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Ethan's Flight
Victoria Trout and Penelope West
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After being falsely convicted of murder, young Bostonian Ethan Adams is freed by his brother’s daring rescue. The brothers pause their flight in St. Jo, MO, where, homesick and saddle-sore, they plan their future. Changing their names, they barely knock the dust from their clothes before they become involved with a beautiful pair of sisters—who have their own hidden dangers. Living with their aunt, due to their father’s impending insanity, the girls aid their conductor uncle on the Underground Railroad.

Will ETHAN'S FLIGHT garner them all a future, or will the danger drawing nigh and pre-Civil War strife tear their lives, and hearts, apart forever?

Boston 1853

Cheeky grin slowly spreading across his brother’s face prepared Edward for the hot retort he knew was coming. He was not disappointed.

Eyes twinkling, Ethan Adams quipped to his older sibling Edward, “You wish you were as good-looking as I am. I have been richly blessed, Brother Mine. You, on the other hand, went unnoticed. No doubt, you hid when looks were distributed. You probably slept when charm was dispersed. In addition, you were definitely otherwise occupied when smarts were allotted. I simply can’t figure out why I like you so much.” Ethan picked up his glass of water, saluted his brother, and took a drink, savoring the refreshing taste on his tongue before swallowing.

Nudging his best friend, Wade Fields, Parker Groves winked at Edward and said, “Come on, Edward, don’t let him get away with that!” Jillian Ingalls and Lacey Noble giggled behind their hands, then sipped their tea as they waited with sparkling eyes to hear Edward’s reply.

Edward, not to be outdone, leaned back in his chair, slowly stretched his arms up, and brought them behind his head, linking his hands together. Grinning, eyes gleaming, he waited a moment until he knew he had the undivided attention of the entire group, never losing eye contact with his brother. Then his face became still, and he deadpanned: “I may have been hiding, asleep, and otherwise occupied at certain times, but I did not volunteer to be dunked in the blarney as you did upon numerous occasions. You may be richly blessed with looks and charm. I will grant you that much. But do not think you were first in line for intelligence. That one passed you by as unworthy. You were too busy studying your beautiful reflection in the mirror!”

Ethan threw his head back and hooted with laughter. The dimples bit deep into his left cheek, and his eyes danced with merriment. The rest of the group exploded in laughter, as did Edward himself, no longer able to keep his face serious.

Ethan Adams was on top of the world. Well-liked by his peers, he had the self-confidence to carry off any situation. His capricious humor and dry wit made him the envy of most people his age. He believed with his good looks and social standing (he was, after all, related to President Adams), he could afford to befriend any he chose, providing subtle guidance for those less fortunate than himself—namely, everyone.

His fierce competition with his saintly older brother began shortly after Ethan’s birth sixteen years ago. Ethan was the more outgoing of the two. His was the more flashy personality, always quick with a joke, but never malicious with his humor. His love for his brother was obvious, and he tolerated no attacks against Edward, verbal or otherwise.

Ethan and Edward’s large company of friends would be hard put to say which of the two greeted any newcomer first. All could see that, beyond the surface, the two brothers loved and respected each other whole-heartedly. No one felt unwelcome or unworthy in their company, no matter his or her social standing.

Edward joked that being related to a president provided one with all the social skills and personal insight necessary, and agreed with his “baby” brother that those in their company would be comfortable, and then remained at the “newcomer’s” side until he could relax and be at ease. And if the individual just happened to be female and beautiful—ah, the sacrifices made in the name of comfort—Edward thought with a smile as they conversed with some of their favorite people.

The coffee shop on the ground floor of the Old State House Building was the common meeting place for Edward and Ethan Adams and their group of friends. During the school year, after classes each day, they met for an hour or so to discuss whatever issue presented itself. They continued to meet during the summer months at their regular time.

“Unjustly accused of a murder he didn’t commit, Ethan Adams, of the historically prestigious Adams family in Boston, is at the mercy of the court. When Ethan is pronounced guilty and is scheduled for execution his brother, Edward, takes the law into his own hands. After the jailbreak both must flee, leaving behind their highly elite Boston family for the rigors and dangers of the wild frontier. Giving his sons enough money to finance their escape, their father grievously warns them never to look back until Ethan’s name can be cleared. This is a family saga of two brothers whose love and loyalty to one another carries them through all manner of challenges and trials of character. Edward is ever virulent to save his innocent brother, while Deputy Marshal J. D. Hunnicutt is just as determined to bring the fugitive brothers back to Boston to serve justice.” 5 Stars! JoEllen Conger, Conger Books Reviews


“Written by a mother/ daughter team, Ethan’s Flight is set just prior to the Civil War in the 1850’s. There is excellent attention to historical detail.
The book slips between two parallel story lines, skillfully merging them together as one. The lives of two very unsuspecting and innocent sisters cross paths with two brothers who are fleeing the law for a wrongful conviction of murder and aiding/ abetting. They meet in the safety of a ‘western’ town in Missouri and the tale cleverly unfolds." Reviewed by Lisa, Night Owl Romance


“Ethan’s Flight is a real cliffhanger. Unfair, unfair, I want to know more. I certainly hope there is a sequel soon! Victoria Trout and Penelope West have woven an excellent tale of the West, suspense, and romance. They have penned a story that is easy to read and understand. My favorite part of this story is that it is wholesome. I would not be upset with my children reading it. Too often authors feel the need to feel their stories with vulgar language and unseemly behavior. Ethan’s Flight does not need those things to sell. Fans of romance and suspense will love Ethan’s Flight.” 5 Stars! - Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com


“This is a sweet tale, taking place in the 1800’s. The writing is superb; pictures are so vividly painted with words capturing the life and times of the time period. The characters play out wonderfully. The biggest disappointment for me however, was that the bad guy was never caught. And the two innocent men were left always having to be aware and on their toes.” – Desiree, Enchanting Reviews


“Whatever the future of two brothers will be, the reader will definitely want to know and follow the story all the way to that last page. A blending of more than one story, this is a tale well told and one I'm happy to recommend to any romantic or history buff. Enjoy. I did.” Anne K. Edwards, Mysteryfiction.net


“The intrigue is compelling. Trout and West have managed, in the first few pages, to so engage reader sympathy that the very moment disaster strikes, you will read on a terrific panic, as desperate as the characters themselves to see wha happens! This is a real mystery, and to say much more about it would be to risk adding spoilers - so, mystery lovers will be thoroughly engaged!

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ISBN: 1603132538
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603132534
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 410
Paper Weight (lb): 17.0

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