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Impact Vector
Daniel Wilder
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Locked in isolation by the secrets he must keep, Migel Sanchez, a creative genius of extraordinary nature and conviction, must draw upon all of his seasoned courage and creative talents to thwart the efforts of a power-crazed group who would create their own society by seeing to the end of humanity’s established civilization.

A predestined threat from space, cold and coursing toward the oasis of Earth, presses on Migel from one side as the power-crazed group assails him from another. Armed with new technologies that he cannot share with an unsuspecting world, Migel must try to save the innocent before they are crushed from both sides. Upon Migel and a few trustworthy friends will the billions of Earthlings bestow their praises of salvation, or else cry out from their graves the blame of their demise.

If we are to survive in this crowded state on this small rock in space, prejudice must become a memory, as slavery is now a memory, as the genocidal horrors of World War II are now but a memory. I understand the prejudice of man, but I cannot condone it. My hope is that this Journal will one day be used to teach humanity more about itself, and hopefully, through that knowledge, humanity will learn to be at peace with itself and all parts of the human race.

Each person is an animal, flesh and blood, and the same basic instincts that are found in the animal kingdom are found in each person as well. These survival instincts create the feelings of me and mine before you and yours. Indeed such human genetic programming is what causes an individual to place his or her own wellbeing before that of others. Survival instincts give one the feeling that he or she is smarter, faster, stronger, wiser, and more deserving.

If humanity is to become truly civilized, we must understand the animal who demands survival to the point of gathering more than one could ever use, so that person will never need. Indeed it is this excessiveness we call greed that almost eliminated humanity, and I fear that humanity would not survive a second round of what it has seen.

An era of growth should be our goal. An era to meet the needs of the flesh and move beyond those needs.

Excerpt from the Journal of Migel Guido

Our Second Start

by Carlos Juarez

* * * *

“...Author Daniel Wilder’s background as an information technology professional, along with his love of physics and astronomy, prove themselves in Impact Vector. Although meticulous detail is given to the technicalities of space travel, Wilder's narrative is clear and concise to the point that a layman can easily understand. Filled with gut-wrenching suspense, the reader will be quickly turning pages, breathless with anticipation. An exhilarating read for lovers of science fiction, action thrillers, and suspense, as well as anyone who enjoys an absorbing, entertaining book.”
~~©2005 Christy Tillery French, Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


“...Mr. Wilder offers a diverse writing style, offering something for everyone from highly advanced technological theory to every day events like celebrating a victory with a bottle of champagne to the mundane of a character needing to turn in early because of when they need to get up in the morning. He takes this ability to appeal to a variety of readers to even include teens with some of the astronomically related discussions as well as the language used. It is the rare author who can speak to such a broad spectrum of ages as well as across gender and race.”
~~Reviewed by Gina for Love Romances


“...Impact Vector is a thrilling science fiction adventure. Debut author Daniel Wilder does a wonderful job of bringing this story to life within the pages of the book. We have more than our fair share of bad guys in this story, along with some really wonderful good guys. The story doesn’t bog down in scientific details, or believe me, I would have been totally lost. The plots and subplots race along to the thrilling conclusion of the story and kept me turning pages way beyond my normal bedtime. The characters are all very well written and the emotions they engage are exactly what they should be. This is one story you don’t want to miss!”
~~Reviewed by Chere Gruver for PNR Reviews


“...Daniel Wilder will wow you with his knowledge of space and technology. Coupled with the quick wit of character, Carlos, you will instantly feel sorry for Miguel's plight to escape The Commission and to do right by the world. Even with the details of his extraordinary nature, I found myself rooting for him till the end. The plot is fast paced and tension filled until the culmination. With scenery spanning from the heat of Uganda to the cold landscape of space, Impact Vector will keep you turning the pages of a story that could very well be a reality.”
~~Reviewed by C.C. at Lighthouse Literary Reviews


“...Impact Vector is closely plotted, with great attention to detail. Everything builds and hangs together, never missing a dot or a detail. Mr. Wilder is excellent at thumbnail characterization. Within moments of meeting Rachel, Dr. Giles, Carlos, Nyatui, and several others, I felt a connection with each of them. At times, the story's suspense falters and loses immediacy, as the author ‘tells’ rather than ‘shows’ what happened, but this a minor problem in a really good book.
I recommend Impact Vector quite strongly, even for those picky science fiction readers who like to pick apart the plot. I'm prone to doing that myself, and I thoroughly enjoyed Impact Vector.”
~~Jeanette Cottrell, Reviewer for eBook Reviews Weekly

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ISBN: 1593745338
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593745332
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 322
Paper Weight (lb): 13.6

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