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Irish Mist
Krista Janssen
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Dashing Irish laird, Brendan O’Conor, pilots the powerful Formula One racing boat that is entered in the international competition to be held in Dublin, Ireland. Alyson McGrath, owner of a Napa Valley California vineyard, is sponsoring the American entry, the Magnum Red. When Alyson’s ex-fiancé suffers brain-damage in a boating accident, she decides she hates the extremely dangerous sport. But when she meets the irresistible laird, she discovers the flames of love cannot be denied. By race day, their love is tested, not only by opposing viewpoints and thousands of miles of land and sea, but by the unexpected threat from the sociopathic killer who is prepared to commit murder to possess Alyson as his very own.

The man lying in the narrow bed beyond Alyson’s knees could have doubled as God’s own angel Gabriel. His eyes were closed in sleep, his sandy hair curled lazily about his ears and neck. His bare chest above the edge of the sheet was broad, naturally bronzed and textured with a thick golden thatch.

She looked closely when his lashes appeared to flutter ever so slightly. Maybe it was a trick of an errant sunbeam, but maybe...

Leaving her book of poetry neglected in her lap, Alyson wondered what Kurt could be thinking as he drifted in his private world so far away. The late afternoon sun filtered through the blinds, lacing across his upper body and highlighting his aquiline nose and parted lips, lips that had once kissed her with such passion that her fabled cool nature had evaporated in the heat of unrestrained desire.

She leaned forward and laid her palm across his heart. His breathing was always slow, relaxed and regular, almost sensuous. What a waste. What a terrible waste.

The catheter, the feeding tube, the respirator hose and the intravenous needle, other things that came and went, were all a part of the trap holding his body like a victim in a spider’s web. Kurt Winston’s family had made all the necessary arrangements to keep him alive. With life support in place, he continued to live in a silent world of his own.

His body was so beautiful, but she had to admit, there had always been a dark side to his mind that had worried her. She had tried to overlook his vanity, his egotism, his strange moods. She had wanted to find true love. But in the end, she had realized she simply could not marry Kurt Winston. She didn’t love him—and he didn’t really love her, despite his claims to the contrary. Broken Dreams. When had it started to go wrong between them? That path from love to disappointment to heartbreak. And finally the moment when she had admitted defeat. The moment she had known she simply could not marry Kurt Winston.

She remembered the day they met. Her brother, Neil, had insisted she take a break from her Napa Valley vineyards and fly to San Francisco to see their Pro F1 power boat in a practice run. Until then, she had not bothered to follow Neil’s keen interest in the sport. Upriver from the bay that afternoon, she had been treated to a breathless new experience. The thunder and beauty of the magnificent craft slicing between cobalt blue water and azure sky, the deafening sound of the engine as the gleaming slender wedge flew past the dock, the speed at which it approached, then disappeared across the waves, was like a flashing mirage of metallic light.

"Exciting from beginning to end, Krista Janssen has written an alluring, romantic tale proving that love can conquer all if only we let it." 4 1/2 stars.
Reviewer: Elise Lyn ECataromance


"IRISH MIST is one of the best novels I've read this year. The ups and downs of Alyson and Kurt's relationship, the emotional turmoil between Alyson and Brendon, their past experiences including the across-the-pond relationship, along with speed and danger of racing makes IRISH MIST intriguing. It has romance, suspense, twists, turns, tenderness. It was my pleasure to take this journey with Ms. Janssen and her wonderfully emotional and true to life characters."
Reviewed by Tracey, Fallen Angels


"Irish Mist will have you engrossed throughout. I found it very hard to put this book down until the very end. If you enjoy contemporary romance stories full of life, love and loss, you will not be disappointed with Irish Mist." Jacquelyn Ward, The Romance Studio

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ISBN: 1593748401
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593748401
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 402
Paper Weight (lb): 16.8

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