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Hiding In Plain Sight
Barbara Goodwin
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Senior flight attendant Judy Winston is on the wrong flight at the wrong time when hijackers try to take over her airplane while it’s still parked at the gate. During the evacuation, she’s abruptly thrown down the emergency slide by DEA agent Chase Danton.

Chase has seen enough in his lifetime. He watches the brave flight attendant save the passengers—now he has to save her. The DEA suspects that a ring of airline employees are smuggling drugs on flights and Agent Danton recruits Judy to go undercover at her airline.

Who is the ringleader? It must be someone high up in the airline…

Chase’s demanding, no-nonsense attitude grates on Judy. Strong-willed, she won’t bend to his demands—or will she?

When the drug smugglers find where Judy’s been Hiding In Plain Sight, Chase vows to protect her as they fall into a highly-charged, passionate and dangerous love affair.

Flight attendant Judy Winston heard shouts and screams ring through the aircraft cabin. She flinched then peeked around the aft bulkhead. Three men in black ski masks spread throughout the back cabin waving guns.

“On the floor. Now,” the men shouted. “And don’t make any stupid moves.”

Oh God, it’s a hijacking. She had to do something, had to help. She had to evacuate as many passengers as possible.

Good thing they were still boarding. With forced calm, Judy steadied her breathing.
An older man in seat 39C, just behind her back, whispered, “Miss, does the pilot know—”

“Shhh,” she answered. Reaching over, she pushed the round emergency exit button, locking the slide to the aircraft floor and held her breath as she waited for the emergency door to spring open. God help them all if this didn’t work.

The aft left door to the 767 airplane rose into the ceiling with a whine. Judy winced at the loud hissing noise as the yellow slide inflated in two seconds. She hoped the screams from the passengers would block any noise she made, and she ducked behind the bulkhead. It wouldn’t help to get shot before she could save anybody.

Thirty years of training kicked in. Judy ignored her racing heart; she had no time to give in to fear.

Looking back up the aisle, she saw the hijackers facing the other way. A small group of passengers had captured their attention by not obeying their orders fast enough. Don’t hurt them, she prayed.

Judy grabbed a woman in jeans and a white t-shirt and pushed her toward the open door. She motioned for her to jump into the slide. Not waiting to see if the woman made it safely to the bottom, she started a slow trickle of passengers down the slide. Shouts from the hijackers and cries from the passengers gave Judy a few precious seconds to save one or two more passengers.

“Silence,” one of the hijackers screamed. He fired a burst of gunfire into the ceiling and through the windows. The passengers had crouched down next to their seats, making it difficult to see how many were left onboard.

Judy gave a brief prayer of thanks that she’d been in the aft galley setting up for the upcoming flight when this started. She wouldn’t have been able to help any of the passengers escape otherwise.

She peeked around the divider once more and saw the men pushing their guns into the other flight attendants’ faces while they shoved them down the aisle.

“Move to the center of the airplane,” one hijacker yelled.

Judy hoped that a few of her co-workers had been able to open a forward door and get some people out. She knew the pilots had slammed the bulletproof cockpit door closed and escaped through the windows, down the ropes provided for just that situation.

“Goddamnit,” a hijacker hollered. “A back door is open. The passengers are escaping.” He ran to the back of the airplane.

A strong push shoved Judy out of the airplane. She screamed. She almost missed the slide but gripped a handhold at the last minute and hung on. Her legs flailed in the air as she struggled to climb onto the rubbery material. Above her head she heard scuffling and shouts. She glanced up as a hulking man barreled out of the door, disconnecting and pulling the top of the slide over him in one motion. As the slide fell to the ground he covered himself from the sight of the hijackers.

Judy scrambled to get up and get away. In one smooth motion the man grabbed her and rolled onto his back. Protected from the brunt of his weight, he hauled her under the airplane.

On the ground, the mechanics, cabin cleaners, baggage handlers, caterers and other airport workers scurried to safety. Windows shattered in the terminal. Terrified passengers screamed and wailed as they ran away from the flying glass and bullets.

Judy’s every nerve strained to the breaking point—she fought to get away. She would not let a terrorist capture her. Kicking and pushing, she kneed the man in his stomach.

“The nightmare does not end for flight attendant Judy Winston when the hostage ordeal she finds herself in the middle of is over. Six months later, she is the target of people who want to kill her and the DEA wants her to go undercover to expose a drug smuggling operation that is using her airline for their deadly business. Before she has time to hardly breathe, Judy's life is transformed and she is partnered with a very attractive, younger agent who makes it all too clear that he'd love to be partners on a less professional basis, when the danger is past. If Judy is not careful, though, that time will never come.

There are not many books like this. For one thing, the hero and heroine are both past the ingénue ages at forty one and fifty one, and another, though there is some relationship angst, they don't waste pages and pages, not to mention our time, making it the focal point. With a fast pace, good plot, and plausible characterizations, this is an all around winner.” –Amanda Kilgore, Independent Reviewer


“Hiding in Plain Sight is like a thrill ride. This action-packed story will keep readers on the edge of their seat. Barbara Goodwin uses just the right amount of humor to lighten the suspense. Car chases, bullets, dogs, and romance make for a good read.” 4 Stars, action packed! Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com


“From the first sentence Barbara Goodwin's Hiding in Plain Sight is an adrenaline rush of action packed, nonstop excitement for both Judy Winston and the readers fortunate enough to join her on her journey. There are a number of twists, turns and adventures in this book: it is one adventure after the other with Judy managing to make it from one day to the next -- somehow. For what is supposed to be an author's first novel, Hiding in Plain Sight is an exceptional result. If this is the quality of work Ms. Goodwin is able to deliver her first time, I can not wait to read her next book.”
- Reviewed by Mickey Simply Romance Reviews


“If you enjoy mystery, shoot 'em ups, above average characters and something different in a story, this is a book you will definitely enjoy. I'm pleased to recommend this tale by talented author Barbara Goodwin to any reader who enjoys a good read. Enjoy. I did.” - Anne K. Edwards, Mysteryfiction.net


4 Books! “Action will keep you intrigued with this super novel, but it’s the characters you will remember. Chase really is that everyman's hero, and anybody would want to be courageous (and smart) Judy. Dialogue is plausible and fast, and all the background details seem correct enough to be completely unobtrusive.” Reviewed by Snapdragon, The Long And Short Of It Reviews

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ISBN: 1603131175
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603131179
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 266
Paper Weight (lb): 11.2

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