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Joust In Time
Debbie Fritter
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In 15th Century England, The Black Knight a/k/a Sir Reynold, has fallen from grace with his childhood friend, Queen Isabel, and is in a no-win situation. He must compete against his childhood friend, Thomas. If he wins Sir Reynold will be banished from Heartsease, if he loses Thomas will be stripped of his knighthood…

Courtney Parker is a 21st Century seamstress at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Unlike other re-enactors, she performs her profession year-round, making costumes for others. She's always loved the story of the mysterious Black Knight of Heartsease and has looked forward to it every year. But this year’s different…

Issie Cummings, the Ren Faire’s potion shopkeeper, will stop at nothing to gain what escaped her centuries ago...Sir Reynold Roddington’s love and body.

Will Reynold be able to turn back the hands of time and right what went wrong—or will he find himself banned from another country and the woman he loves?

Reynold jumped to his feet and bowed to the woman he’d called ‘Queen’ these past three years. “Your Majesty.”

Thomas’ hearty laugh filled the tavern. “Reynold, this one’s anything but royalty here. Stop embarrassing yourself and sit down; everyone’s watching you.”

Ignoring Thomas’ insult, the woman extended her right hand to Reynold.

“Since Thomas has such a foul tongue and appears to have lost his manners, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Isabel Cummings, but you can call me Issie if you wish.” Amusement flickered in her otherwise black eyes, as if she found the situation a piece of entertainment for her and her court.

Cummings? Issie? She took on the sir name of her chambermaid? Reynold took her hand in his and bent to kiss her ring, and then Thomas elbowed her in the side, knocking her off balance.

“Thomas!” Reynold hissed, amazed his friend would treat their Queen in such a manner.

“Your presence isn’t welcomed here, Issie. Find another fool who’ll bend to your wishes, there’s not one here.” Disgusted, Thomas pushed away from the table, leaving Reynold to deal with Isabel on his own. During their entire life, he was the only one who could sooth her rage.

“Thee must forgive my friend. As thou knows, Thomas forgets his place from time to time.” Reynold waited in silence for Isabel to take a seat at the table. “Reynold Loddington, at Your Majesty’s service.”

Thomas’ disrespect for their Queen troubled his mind, but not as much as the manner in which Isabel was dressed. A woman who lavished in the finest fabrics and jewels now resembled a peasant rather than someone who ruled cruelly over her country and its people. With so much that had changed, could it be Isabel herself had changed as well? Could she actually have found the compassion for her people that her father had? Possible, but not bloody likely.

There was a time when Queen Isabel would have had one of her people flogged for speaking to her in such a way. The Isabel who now sat in the chair once occupied by Thomas had turned a cheek and dismissed the slight of tongue with a wave of her hand. Something was terribly amiss, and it soured Reynold’s soul to the core as to what it could be.

“Oh, that? I’m used to it. He’s just a little boy who wants the candy in the jar, but can’t have any,” Issie retorted, motioning for Reynold to sit as well. “So, tell me about yourself, Reynold Roddington.”

“Yes—please do tell us.” Courtney stood next to the table, Thomas flanking her right. Her eyes lit up the room with warmth and compassion. Reynold shifted in his seat to ease the growth between his legs.

Thomas smiled like the Cheshire cat at Issie. “Look who I found lurking in the shadows.”

The two women eyed each other up—contempt in Issie’s eyes and distrust in Courtney’s. Deep beneath the surface of politeness lay a rivalry Reynold was already all too familiar with. These two never liked each other, even as children playing in the courtyard.

He couldn’t accept the fact the Lady Courtney wasn’t his Catherine. Something deep down in his heart and soul told him they were one and the same, just born in different worlds and time.

Reynold stood, allowing Lady Courtney to take his seat. He’d already told Thomas his story, what more could he say? That he was in love with a woman much like Lady Courtney? That he’d been banished from his homeland because he wouldn’t bed down with his Queen?

Not with Queen Isabel sitting in front of him—he valued his life too much for such an accusation…even if it were the truth and common knowledge within Heartsease. She wouldn’t hesitate to have him cut down where he stood, if she so desired.

And what of the Lady Courtney? Would she believe his words, or treat him with the kindness she’d shown the mindless of their country? He’d not take the chance; not yet any way.

“Reynold Loddington.” He shivered as his name rolled like sweet honey off Courtney’s lips. “Very unusual. Is it an old family name?”

"Time cannot conquer love. Debbie Fritter offers readers a “timeless” love story. I have always enjoyed stories concerning Knights and Ladies in Waiting. This one has a sweet plot however, unbelievable. Who says romance has to be believable to be enjoyable? Fans of romance will like Joust In Time."

Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com


"While I enjoyed reading Reynold and Courtney’s story, there were rough parts to this book. As Reynold is figuring out what was going on, it is obvious that he recognizes that he was transported to the future by things the reader reads which is what he is thinking. Yet, there is no rationalization or dawning moment, no epiphany. It is just like, without seeing anything beyond a Renaissance Fair that is modern like cars, planes, etc, he just KNOWS that he is hundreds of years in the future. The typical discussion of what year it is does not happen, so he does not even know when he is in time, at least not so the readers sees it. There are also some other rough transitions where the story does not make chronological sense (like there is two weeks to the Faire left, and after a few days pass we are at the last weekend).

A JOUST IN TIME is a fun read for a quick light romp. It’s Snow White fairy tale is cute if you are not looking for a deep serious read and can go above some plotting inaccuracies." Reviewed by Sarah Silversmith, The Romance Reader's Connection


“Joust in Time by Debbie Fritter is intriguing from the very first page. I was completely immersed in the medieval world. I learned a lot, as well. There is a glossary of terms at the end of the book which proved to be useful on more than one occasion. I think the thing I liked best about this was Reynold’s determination to do the right thing. When confronted with a choice about Thomas he doesn’t do what many in his place would. He shows himself to be a true hero and I loved that about him. Courtney and Reynold held enough magic and chemistry between them that I could not put this down. I’m not usually a fan of this time period but Joust in Time is a very enjoyable read. I can easily recommend it!” 5 Angels! -Reviewed by: Marlene, Fallen Angel Reviews


Five Enchantments! “This is a time travel romance that takes place in both the fifteenth century, and the twenty-first century. This is a love story that literally spans the centuries, but a happy ever after as well.

It’s really too bad word count doesn’t give me room to talk about the antagonist, because Izzie, the ‘bad guy’, is really, really evil. Her part is wonderfully written. This is a fabulous story about good and evil, about treachery and love. I enjoyed how Ms. Fritter delightfully wrapped in the medieval culture, the jousts, the sorcery, together, and ended everything with love, kind of like the cherry on top of the sundae. The creativity, the language, the scenes, are fabulous. Very good read, and a must read for anyone who loves romance.” – Desiree de Cleves, Enchanting Reviews


3 Stars! "This engaging story combines time travel, magic and reincarnation in an entertaining way. The characters are interesting and the villainess chillingly evil." - Reviewed by Susan Mobley for Romantic Times BOOKreviews

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ISBN: 1603130780
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603130783
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 176
Paper Weight (lb): 7.6

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