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Journeys From A Boy To A Man
Linda L. Lattimer
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Follow Mike as his travels take him from a small boy to an aging man. As he recalls fond memories of growing up in a home with delightful stories to tell, to sadness that pricks the heart. Stories that find him with a new love and new family as he grows older, then leads him into a war that only brings much bloodshed and tears. A war that brings him back home to question motives in his own life, only to discover an increased love that he never knew existed, as his journeys take him from a boy to a man.

I suppose if man were to compose his thoughts, his journeys from the day he was born to the day of his death, he would undoubtedly have many travels to tell and some to even boast of. His conquests, his adventures, misadventures, love life, love affairs—the list would run forever, and no matter what man wrote concerning his saga, or his tall tale, every word that he put in that manuscript would be different than the next. For throughout one’s life, no two stories could ever be the same or carry such potential value as those of the man who has lived his own story. Each story would have a unique beginning and untimely ending. Those fortunate to be born indeed have to face, at some point, death. There is no escaping and no place to run and hide once a man’s number has been called.

While birth begins man’s traveling days; the ticket that is handed out can only be used for the time he has scheduled to spend on earth. The choices should be wise in everything that he sets out to accomplish. With his days, he has laughter, pain, sorrow, and any emotion that he might encounter in his travels. There are loves found and loves lost. But whatever journey man happens upon, it is sure to be a book, in a shell of its own.

The Arrival
Mike’s Entry

It was late in the month of March when he pushed his way into this world. Of course he had no choice in what month to actually arrive; all he knew was the time of his entering was nigh. There was a kick, a small jab and bingo—the pain, the contraction, was inflicted and felt. Within minutes he would be sliding down the narrow passageway, finally meeting the one person who had been catering to his needs. The atmosphere would be entirely different than the one he had been accustomed to the last nine months. In his tiny world he had been safe and free from all the pollution that society had placed upon the world. Little did he know the New World he was entering would be so different from his last home. He would soon find himself encountering new and exciting adventures.

There was a light, and then many lights, as he came slipping out the canal opening. Oops, was he going to fall? No, there was a warm hand on the end grasping hold of his wet, sticky, red body. He remembered being held by his two feet as the man wearing glasses whacked his buttocks. A sharp, squealing sound issued from his lips. A cry, he found out later, they called it. Something that many newborns, as well as others, did a lot.

Some used its source to get away with anything, while others needed it to express trouble or pain. Maybe this place wasn’t going to be so bad after all, his little mind reasoned.

He was handed to a woman in white. He learned later that she was called a nurse. She began cleaning his soiled body. He was a mess; that was for sure. As she wiped each part of his body, he observed the red stain quickly vanish to be replaced by white. This procedure was strange, but he figured it was part of his new life.

Finally, after his rinsing, the nurse wrapped him in a tiny blanket. It was a good thing, too. His tiny body was beginning to get a chill. It may have been the end of March but for the town of Logan, Ohio, there was still a snip of coldness in the valley. He longed to be back in his little round shell; at least it had been warm and cozy.

He was handed to another woman lying in a bed. He soon discovered the beautiful black haired woman, with the hazel green eyes and loveliest smile to warm any man’s heart, was his mother. Her skin was fair and the touch of her hand was soft beyond compare. It was here that he began feeling safe and snug once again, with no threat to his existence. Truly this moment was better than the nourishment he had been receiving in the tiny compartment before emerging into this New World.

Mike Fairmont was a happy man and a blessed man, a special man to his family and friends alike. JOURNEYS FROM A BOY TO A MAN is written as a testimony to the author's husband. It's touching, funny, and well written.
Mike's childhood is outlined through the eyes of a woman who loved him thoroughly. Their marriage was an example of intimacy that most of us can only aspire to. Linda was a lucky in romance lady.
Cynthia Whitten, Romance Reader At Heart


"Journey with Mike Fairmont as he is born and lives the life of a man blessed with a beautiful family and memories abound. This book based in part on the stories told by the true life of the author's husband. It is an emotional tribute in reminiscence.

Knowing the basis of this story keeps you turning the pages until the end. You know the inevitability but you don't want to see Mike's journey end. What a life lived. From the first moment he laid eyes on his wife until he held his grandchildren in his arms, I felt connected to this family in every way. I am left wondering, as he was, about the sister he never saw again. How a once happy family was divided by the death of their mother and how he was determined to keep his own together, even through the roughest of times. You will love him and hate him – like any great character.

Bonnie was an amazing personage. To love a man so much that she would offer to let him go for his own happiness was both saddening and uplifting. She went through Mike's journey with him when it took him to Vietnam and then back home until his journey ended.

A fabulous read for a rainy day when you need a life affirming lift! Curl up in your favorite chair and bring along this book. You won't regret the read!"

Reviewed by: C.C., Lighthouse Literary Reviews

ISBN: 1593745435
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593745431
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 188
Paper Weight (lb): 8.2

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