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Jeannine Van Eperen
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Bonnie Townsend decides to take a break from her usual routine and from the man who wants to marry her. She leaves her teaching job in Little Rock, Arkansas, accepts a teaching position at an Indian Pueblo in New Mexico. She begins an interlude that she believes will then lead her back again to her hometown and the man waiting for her.

She loves the area and the people. Her interlude would be perfect, if it were not for a neighbor, a virile, handsome doctor who runs the clinic. Ramon De Vargas is everything Bonnie thinks she does not want

Bonnie fights her demons as Ramon tries to inveigle himself into her life. Is he the roué Bonnie believes him to be? Or is there more to his story that she doesn't understand?

Bonnie stood with hands on her hips, surveying the new problem before her. She sighed, then reread the automotive manual. Men never seemed to be around when needed, she thought dismally. She looked at the front tire again. There was no doubt; it was flat—flat as the proverbial pancake. She got out the needed tools, followed the manual’s directions precisely to the letter, and slowly managed to remove the faulty tire and put on the new. She broke two nails, smudged grease on her new pants and pullover, not to mention her hands and face, but she did it. She smiled in smug satisfaction. If she could change a tire on a pickup truck, she could manage anything! Even the desolate country about her didn’t look as foreboding.

Task now accomplished, she looked around her, and took in the vast expanse of surrounding land. Giant peaks of mountain loomed in the distance, while nearer in all directions spread out miles and miles of desert. Sand stretched everywhere, brown and dismal. The ground beneath her feet was scorchingly hot, burning her sneaker clad feet, and the sky overhead was cloudless, an unbroken bright blue, punctuated only by the blazing yellow-gold sun. Bonnie felt the sun’s rays burning at her delicate, light skin.

Brushing her damp forehead with her forearm in resignation, she began again to question her sanity. It was a question she asked herself several times a day since she had left the safety and security of a good teaching job in Little Rock to head here. She told Carl she wanted a little adventure, a little challenge in her life, and by God, she was getting it. At that thought, she smiled, content with herself. She had met her first challenge. She had changed her first tire.

As she replaced the last of the tools, a jeep sped by throwing up sand in her face, covering her with a thin film of dust. Her eyes flashed furiously as the vehicle stopped, and then backed up.

“Need any help?” a deep masculine voice asked.

The voice sounded so pleasant, unconcerned of her plight, and unaware of the added damage the vehicle’s careless tossing of dirt in her direction did, she was speechless as well as surprised. He was the first person, and it was the first vehicle she’d seen since she left the outskirts of Gallup, New Mexico some three hours ago.

“Señorita,” the voice now said, and asked in Spanish if she needed help.

“Not from you!” Bonnie sneezed from the dust and tried to wipe off some of the granules from her face with her hand. She placed her hands on her hips and glared. “You’ve done enough!”

She watched white teeth glisten in his smiling mouth. His face was shadowed, his eyes covered by dark glasses, but she was certain he was laughing at her appearance. She became all the more incensed.

“Are you lost? Perhaps I can help?”

“I am not lost, thank you. Everything is under control.” Just like a man to come along and offer assistance when you no longer need it.

“Suit yourself.” He lazily waved his hand. “Have a nice day.” His jeep peeled out, sending another blast of sand in her direction.

“Damn!” Bonnie began wiping her perspiring, dust-streaked face with tissue. She had so hoped to make a nice first impression when she arrived, and now look at her! Dirty, disheveled, sunburned with her freckles becoming more predominant. “Damn, damn, damn!” She cursed in annoyance and felt a little better. She never used profanity, but somehow the word seemed appropriate in light of her situation.

"Interlude is a quite compelling story of a woman finding her true place in life, the one location and lifestyle where she can fully flower into the person she is intended by destiny to be. Bonnie and Ramon are fully fleshed out characters...Ramon's sexy charm and seemingly arrogant nature don't harm his cause either. The descriptive setting makes La Barranca come alive for the reader, which is the hallmark of Jeannine Van Eperen's creative gift. Readers of all interests can find something to enjoy in Interlude." 5 Lips from TwoLipsReviews

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ISBN: 1593749996
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593749996
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 196
Paper Weight (lb): 8.6

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