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Jayna Incarnate
Jane Shoup
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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During an experimental procedure to treat Samantha Bennett’s clinical depression, her heart stops momentarily and her soul travels 250 years back in time, to 1745, to the last moments of her former incarnation, Jayna Conroy’s, life. The influx of Samantha’s energy allows Jayna to survive and continue her escape from captivity with the infamous ‘pirate’ Shoale.

Jayna finds her way to the MacAndrews clan in the Highlands and into the heart of Mackenzie MacAndrews, but Mac has a full-time struggle to keep his clan out of civil conflict as bonnie Prince Charlie tries to reclaim the throne of Scotland. The darkly compelling Shoale continues his search for Jayna, and there is another, unseen threat—-medical technology of the future, where Samantha has been languishing in a coma since the surgery. Love, a home and happiness are finally within Jayna’s reach, but will she find a way to keep them against all odds?

Dr. Karen Kain walked into her office, clutching a stack of files and a Styrofoam cup half filled with lukewarm coffee. “Morning,” she greeted the woman waiting for her. “You know I’m going to need your consent for this surgery, don’t you?”

The woman kept waiting for dangerously close to an hour, sixty-three-year-old Brooks Varga-Taylor, cocked her head and gave the doctor a look that conveyed just what she thought of being kept waiting so long. “And hello to you, too, Dr. Kain.”

Dr. Kain sat down with her files and scanned the contents of her desk, mentally noting, listing and prioritizing before looking back up. “Sorry I skipped all the how-are-you, sorry-I’m-late, would-you-like-some-coffee chatter.”

“Coffee would be lovely, thanks,” Brooks replied.

Karen grinned, despite herself. Brooks was old-money, Auburn, Alabama raised with a delicious low voice and deep southern accent. It made everything she said pleasant to the ear. It also meant when she said something with a barb attached, it took a moment to bite the listener, since everything sounded so polite and civilized.

Dr. Kain picked up the phone, buzzed her office assistant and ordered coffee. “Now,” she said to Brooks, when she’d hung up, “to the matter at hand—”

“Samantha makes her own decisions,” Brooks interrupted. “I’ve told you that numerous times.”

“Brooks, you know that legally Samantha is considered beyond the point of sound mind for consent.”

Brooks dropped her head forward slowly while cocking it slightly, a gesture that screamed say what? without her actually having to say a word.

The look was not lost on the doctor, but before she could respond there was a knock on the door a fraction of a second before it swung open and Jenna, her personal assistant, maneuvered in with a tray. “Coffee,” she announced unnecessarily. She set the tray on the table and handed a cup to Brooks.

“Thanks, Jenna,” Karen Kain said, dismissing her assistant.

Brooks got busy fixing her coffee. She dropped in sugar cubes, added a little cream and stirred.

“You have her power of attorney,” Karen began again.

“Legal ramifications concern you,” Brooks ventured, “should something go wrong with the operation. Is that it?”

“It’s standard protocol,” Karen assured her. “You’ll have to sign off on it or it’s not happening. It’s that simple.”

Brooks sat back and studied the doctor. “But you don’t personally think Samantha is out of her sound mind?”

Dr. Kain hesitated in replying.

“Damn it, the least you could do is to fake it for an old woman.”

“Brooks, I haven’t lied to you yet and I’d prefer not to start.”

Brooks looked down at her hands and inspected her manicure for a long moment. “The past few weeks, she’s seemed a little better.”

“That’s a combination of things: a new drug therapy; a vitamin regimen and the anticipation of the surgery. I think Samantha views it like a long distance runner sees that finish line in front of them. One way or the other, the effort to keep going is about to end.”

Brooks noticed the dying plants on the windowsill behind the doctor and felt disturbed by them. “That new medication you’ve got her on, what is that?”

“It’s an antipsychotic drug called Haldol.”

“Antipsychotic?” Brooks repeated, frowning.




“You think she’s psychotic now?” Brooks was shaking her head, not believing her own ears.

“Psychotic depression is just one of the types of major depression.”

“Well, another new one. I thought she was melancholic.”

“Psychotic depression is rare and exceptionally difficult to diagnose. People who suffer from it lose touch with reality and often develop hallucinations. She’s experienced that recently.”

. . . this story is one of the best I have read in a while. There is such a myriad of mystery and emotions in this book, you are on a reading roller-coaster ride. If you want to settle in with a book that has a great storyline, filled with love, hate, romance, adventure and the mystical, this one is for you.
Shirley Johnson, Senior Reviewer, MidWest Book Review


4 roses from Romance Reader at Heart
Jane Shoup always creates a good story with likable heroines, especially lovable heroes, and fully-developed characters. This book was written around actual events in the 1700's. So, if you're a history buff as well as a soul-jumping enthusiast, I recommend this book to you.

A definite page turner as you won’t want to stop until the very end!
-4 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews

. . . you're whisked back in time and find the romance and history that makes this a worth reading novel. 4 cups of coffee.
-Book Review Cafe

Jayna Incarnate is a great read. This author’s way of blending and mixing many stories into one is fabulous. I’ve read several stories by Ms. Shoup and I have to say each one is as enthralling as the last.
-Emma Gayle, Romance at Heart Magazine


5 Hearts from The Romance Studio
This a well written, imaginative adventure through time. The characters are believable and the interactions well sequenced. The plot is exciting and passionate. This story is emotionally involving and will bring a tear to the eye. The romance is beautiful and leads you to believe in destiny. For these reasons, I recommend this story to you as one of the most interesting time-travel stories you will ever read. Overall rating: 5 hearts Sensuality rating: Very sensual


The author paints a picture of eighteenth century Scotland and all of its troubles so clearly that the reader will feel that they are here. Jayna is a very appealing character, and the clan leader, Mac is heroic. The supporting characters and Shoale are vivid and well drawn. This story is a hard one to put down. -Lighthouse Literary Reviews


“Jayna Incarnate has all the best elements of a historical romance, entwined within the paradox of time travel. Shoup's novel comprises many threads; the many sub-plots and myriad of character create an intriguing background to this romance. The complex contemporary thread leaves us with many questions, and we are all to quickly (and willingly) swept into the world of - well, from the world of Brooks, to the world of Jayna Conroy. The complexity can be a little confusing, but the adventure carries the reader forward. In fact, once you start, you won't want to stop. Shoup knows how to create characters you admire, root for, and sympathize with.

Her complex storylines weaves themselves together very cleverly, too. The scenes on the beach, struggling heavily up, from sand or table, could simply not have been done better. Shoup will make you believe you have stepped back, back to a world of clipper ships, domaneering men... and men of heroic courage as well.

Would a seer of the olden days be considered medically insane in our world? This intriguing tale will leave you wondering, wondering about possibilities. I enjoyed this work as much for the questions it posed, as the story it told.
Do give it a read.” 4 Books! - Reviewed by Snapdragon, The Long and Short Of It Reviews

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ISBN: 1593749244
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593749248
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 290
Paper Weight (lb): 12.2

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