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The Gift Of Sun
Hamet's Awakening Book 1

Lee Ann Ward
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Raised by thieves in the streets of ancient Egypt, seventeen-year-old Hamet has successfully made a respectable life and name for himself in the palace of Pharaoh Seti I, who rescued the young man from the clutches of vicious Libyans during a time of war. Hamet daily performs the duty of wash boy, bathing and grooming the aging Seti. He lives in the servants’ quarters with Keati, his beloved wife, and under the control of Throut, the Pharaoh’s gruff vizier and highest governing official.

When Keati is brutally murdered, Hamet never expects the swift, but necessary alliance that forms between himself and Ramses, the Pharaoh’s visionary son and co-ruler of Egypt. Together this unlikely pair must race against time to unravel the evil deeds of Throut and save their civilization from the tyrants determined to destroy it.

“The sun’s up, Hamet. You must go. Pharaoh’s waiting for you.”

“He can wait a little longer for his morning toilet. He likes the handmaidens better than me anyway. You should see the way he pushes out his chest after being close to them, Keati.”

“Our good king may cut out your tongue for speaking about him that way, Hamet.”

“Pharaoh has no use for my tongue.”

“I agree.” The young woman laughed. “It’s much too sharp.”

“Well, what about you? Do you have any use for my tongue?” Hamet scooped her into his eager arms and playfully kissed her throat.

“I suppose your tongue can be useful.” Keati giggled and laced her arms around Hamet’s bronze neck, giving in to his shower of kisses.

“I have an idea,” Hamet schemed. “I’ll send word to Pharaoh that I’m ill, then we can try to find more uses for my tongue.”

“I see,” Keati replied, “and will you also send word that I’m too ill to prepare his bread today?”

Hamet sighed, pressing a final kiss on Keati’s red, powdered lips. “No, I suppose no one would believe us.”

“I think you’re right, Hamet. But, I’ll be waiting for you tonight when you return.”

“Then, the day will be long and torturous for both of us.”

Keati brushed her cheek along Hamet’s callused hand and pressed her lips into his palm. “Just go, and may the god Amon-Ra find favor with you today.”

“Ah, find favor with me,” Hamet winked, tugging at the right side of his ill-fitting loincloth and dragging a clean, heavy basin behind him. “I’m off to the quarters of the king. Another day of washing the divine flesh of Seti, as the great Amon-Ra laughs at my indignity.”

* * * *

5 Beacon Review, Lighthouse Literary Reviews

The gifted talents of Ms. Ward has indeed created a story that this reader felt spoke in volumes with intense mesmerizing action. Hamlet emits an overwhelming emotion that can be felt in every page. With a dastardly madman, worse than Satan himself, out to disgrace the Pharaoh, as he takes advantage of his government power to get anything he requests, this read weaves with great exhilaration. Ms. Ward incorporates hate, betrayal, lies, demons and death that will stop at nothing to attain their desires in a magnificent read that shows no matter how devious a person may be, the true friendship and determination that Ramses and Hamlet held in their relation proves that sometimes good can indeed conquer any evil. This captivating story left a lasting impression with this reader.


5 Angels and a Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read! "Many books leave a lasting impression with a reader. This is one such book. While entertaining, it is also enlightening. Set in such an intriguing place in history, it allows a peek into the day to day lives of ancient Egyptians. The action in this story is fast and furious, and the comradeship between a Pharaoh's son and a peasant is heartwarming. The pair battle together without regard for their positions in the household. They are bound together by something more important than blood, and they work diligently to save their people. I enjoyed the way their relationship is portrayed with the unlikely duo, highlighting the fact that even two young men can change the course of history. The Gift of
Sun: Hamet's Awakening Book 1 is a wonderful read. I very much look forward to reading Book 2, which I hope is in the works. This world Ms. Ward has created, and the original characters she's placed in it, are far too ingenious to leave behind. I loved this book. 5 Angels and a Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read!" -Marlene, Fallen Angel Reviews

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ISBN: 1593744978
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593744977
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 248
Paper Weight (lb): 10.4

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