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Highland Rebel
Loren Teague
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Set during the eighteenth century, Highland Rebel is the story of three people thrown together during a Highland rebellion - Lizzie Lindsay, daughter of a brutally slain minister; Ewan Cameron, a Clan Chief, on the run with a price on his head, and David Jamieson, an unwilling soldier in the King's army. Forming a strong bond of friendship, a love triangle ensues. When the obsessed and unscrupulous army officer, Major Ulverston, attempts to destroy Ewan Cameron and his family, the trio embark on a perilous journey from the Highlands of Scotland to frontier America – and to a destiny they could never have imagined.

The Highlands, Scotland 1746

He wasn’t dead, or was he? Ewan Cameron sat up slowly, trying to ease the stiffness from his body. Flexing his arms, he bit back a grunt of pain. His left forearm was deeply bruised where it had been struck by the butt of a redcoat’s musket, but the soldier had come off far worse. He had died under the Highlander’s blade.

The Highlander stood, wrapped his feileadh mhor around his body and fixed it in place with his belt of leather. Then he gathered his shoulder-length brown hair and tied it with a thin thong from the same hide. But with movement came images, brief, but startling in their intensity. The figures he had denied during the wee hours of darkness taunted him as if his memory was playing a cruel game. Men locked in battle, others in death’s embrace, spectres unleashed while steel clashed against steel. Cannon fire boomed, and the acrid smell of gunpowder lingered, stinking in his nostrils until he could almost swear the ghosts around him were indeed his kinfolk.

And that he now walked among the dead.

He tried to block from his mind the events of the past few days—and for a few seconds, he almost succeeded but the pain, which had bided its time overnight, snaked upwards from his gut and tightened relentlessly around his throat. And because he couldn’t help himself, his gaze was drawn to the east, and to the memory of the men he had left behind.

He closed his eyes as if to shut out their faces and his hands covered his ears to shut out their cries. But it made no difference. The sounds would be with him until eternity claimed him.

His gaze settled on the mountains where he’d sought refuge. Snow crowned the high ridges and lay in glistening lacy patches along the slopes. The wind blew, winding its way through the rocks, then unexpectedly gusting, sending chills racing across his body. He tried to ignore the numbing cold—but it was impossible.

The Highlander’s hand shook as he reached for his broad sword that lay in the heather where he had slept. It was light, made of fine tempered steel. This was no slim court rapier, but a Highland broad sword with a basket hilt that was true to its master’s hand; solid, dependable and resilient, like those who had fought by his side at Culloden.

After a few deep breaths, he steadied himself as he stood erect, and slipped the sword securely into its leather scabbard.

His horse whinnied loudly, bringing a welcome distraction. She was nervous, her nostrils flaring. She was ready for flight. He reached out a hand to gentle her and leaned against her neck making soft sounds.

“Easy, lass,” he murmured. “We’ll soon find somewhere where you can rest. Somewhere warm.” She nuzzled him eagerly. He patted her rump and circled her to make certain she was fit. “At least you’ve no bumps or grazes.” Nothing that would give her discomfort. Her lack of wounds had been a miracle considering the ferocity of the battle.

He reached into his deer hide bag for some oatmeal and he gave her a handful. Then for himself, he lifted out a small birch wood bowl and filled it with water from a spring, scattered the oatmeal across the top and mixed it quickly. The dramach was cold to eat but that didn’t worry him. It brought to mind the last meal he shared with his two younger brothers, Duncan and Jamie, on the eve before the battle. Now they were missing, perhaps even lying dead on the moor, slaughtered, because the Hanoverian army had taken no prisoners. His beloved father, injured during the battle, might have lived if the soldiers had shown some mercy. But a dragoon, under orders, had used his musket, thrusting the bayonet deep into his father’s chest.

My father is dead. Pain shot into his heart.

Highland Rebel is a rare gem and truly stands out as a brilliant historical romance.’

Virginia Lewis Romance Designs


Highland Rebel is a wonderful story of love and sacrifice. You can actually see the highlands in your mind’s eye. Smell the flowers and see the awesome castles in the background. I highly recommend reading this inspiring story of love and triumph.

Debbie Fallen Angel Reviews


‘In the flavour of the Last of the Mohicans and Braveheart, Loren Teague delivers an engaging adventure romance steeped in the rich history of her Scottish homeland. A classical read with the touch of a tempered steel broadsword.’

Pauline De Lury Greymouth Evening Star New Zealand


"Ms. Teague has written an action filled plot, which kept this reviewer turning the pages well into the night. It is a tale that brings the past to life, building a vivid word picture of the terrible cruelty. The outcome is a love triangle for the main characters that drives a wedge into a close friendship. The story was easy to follow as the characters were so interesting, despite so much happening. The main conflict was fascinating as the villain seems to verge on the edge of madness. The tone is in many shades of light and darkness, with plenty of energy, pace and depth. The secondary characters were also well drawn and often played a pivotal part in the plot.

The journey to America was written with skill, and brought the voyage to life with wonderful descriptions. The story was fresh and very different compared to recent tales in the genre. The love stories were dealt with in a way that was relevant to the period, making it more believable. Continuity was maintained and the story’s structure was built around a believable plot. I hope the adventures of Mhairi will be resolved in another book."

Reviewed by Pam 4 1/2 hearts, Love Romances


‘A thoroughly absorbing read, Highland Rebel combines a wicked and wild adventure across two continents with a heart-felt love story. Obviously well researched, it captures the reader’s mind with vivid prose and a well constructed, twisting plot. Very satisfying, it is historical romance at its finest.’
Reviewed by Conor Quinn - New Zealand Writers’ E-zine - www.nzwriters.co.nz


Even after defeat at the Battle of Culloden, every Highlander's heart still beats for the return of their true king. This story takes the reader on a bittersweet journey through the harsh reality of war, loss, sacrifice, and love. As the characters confront the injustices dealt to the defeated, they rely on each other and their own inner strength to see themselves through to the end. This reviewer gladly recommends this well-written and well-researched novel.
Debra Rodensky - Historical Novel Society - www.historicalnovelsociety.org

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ISBN: 1593744455
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593744450
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 318
Paper Weight (lb): 13.4

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