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Just Like You
Beverley Bateman
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Evie Dalton succumbs to the temptation of money and a chance to work with Dr. Adam Marsden, and moves from Los Angeles to a totally isolated hospital. Strange things happen at the hospital—dark limos slide in and out, screams in the night, and an animal farm with cots in the pens on site. The townspeople are dependent on the hospital for their livelihood. The sheriff is more concerned about his own job than finding out the truth. People are disappearing and turning up dead. Now Evie finds herself involved in an illegal cloning operation and they want her for their next project.
Adam Marsden thought he had it all – a great job, money and a chance to earn enough to buy his own hospital and be set for life. He hadn’t counted on Evie Marsden and the fact that he might also be a cloning victim.
Now they’re both running for their lives. Can they escape?

What the hell have I gotten myself into?

Evie Dalton pulled the soft green cotton uniform top over her head. She’d arrived in Preston last night, excited about her new job as a nurse at Ophidian, looking forward to meeting new people, learning new things. But soon after she’d reached Ophidian Hospital, the initial excitement had been replaced by concern. She hadn’t expected such complete isolation.

She’d never even heard of Preston, California before Dr. Marsden had told her about it. It wasn’t on most maps. Now, not only did she know where it was, but also she was living and working in the bloody wilderness, several miles farther on. God, she was an idiot.

She was already questioning her decision to come here and the stupid reasoning behind it.

Elevator music played quietly in the background. She’d tried to find the switch to turn if off last night but there didn’t seem to be one; she could find different stations but no off switch. She’d have to ask someone how to turn the bloody thing off. It was going to drive her crazy.

She checked her blonde hair in the mirror, pushing it back in an attempt to make the unruly curls look neater.

She had an overwhelming desire to race home right now, so she could be with her mother and father and brothers and Jiggs. The family terrier would be racing around her, wanting Evie to pet her. She hadn’t been back for almost two years but suddenly that’s where she wanted to be, home, where she would be safe and loved.

Everything inside her was screaming, mistake! She’d never really made a mistake before, not a big one. This felt like a big one. But then she’d never made a decision based purely on money before. She’d been raised in a small mid-west town where money hadn’t been an important part of her life.

Grabbing her white cardigan off the chair, she paused to stare out the only window in the tiny suite, which she would be calling home for the next six months.

In front of her stood the sparkling white building where she would be working. The architecture reminded her of something from the thirties or early forties that she’d seen on an episode of Poirot one time. The building was squarish with kind of rounded corners and it was a brilliant white. The building was smaller than most hospitals where Evie had worked in the past. Considering it was in the middle of nowhere and isolated from any sign of civilization, she assumed it was probably adequate. She could see a one-story wing up front and a two-story wing out the back that angled about forty-five degrees off from the front wing.

Last night when she had arrived, the hospital had looked like a white monolith. Today, as she stared out the window, it just looked cold, sterile and remote. But something caused a shiver to twist down her spine. She wrapped her arms tightly around herself. She hadn’t even been here for twenty-four hours and her main thought was to run. There was a feeling that something wasn’t right, maybe even evil. She shook her head as she turned from the window.

On the positive side, maybe she’d learn something from the experience. She had never felt loneliness before but after only a few hours here she felt she was beginning to experience it. New experiences were good. At least that was what she kept telling herself. She’d make it work.

Pulling on the cardigan, she did a quick check of her room, locked the door and headed downstairs.

“Good morning.”

An attractive young woman in her late twenties fell into step beside Evie. “You must be new. I’m Donna.”

With shoulder length dark hair, she was slightly taller than Evie’s five-foot-four frame.

Evie glanced sideways at the woman, taking in the fact she walked with a slight limp, her shoulders rounded and hunched forward. She noticed that Donna’s left shoe was built up about an inch and a half. She didn’t notice her eyes because Donna didn’t make eye contact.

I loved the suspense in Just Love Me by Laura Marie Henion. The story comes alive with each chapter. You will feel as if you are in Hawaii, but the sadistic killings will chill you to the bone as it did this reviewer. The suspense is great, but there is also the action of trying to get the killer before he kills again paired with Keono’s desire to protect Christen at every turn. There are characters that are memorable, begging for a story of their own. Readers who enjoy suspense and action will love this suspense available from Whiskey Creek Press. Great job to Laura Marie Henion for an action-packed, rollercoaster story that will make you want more once you reach the end.
Reviewed by: Lena C.


Ms. Henion entwines a well-crafted plot that has the reader engaged not only with the characters but the whole law enforcement and their duties. She instills on the edge of the seat entertainment that keeps the reader spellbound until the dramatic conclusion. I loved the way she blended in the romance with Christen and Keono, which sends little embers through the pages. The ending leaves you with a feel good feeling. This is a terrific page-turner that this reader enjoyed immensely!
Reviewed by: Linda L

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ISBN: 1593742274
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593742270
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 302
Paper Weight (lb): 12.6

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