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Joys Of Home
Bonnie Hamre
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Hannah Martinson knows that marriage is not for her. Linc Adams is barely recovering from his daughter’s death, but when their boss assigns them to a high-profile project, Hannah and Linc face more than an aggressive deadline. Can they work together to achieve their personal dreams as well as professional goals?

“You’d better go in before he starts bouncing off the wall.”

Hannah Martinson acknowledged Dennis Platt’s secretary with a jaunty, but false grin. Dennis didn’t call her in unless something serious was up. What could the boss want? There hadn’t been any emergencies this morning. All her projects were on schedule and they had their regular staff meeting scheduled that afternoon. She squared her shoulders, tapped on the door and swung it open.

Dennis waved her in. Instead of the impatient frown she expected, he smiled, making his face look boyish and excited.

Hannah relaxed. He was in a good mood. There was never any doubt about the way Dennis felt about something. He had a determined ruthless streak that served him well owning and directing a tremendously successful company. Dennis had survived the downsizing of the industry and the off-shore labor trend. Yet he’d never learned how to control his facial expressions and body language. Or maybe he’d never felt the need to mask his emotions. When he was pleased, he showed it. When he was disappointed, angry or dissatisfied, he showed that, too.

Dennis stood and came around his desk, then stopped and beckoned someone forward. “I want you to meet Linc Adams here.”

A tall, lean man with russet streaks in his dark hair rose from an armchair, towering over Dennis. Hannah automatically gave him her hand as she eyed the information on his employee badge. His picture, name, department and date of hire, only a few weeks before. She knew the department number, one of the engineering group. What was going on? Though she wasn’t in staffing, she knew most of the people working at LuxMax, at least by name. Why was Dennis introducing them? He didn’t and couldn’t take the time to introduce his employees to each other, especially if they didn’t both work directly for him. She glanced up, puzzled, and noted the new man’s dark brown eyes fixed on her intently.

“I’m Hannah Martinson. Welcome aboard.”

“Thanks.” He released her hand and smiled. “I’ve been hearing about you.”

“Oh?” Hannah felt herself responding to his smile, sweet and gentle, a contrast to the strong planes and contours of his tanned face. Traditionally handsome he wasn’t, but she doubted any woman would fail to take a second look. There was something elementally masculine about him. She had no idea how she could be sure about it without exchanging more than the basic courtesies, but she sensed he’d be a man with a strong foundation. A man to trust.

His smile grew warmer. “Dennis said something about working together.”

“Linc comes to us highly recommended,” Dennis cut in. “We’re lucky to get him.” He turned to Linc. “Like I said, Hannah manages the Special Projects group.”

Linc nodded. “I’m impressed.”

“Okay, okay, now we all know each other.” Dennis bounced on his toes, his eyes bright. “You were right, Hannah. We need to revamp the daycare center.”

Hannah switched her attention from Linc to Dennis. “Great! That area is too small—”
“Yes, yes. You covered all that in your proposal,” Dennis waved her comment away. “Now here’s the plan. We’re going to do more than remodel and paint. We’re going all out. I want you two to build me the best damn daycare facility in the Bay Area.” His voice rose with enthusiasm. “Not just the Bay Area or California, the country! Hannah, you’re in charge. Spend what you have to, but get the job done right.”

"Hannah is very interested in her career, and Linc, with his farming roots, feels that wives should be home with their children. They are very likeable characters, and readers will be hoping they can settle their differences and get together. JOYS OF HOME is an easy to read book about love and family. It is well written and will keep readers’ interest throughout. Linc enjoys family, becomes good friends with Hannah’s three brothers, and is coming to terms with the tragedy in his life. The caring between Hannah and Linc is very powerful and continues to sizzle and grow the more they work together. The secondary characters enhance the story, including their friend, Pam; their boss who wants a one-of-a-kind daycare center; and Hannah’s family, who love and protect her.

A heart-warming love story, JOYS OF HOME is a feel-good book and one that readers are sure to enjoy."

Marilyn Heyman, Romance Reviews Today


"Bonnie Hamre creates a splendid romance about two professional people with personal problems facing real issues that almost every woman in life struggles over. She has penned a story showing how differences can be worked out if a person sets their mind to it. This was a book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and one that many can relate."

Reviewed by: Linda L 5 Angels Fallen Angel Reviews


"Bonnie Hamre has done a wonderful job in creating a story that draws the readers in and keeps their attention with detailed characters, a fast moving plot, and lots of sexual tension. I highly enjoyed watching Hannah and Linc come together in their struggle to overcome their pasts and learn to love each other. The love and passion between them was touching and sexy. Joys of Home is a delightful romance that I give 4 Angels."

Reviewed by: Tammy 4 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews

ISBN: 1593743793
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593743796
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 284
Paper Weight (lb): 12.0

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