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An Anthology Of Horror And Suspense

WCP Authors
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FEAR is an entity all on its own. It seeps into your blood, makes your heart freeze, and causes the unspeakable cold chills you just can't deny...

FEAR can whisk in silently on God-like wings and seduce you. It can trail your every step with dogged stealth in disguise and infuse a house with a vengeful spirit...

FEAR chases you down sidewalks, invades your home, lurks in shrouded corners and on dangerous roads...

When FEAR is present, you do not answer your phone, and keep the lights on as you drift into restless sleep...

FEAR belongs to us all...or do we belong to it?

To learn more about these authors, please visit the individual author pages below:

“Night Crawls In” byNancy Jackson:
Lindsay suffers another night of insomnia where her imagination runs wild, or at least what she hopes is her imagination. As Night Crawls In, her darkest fear comes alive to haunt her with its furry eight legs.

“Possibilities” and “Cara’s Eyes” by Katherine Smith:
Death is a realm unexplored but always present. Looming and relentless, it cares little for the petty woes of the average person, nor does it offer either pity or redemption. Fear is all it acknowledges...

“Frieda Mae” byLinda L. Lattimer:
When a widower remarries to give his two young sons a mother, the new wife isn’t what she appears to be. After she starts to dominate the household, a ghost from the past returns making sure those she left behind do not fall in harms way.

“Crime or Punishment” by Giovanna Lagana:
Poor Chris has been abused and tormented all of his life by none other than his robbing, violent, drug-addicted parents. When a mysterious boogieman begins to haunt him at night after his mother’s death and then falls dead in front of his stepfather’s car, Chris begins to panic. He wonders just how long he has before the boogieman’s prediction comes true and he’ll get what’s coming to him.

“Feathers” by Louise Bohmer:
Garrett has always possessed a natural knack with all things arcane, hidden. But his love for the ancient goddess, Lilith, and the strange owl-child they share, ends his mortal marriage. When Lilith tries to take the owl-child back to the Netherworld—the boy’s rightful home—Garrett protests the loss of his child, and he will do anything to stop Lilith and their offspring from leaving him.

“Vera’s House” by Katherine Smith:
Shelia isn’t greedy; it just seems such a waste to let her grandmother slowly rot away amidst a fortune in antiques and other valuables when a few kind gestures might make Vera leave her everything...
Of course, nothing comes without a price and inheriting the estate isn’t exactly what Shelia imagined. Odd sounds in the night, weird dreams, and the cellar...well, that is enough to give anyone the shivers if they live in Vera’s House.

“Cynophobia” by Janet Mills:
Following her husband’s death, Janie Raycraft’s life has become a daily routine of rising early to catch the weather forecast, going to work, then returning home to an empty house to eat and watch TV alone. When an aggressive dog and a strange man begin to stalk her every move, she longs to return to her quiet existence, even if it means someone has to die to accomplish it.

“Because I Wanted You” by Susan M. Sailors:
Obsessed by words that touched his soul, a young man pursues a woman he knows nothing about, not knowing he is entering a world no one ever returns from. He wants to possess her, but soon she will show him what true possession is.

“Eleven-Thirty Midnight Road” by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson:
A tragic accident took the life of Cathy Rhodes, leaving guilt-stricken friends, Marc and Paula, to pick up the pieces. Now Paula believes Cathy is trying to communicate with her through the Ouija board, and also sees her ghost in a blood-soaked white dress.
Paula’s ex-boyfriend, Andrew, believes Marc is trying to draw Paula into his web of madness. Is Paula losing her mind or has she fallen under the spell of a psychopath? Andrew knows the truth will be revealed tonight on the anniversary of Cathy’s death—Eleven-Thirty Midnight Road.

“The Stick” by Richard A. Satterlie:

"...you will find plenty of horror and suspense in this book and some of the stories will definitely make you shiver. You can read each story separately and even as you try to figure everything out, the endings are still unpredictable...If you like to read stories that will bring your fantasy to life, you won’t be disappointed with this anthology!"
Annick reviewer, Euro-Reviews


"...Fear is many things to many people. For some it is the usual for some it is the unusual. Fear: an Anthology of fear and suspense blends both of these elements and takes you for a ride into the depths of horror and intrigue, leaving you wanting more.
"...Spiders and inner turmoil, the supernatural and monsters all dwell here. Do you dare to enter and look into the face of fear? This is an excellent book to curl up with, with the covers to your chin and the lights on!"

"...The well-written stories and prose will have you seeking out each of these talented and diverse authors."
Reviewed by Lisa Ulibarri (Dark Visions Studio)


"Overall this collection was fantastic. Woven with fearsome tales of murder and mayhem, these authors never failed to terrify and satisfy a lover of mystery and suspense..."

C.C., Lighthouse Literary Reviews

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ISBN: 159374546X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593745462
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 168
Paper Weight (lb): 7.2

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