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Fairy Tales
Mary Eason
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Maggie Monroe might not believe in all that fairy tale stuff, but meeting Jackson Riley certainly made her a believer in love (okay—so maybe it was lust), at first sight. Unfortunately that little reality check hit her like a ton of bricks and had just the opposite effect on Maggie than it would any other red-blooded twenty-five year old woman. Everything that she believed she wanted in life—all of her well thought out future plans—were in some serious jeopardy right about now. Jackson Riley had to be just about the hottest thing around and Maggie, well she was in way over her head with him.

The problem? Well it was clear to Jackson Riley what the problem was. It was five foot two, blond hair, green eyes with the biggest ‘get lost’ attitude he’d ever run across—Maggie Monroe. The solution? What usually worked with most women that got under his skin? Normally, the second they opened their mouths, he lost interest. Unfortunately, that wasn’t working with Maggie Monroe. Everything Jackson found out about her only made him that much more interested in her and spelled nothing but trouble for his weekly schedule of dating Austin’s most beautiful women. For the chance to get to know the real Maggie Monroe beyond her tough girl act, Jackson was willing to give up more than just one night a week. Maggie could have all seven if she liked.

Since I was thirteen years old, I’ve wanted only one thing from life. To become an attorney. I didn’t have any interest in fairy tales or love stories. I only wanted the dream, and I was determined to make it happen no matter the cost.

Of course, Genna and Serena, my two best friends since grade school, still held out hope for me. They believed with every new boyfriend, I would find someone who was going to knock me off my feet and change my plans. When Ben Riley came into my life, they were certain of it. I didn’t have the heart to tell them it was impossible. Not even with Ben.

My future was the law.

Unfortunately, Ben had a slightly different opinion of where our relationship was heading, in spite of my attempts at getting him to see the truth. Friendship was all there could ever be between us.

Of course, Ben’s outlook on life was a wee bit desperate due to the fact his Uncle Jackson was forcing him to learn the finer points of his company’s business by sending Ben off to the further most reaches of the world. Paris of all places! Since his uncle announced this piece of news, Ben had been working overtime trying to find a way out of going. Jackson was the epitome of ‘evil uncle’ in Ben’s eyes.

“Maggie, my uncle wants to meet you tonight.” Ben, in his usual fashion simply showed up at my apartment unannounced. I had no desire to meet his uncle and I really didn’t want to give Ben any more ammunition for his cause.

“Ben, I’m sorry but I can’t. I have to study.” Never mind it was Friday night and I hadn’t been studying when Ben knocked on my door. I’d been immersed in one of those little romance novels I would have denied right up to the death of ever possessing much less actually enjoying.

“Maggie this is important! Can’t you take a break just this once for me? I really want him to meet you. I’m certain once he does he’ll understand why I can’t go to Paris. Please—it’s important.”

When Ben looked at me with those sad eyes, I could almost forget that little uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that was always there in the face of Ben’s determination to make more of our relationship than friendship.

“Okay, okay. But only for a little while and I’m not changing.” Too late, I remembered I was dressed in faded jeans and a plain white t-shirt. I probably wasn’t going to help Ben’s cause out all that much.

When Ben stopped the car in front of Standards, one of the most exclusive restaurants in town, I turned to him in shock. Standards clientele consisted of all the ultra rich people in Austin.

“Ben, I can’t go in there! Not dressed like this!” I added, while vehemently shaking my head. Ben simply smiled back at me and my stomach did another uneasy flip.

“Are you kidding? You look wonderful, and you’re with me. And I’m with my uncle. So relax.” At this point, my panic turned into all out alarm. “Come on, Maggie, stop worrying. You’ll be fine.” He gave the hostess our name. “Right this way, Sir. Mr. Riley and his guest are seated already.” The uneasiness in the pit of my stomach threatened to force me to turn right back around and run as fast as I could. Ben sensed all of this as well because he took my hand and didn’t let go of it.

“Ben, why didn’t you tell me we were coming here tonight and which one is your uncle anyway?”

“I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d refuse. He’s the one over there with that stunning brunette.”

Over there, seated next to a stunning brunette indeed was not the uncle I’d pictured so many times in the past. At least, not from everything Ben had told me about Jackson Riley. This man wasn’t at all old, not old like I’d imagined. I was expecting someone seventy, possibly eighty. Jackson Riley looked anything but. In fact, he couldn’t have been more than thirty-five.

“He’s not old and decrepit?” I blurted out before I could stop myself. The moment Jackson looked my way I knew he’d heard everything.

5 Angles!
“Go ahead and get out your box of Kleenex before you sit down to read this story. Maggie and Jackson are such enduring, yet damaged souls that you can’t help but fall in love right along with them. As the couple works through the issues in their lives that have prevented them from letting other people close, you hurt right along with them. And when Maggie finally figures out she is in love with Jackson but seems unable to allow herself to believe or trust, you’ll want to slap her silly. Jackson on the other hand does seem too good to be true, but you can’t help but like him; he is trying so hard to do the right thing for Maggie. This book is a keeper; you will want to read it over again anytime fairy tales seem unlikely in your life. Even in the modern, fast paced, workaholic lives most of us lead, a fairy tale ending is still possible. I have always loved a good fairy tale, and I just adore this modern fairy tale!” 5 Angels! - Reviewed by: Stephanie B., Fallen Angel Reviews


“Mary Eason tells the story of a troubled and mentally abused child who grows into a woman scarred by her past. Maggie, still torn by nightmares of her youth, is reluctant to embrace what appears to be a dream future. Gorgeous, wealthy, and caring, Jackson is the man of her dreams, if Maggie can only believe in him. This is a man who could have any woman, but if he were to know more about her and the emotional baggage she's carrying, she's sure he'd be the one doing the running instead of the chasing. Fairy Tales cannot be considered a white hot sexual fantasy, but it is still a delight. With a plot so engaging, all I could do at "The End" was grin.” 4 ½ Lips! Reviewed by Alisha, Two Lips Reviews


"Clever plotting and appealing characters engage readers from page one of this tantalizing modern fairy tale about the prince who must convince the princess they can make it work." Donna M. Brown - Romantic Times Reviews

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ISBN: 159374918X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593749187
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 302
Paper Weight (lb): 12.6

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