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The Grant
Donna McGillivray
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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After bailing on an arranged merger/marriage, wealthy socialite Stacy Harrington runs away to Arizona with her best friend, Amy, to find a life for herself. There she finds a job as a manager in training at the prodigious Grant Resort where she meets Brad Thomas, the son of the owner of THE GRANT, who is working incognito to learn the business from the ground up, and his best friend, Ryan. Neither knowing the real identity of the other, they became fast friends and along with Amy and Ryan, soon form the trainee club.
The Grant is a story of two young people, together with their best friends, who are all searching for their own identities. A story of adventure, leaving home, losing virginity, discovering abilities and strengths, an airplane crash, amnesia, gaining wealth and putting your priorities in order. A story of devotion, not only to your friends and each other, but to yourself as well. Four young people who find life and love and happily ever after at THE GRANT RESORT in Tucson, Arizona.

Stacy opened the passenger side door of the sporty red Jaguar and slid out before James was halfway around to open it for her. “Goodnight, James!” she said sternly.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in, Stacy? It’s early yet,” he whined.

“No, James, I have a headache and Amy’s home. With only six days left before the wedding, I think I need my rest.”

“Very well, but don’t think I’ll have that lowlife insinuating herself into our lives and being around my home once we’ve married.”

James was in a snit. They had argued earlier, but he was choosing the wrong time and the wrong subject to get into a snit about. Stacy turned so abruptly, her long blonde tresses slapped her face as she returned to mere inches from James’ and said, “Now you listen to me, James. Amy is my friend, and not you or anyone else is going to take her away from me.” With that said, Stacy turned again and stormed into the guest cottage of her parents’ palatial home, leaving James shocked and gaping.

Stacy was angrier than she’d ever been in her life. Mild-mannered, polite James had suddenly become a tyrant. Earlier in the evening, he’d informed her that she would not be pursuing a career. She would be too busy with his home and family.

Amy was stretched out on the sofa munching popcorn and reading a mystery book. “Did you have a nice evening, Stace?” she asked.

Stacy huffed and muttered to herself as she paced the floor. How could James be such a snob? How dare he call Amy a lowlife? Amy was beautiful, smart, loyal and funny. Her father had raised Amy after her mother had left home with another man when Amy was only two years old. She had buried her father just two weeks after she graduated from high school with a full scholarship to Harvard. She’d studied and worked several part-time jobs and still managed to graduate with a 3.8 grade point average.

“Stace, will you stop pacing and tell me what’s wrong?”

“Come on, I need you to help me pack.” Stacy had just made a sudden, monumental decision.

“You’re already packed for your honeymoon, Stace, there’s nothing left to do.”

“Well, there isn’t going to be a honeymoon because there won’t be a wedding. I’m leaving!” Stacy stalked into the bedroom, pulled a suitcase down from the closet and began tossing out her trousseau and throwing in jeans and underwear. “Mr. James Thomas Donavan, hotshot attorney, thinks I’m going to forgo my career to stay in his home and raise his children and entertain his clients and his colleagues and take care of him, all in the name of furthering his career. What about me?” she shouted. “What did he think I was studying all those years at Harvard? Pregnancy and childcare? Or perhaps, how to set the table correctly, or choose the perfect invitation?” Stacy was running out of steam. She looked at Amy, who was barely suppressing a smile, and burst out crying.

“Oh, Amy, I’m so tired of being Janet and Charles Blair’s pampered little girl. I’ve spent my entire life trying to please everyone. They’ve expected me to marry James for as long as I can remember and me being the dutiful daughter, convinced myself I was in love with him. I didn’t realize until tonight that James is a male chauvinist snob. My parents want a merger, not a marriage.” Stacy continued her verbal outrage as tears streamed down her face. “My dad with his textile empire, can’t wait for me to marry the son of the furniture tycoon of North America. They’ll make a killing merging those two companies. Well, I won’t stand for it!” Stacy stamped her foot for emphasis. “I have a right to be happy, too. My parents have more money than they’ll ever be able to spend in a lifetime and, thanks to my grandmother, so do I. So, I’m leaving.” Stacy wiped the tears off her cheeks and raising her head, smiled weakly at her friend.

Amy hugged her best friend in comfort. “So what are your plans? What are you going to do now?”

Ms. McGillivray has written a fascinating look into the day to day running of a luxury resort and the training necessary to do a good job combined with a great romance. This reviewer was quickly absorbed by the appealing characters and in fact, finished the book in one setting. THE GRANT features classic plot lines of following one's heart, love at first sight, and hard work paying off, and they are presented in a manner that is fresh and exciting rather than trite and overuse, while the love scenes were wildly romantic and very tastefully done.
Reviewed by: Leah At: Love Romances


The Grant by Donna McGillivray is a fascinating and emotion packed contemporary that enthralls the reader from the first page. I cannot praise this book high enough, and once again Ms. McGillivray has penned a fantastic novel that encompasses everything a contemporary romance needs. Love, adventure and discovering what is most important in life, your loved ones.
Reviewed by: Cheryl At eCataromance


Follow four young adults on their journey through life and love... With each character searching for independence, working out their priorities, and looking towards the future, readers will find it easy to get caught up in this heartwarming story of family, friendship, and love. Drawn in from the opening scene, it was almost too easy to share in their sense of adventure for all that awaits down the road and become engrossed in the drama that unfolds in these four characters' lives. It was also gratifying to watch them all mature and endure their struggles together, effectively making The Grant a story with the ability to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. If anything, the pages flew by too quickly.
Reviewed by: Jan Fallen Angels Reviews

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ISBN: 1593745419
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593745417
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 184
Paper Weight (lb): 8.0

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