a year, marry. She must also,though this is unstated, put up with Granny's ghost hovering around her. Lindy's main motive is to keep her witch of a cousin from getting the place, but soon, she finds herself wondering if there's a murder to solve and discovering romance might be part of her future, but with which of the men pursuing her?

This book is fun. Granny's ghost is one that will keep a smile on your face. Though the plot is somewhat meandering, there is such charm to the narrative that you won't mind.” Reviewer Amanda Killgore


“The book revolves around the seasons. In the early summer, strawberries are ready and in the fall the apples. In between, flowers bloom with Lindy's love life. Nothing is rushed which makes it enjoyable to watch the action unfold naturally. That doesn't mean the book is slow or nothing is happening, just that everything develops in a natural sequence. This is a great book to curl up with on a rainy/snowy day. It's has humor, love, mystery and a happy ending for everyone.” Terri, Night Owl Romance Reviews


5 Angels! “Legal Tender is the third book I have read by Sarita Leone. I enjoy her as a writer. She makes all her stories fun to read in addition to being easy flowing from page to page. I never have to worry about having a hard time finishing a book that Sarita Leone has written, which is a good thing. I can’t wait to see what Mrs. Leone comes up with next.” Reviewed by Cheryl, Fallen Angel Reviews


“Love and life are too precious to waste” according to Granny’s spirit that keeps Lindy company and offers an abundance of advice – wanted and unwanted. Lindy-- hardworking, responsible, smart, and amiable-- is proving she can run the Walker’s Farm successfully, but she’s having a difficult time trying to meet the other condition of her grandmother’s will – finding and marrying a man within two years.

There’s no shortage of good men. Hunter, Will, and Mike are all longing to further their relationship with Lindy. Each of them seems wonderful in his own way, yet Lindy cannot seem to commit to any one of them.Secondary characters like Jenna, the hateful cousin; Garrett, the crotchety old farm manager; Elvira Hill and her old bachelor son all add a wealth of emotions to the story, especially the subtle humor that enriches the drama of life that unfolds.

The “Who Done It” part of Legal Tender intrigues and nudges the reader to turn the pages almost as much as the need to know who Lindy will finally realize is the love of her life. “Lindy-Loo” is a love and Granny is great. They make Legal Tender good reading that lifts the spirit.” Camillia, The Long And Short of It Reviews

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ISBN: 1603132640
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603132640
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 220
Paper Weight (lb): 9.4

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