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Hocus Pocus
Spellbound Trilogy Book 1

Rhonda Plummer
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Taking his father’s request to play “I Spy” seriously, Dr. Cole Young sets out to prove that his over-the-hill uncle’s sexy, young, vivacious fiancée is using hypnosis to swindle men out of their money. Believing himself too smart to be hypnotized, Cole poses as a client to uncover her scam.

Ginger Prescott, a gifted medium and hypnotherapist is used to clients with problems ranging from serious to sublimely ridiculous. But she has never dealt with a client whose touch sends electrical currents up her arm, has her mind wondering beyond the client/therapist relationship and who obviously isn’t who she thought he was.

With help from a three hundred year old spell, a meddling aunt’s haphazard approach to magic and a few mischievous spirits, Ginger opens Cole’s soul to new wonders as love conquers all.


Outskirts of London, 1700

She was old, tired, with bones that creaked and a back that bowed.

As she cast a dozen and one willow twigs within the circle of truth etched upon the hard packed earth, her green eyes gone hazy with age reached into the future. Life was a twisting maze of choices, some good, some bad and some indifferent. Ignoring the good and the indifferent, she concentrated on the bad, the ones that affected her, hers and the future.

With an old burlap satchel holding the herbs needed, she lowered her old body before the open pit fire and waited for the apex of the full moon. Having cast aside fancy words and rhyming verses many years before, she spoke to the Gods with heartfelt words.

“God of my soul, have mercy on this old woman for being blinded by a mother’s love. From this day forward what the Gods have decreed will not be left to chance but tutored through divine visions. With the coming of the first shed blood, the female of my bloodline will know her calling. With truth to self, she will gather her power, live her power, trust her power and use the power in a manner that will honor her soul, her Gods, her truths.

“Within the shadows of dream, her soul will touch the soul created to join with her for all eternity. When the Gods deem the time is right they will meet, test their strengths, learn their weaknesses. Sparks will fly, honor tested, as they learn, accept or deny the true meaning of love, trust, and companionship.

“If a maiden slumbers with any other than her chosen mate, abuses her power or neglects her power, the power will be torn from her without mercy. Have mercy on their souls. As I say so shall it be.”

Chapter 1

JFK Airport—April 1, 2005

The unmistakable stench saturated the stale air. As warm liquid quickly seeped into Cole’s khaki slacks from crotch level downward, he watched a puddle of the curdled milk drip off the pointed toe of one snakeskin boot.

“Oh, I am so sorry, here let me help.” Thrusting a crying baby into his arms, the mother franticly rubbed at his crotch with a damp white washcloth as her pint-sized sons stood close by making gagging sounds.

Cole gritted his teeth. “Ma’am, why don’t you give me the rag?”

“But the…”

“Ma’am, trust me, I’m a big boy. I can wipe off my own pants.”

Realization came in one big rush—snickers from a few male travelers and her tomato red blush came a moment later.

“Ma’am, it’s fine. Really.” Handing over the baby, Cole made a hasty retreat.

Exiting the restroom, he paid no attention to the crush of people as he stopped to listen to the crackling intercom. “Departure time for flight 6399 from JFK to Dallas has been rescheduled for 8 P.M. Boarding will begin at 7:30.”

With the aroma of sour milk clinging to him like cheap cologne, Cole vetoed the idea of going to the bar to drown his frustration in an ice-cold beer.

As Cole approached the crowded waiting area, the young woman’s sons ignored her flustered protests as they made a mad dash towards him.

“Mister, are you a real cowboy? Mom said maybe you were ’cause of your snakeskin cowboy boots.”

Not wanting to be ignored, his younger brother shoved him with his shoulder. Tilting their heads back, the boys looked into blue eyes that appeared to be a mile away.

“Bobby said you skinned the rattlesnake for your boots while he was still alive. My dad could do that. He flies jets off a big ship.” Demonstrating a plane taking off with his hand, the boy added, “When he comes home, I’m gonna have him kill me a rattlesnake. Did ya know you still stink like barf? My name’s Billy, what’s yours?”

Offering his large hand, Cole said, “Glad to meet you Billy. My name is Cole Young. My brother might disagree, but yes, I’m a cowboy.”

“Mom, he really is a cowboy and he shook my hand. Guess what, he has a brother. And he still stinks like barf,” Billy yelled as he dashed across the walkway to stand in front of his mother.

“I loved Hocus Pocus! The three sisters are funny, intelligent, strong women who are not ashamed of who they are. They have been given incredible gifts and bear tremendous responsibilities for using these gifts wisely. Cole and his family are also strong, caring, loyal people who watch out for their family members. I really enjoyed not only the main characters in this story but many of the secondary characters are fun to, especially some of the “spirits!” Ms.
Plummer is a talented story teller and I can’t wait to read the stories of the other sisters in this series. If you are looking for an intriguing romantic suspense filled with not only action, mystery, and romance but also humor, you will not be disappointed in Hocus Pocus!” 5 Angels and a Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read! Reviewed by: Stephanie B. Fallen Angel Reviews


4 Roses, Highly Recommended! “I like “Hocus Pocus.” I mean I REALLY like “Hocus Pocus.” This is a fun read on so many levels. The women are awesome, amusing, and adorable in their love and teasing of each other. The men are smart, sexy in their normalcy, and totally baffled by the women they love. I even like the romance aspect of the story. Reading “Hocus Pocus” is like watching two people you know belong with each other discover their love in spite of themselves.

Rhonda Plummer has crafted a story that is completely believable. She has written with a simple straightforward style that’s filled with humour and love. I want more! Thank Heaven for book two: “Abracadabra Book 2: the Spellbound Trilogy.” Read them in order or in your own order, any way is a great way.

Don’t miss Rhonda Plummer’s “Spellbound Trilogy.” Christine I Speakman, The Muse Book Reviews


“I really enjoyed Hocus Pocus and as it is the first of a trilogy, greatly look forward to reading the next two books. The story was paced very well, you have plenty of time to get to know the characters, see what makes them tick and develop a connection with them. Really, the only thing I can say that I had an issue with was a part of Ms. Plummer’s writing style. Sometimes things could get confusing because scenes or parts within a scene did not seem to be connected very well. A character would be doing something and suddenly be in a totally different room or different scene without any real connection between the two. Aside from that, I adored the story and am anticipating the next one!” Becky, Bitten By Books Reviews

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ISBN: 1593748067
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593748067
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 374
Paper Weight (lb): 15.4

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