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Fire And Ice
Brenda Nyveld
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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When Scott Clinton finds himself at Maddy Harrison’s small farm on an icy winter night, he has no idea he’ll spend the next several days with the sexy lady. Scott found himself running away from his past only to find himself facing up to it as he helps Maddy overcome her own painful memories.

As Maddy struggles with having to share her precious private space with the famous and very wealthy Scott Clinton, she also finds herself fighting the mounting passion she feels for him. How can he be any different than the man she loved and trusted? Wouldn’t Scott betray her sooner or later?

As their attraction grows to the boiling point, Scott struggles with his own demons while he teaches Maddy to love again. All true love stories are supposed to have a happy ending yet there doesn’t seem to be one in the future for these two lovers. Or is there?

Maddy Harrison woke with a start when she heard a loud thud. The ice storm had begun the night before and pellets continued to slam against her bedroom window as she lay awake in the dark.

Had she really heard something? Maybe it was another branch falling off the old maple tree in the yard.

Just as Maddy closed her eyes, another thump sounded against the house. It seemed to be coming from downstairs and this time, she heard what sounded like a muffled curse. The wind whistled eerily around the house as the ice pellets ticked heavily on the tin of the badly insulated roof.

As independent as Maddy fancied herself to be, there was always a niggling fear at night. Perhaps it was because of her penchant for horror flicks, maybe it was due to her family’s concern for her safety. Her father’s voice echoed in her head at night.

As a woman alone in God’s country, are you really safe?

Her imagination took over where her father’s voice stopped. While the community in the surrounding area was a sleepy one, the fear a horrific murder would put it on the map was never far from Maddy’s thoughts. She was a single woman, well, divorced anyway, living on her own. Horrible things always happened to woman like her on stormy nights, didn’t they? At least they did according to Stephen King.

Maddy screwed up what little courage she had and reached for the oil lamp beside the bed. She fumbled in the dark for the matches and lit the lamp.

The stairs creaked beneath her feet as she ventured carefully down to the kitchen. She held the lamp out ahead of her as though it just might shield her from harm. At the very least, she’d see harm coming her way.

Maddy glanced at the old cookstove in the far corner of the kitchen. Flames licked against the charred window. It was still burning strong, an indication she had not been in bed long before she heard the sound.

Maddy jumped when she heard another thud…and this time, the unmistakable curse of someone, a male, at the door. Her heart hammered with fear. She dashed to the cookstove and retrieved a stick of wood from the small pile beside it and set it down beside the door.

Her hand trembled as she fumbled with the knob and slowly turned it as she pulled the door open.

“Who’s there?” Maddy’s voice squeaked as she peered out into the darkness.

“I’m down here,” the dusky male voice answered.

Maddy lowered the lantern and saw the man lying on the cement floor of her porch. He didn’t look very menacing as he laid spread eagle at her feet. She couldn’t make out much of his body other than the black dress shoes that gleamed in the lamplight near the door.

“Who are you?” Maddy asked urgently. “What do you want?”

“Scott Clinton,” he answered. “My car is in the ditch up the road and I need to use your phone.”

Maddy’s fear subsided as the man grappled on the ice. His shoes, the only thing she’d really seen so far, had no treads and he fumbled as he made an attempt to rise.

This was the mass murderer who was going to kill her in her bed? She made a feeble attempt to stifle the giggle rising in her chest.

The man was clearly annoyed. “If you don’t mind, I could really use some help here.” He shuffled around so she could see him in the dim light. Maddy’s heart constricted when she saw his handsome face.

“Do you have any idea what time it is?” Maddy asked coldly. “What the heck are you doing out on a night like this anyway?”

A grimace sounded in his voice. “I was trying to get to Ottawa,” he told her.
“Don’t you listen to the weather forecast? There’s an ice storm. They’re calling it the ‘storm of the century’. The Ottawa area has been under a state of emergency for several hours.”

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ISBN: 1593744218
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593744212
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 153
Paper Weight (lb): 6.8

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