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His Other Wife
Margaret Blake
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Roxie does not want Saul to discover her secret past. She knows she should have nothing to do with him, but she cannot stop herself from being attracted to him. There is her son Josh to consider, too…he needs a strong man in his life, and Saul Hetherington is that kind of man. Perhaps her secret will never be revealed…if she is very careful.

A passionate love story about two people who are opposites, but who are irresistibly drawn to one another!

“I just don’t understand it,” Carla Hetherington said for about the fourth time. This time she glared at her eldest son who was lounging by the fireplace, his elbow resting on the marble mantle as if he had not a care in the world. But that was just like Saul.

“What’s to understand?” Saul murmured. “My brother left a small legacy to a woman.” He shrugged. “So what? And knowing Fabio, it shouldn’t be at all surprising.”

“How dare you.”

Saul raised an eyebrow at her. She looked flushed and agitated. Had he actually forgotten that Fabio— or fabulous Fabio as she always called him—had been her favourite child? He was the one, like his name, who seemed more Italian than English. Like his mother, he had been slim and dark and impossibly good looking.

“Sorry,” Saul conceded, and he was. Now was not the time to speak the truth about Fabio, to remind his mother that Fabio had been fond of women and la dolce vita! “But it isn’t as if he has left Roxie Rawson all his money, just a small legacy.”

“Roxie Rawson…even the name makes me shudder. She sounds like one of those tap dancers at a men’s club.”

“I think you mean lap dancer…”

“Well, you would know,” she snapped.

Saul did not respond. Maybe she was a lap dancer. Knowing Fabio, that would not be a surprise, but his mother was right to be worried. It was upsetting for Louisa, his brother’s widow. She was confused. They had been married only eighteen months and suddenly Fabio was dead. He had wrapped his car around a tree in Tuscany. Louisa had not even known her husband was in Tuscany and she had certainly not known he had known a Roxie Rawson so well he had bequeathed her ten thousand pounds. It was not a drop in the ocean either. Fabio was not wealthy…comfortable would be more like it. He was really just starting to make his way in the world.

“What are you going to do about it?” Carla demanded.

He supposed he would have to do something. Louisa could not be expected to look for this Roxie Rawson. She was devastated. His mother would claim fragility, although he knew she was about as fragile as a piece of Tuscan marble.

“You have the contacts and know how to do it,” Carla insisted, managing to make it sound like an insult. “You find her…I suppose you’ll have to pay her?”

“Yes, the will is valid. The lawyer suggests advertising, but I think I’ll do it my way.”

“Do it quickly. I want it over with. And I need not tell you to keep this…this Roxie person out of our lives. You can insist on that.”

“I think this Roxie person is out of our lives, period. I don’t think she is a recent manifestation,” Saul murmured.

“Talented author Margaret Blake tells an interesting tale of two people from diverse backgrounds trying to work out their problems. There are secrets on all sides and an ex wife who has designs on Owen added to the mix. A tale with warmth, laughter and shared pain that the reader will definitely experience. You will enjoy meeting the complex, very real characters. This is a romance that rises above the usual plot. For the reader who likes a little spice in their reading, the love scenes seem to be belong in the story, something that often isn't the case. I'm pleased to recommend this tale to any romance fan. Enjoy. I did.” Anne K. Edwards, mysteryfiction.net


“I enjoyed HIS OTHER WIFE. The characters felt real to me. I loved Saul and the way he kept after the prickly Roxie. Josh was the perfect child—a little man looking out for his mother yet yearning for the guidance and presence of a man. Roxie’s defensiveness felt true to me, with self-doubt and insecurities from her unstable childhood popping up at the worst times. Roxie’s secret surprised me. Good job Ms. Blake!” Kris Jones, Romance Junkies Reviews


“What first struck me about this story is the story line itself. It was refreshingly unique and very pleasant to read. It is a true blue romance, but unlike any that you have ever read before!
Margaret Blake does a wonderful job with her characters. They are easy to fall in love with. The romance between Roxie and Saul is exhilarating to read about, but it is the story as to how they came to meet that was my favorite. Imagine finding out that your husband had a secret that he kept all this time. I don’t think I could bear it, but it sure was fun to read about it! I would recommend this story to any romance lovers out there. This will definitely be a memorable read!” Reviewed by Ashley Merrill, Front Street Reviews

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ISBN: 1603133531
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603133531
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 202
Paper Weight (lb): 8.6

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