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Emma's Garden
Jerol Anderson
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Three women gone missing from a small town in Wisconsin. The police chief seems indifferent to his people disappearing. His buddy since high school, the mayor, says, ‘People wander off sometimes.’ Jessica Tyson is called in from Seattle to use her powers to search for foul play. She receives a ‘sign’ of murder at each woman’s home. While in pursuit of the serial killer Jesse discovers more disappearances and long sought answers to her own past and future.

Jessica Tyson took a long sip of coffee and settled into the lounge chair in the entryway greenhouse of David Chapman’s foyer. Absorbing the June morning sunlight through the skylight above, she drew in a long healing breath. Now that she’d moved in with David, her fiancé, at the home they shared in Fremont, Washington their life was mellowing into real comfort.

Melinda, David’s fourteen-year-old live-in niece, had helped add color to this escape spot with a potted geranium and a bird of paradise. Jesse smiled, remembering their fun time at the florist in Pioneer Square.

“I have to go. I told them I’d be there.” Melinda’s shrill shout pierced the air from the kitchen.

Jesse’s cell phone rang and she checked it.

“Sergeant Cardon.” She groaned aloud. “Another interruption to spoil my quiet moment.”

“Cardon here,” his voice barked through the receiver.

From the kitchen, David instructed loudly, “You aren’t going until I meet these kids.”

Melinda’s voice cut the air as she tried, but failed, to match David’s calm tone. “It’s a prom float. We were the only four sophomores chosen to work on it. It’s just in Jimmy’s garage.”

“Cardon,” Jesse growled into the receiver, “save me. Get me out of here.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Can’t you hear that racket in the background?” Jesse held the phone from her ear to make sure Cardon could hear.

David shouted, “Then bring Jimmy over here first, okay? Either that or I’ll show up at his house and really embarrass you.”

“How’s he supposed to get out here?” Melinda whined.

Jesse returned the receiver to her ear. “David and Melinda are having a, I guess you’d call it, heated discussion.”

“You already told me he’s a junior,” David continued. “That usually means he has a driver’s license. I’ll be home by five. Call me on your cell if I’m to meet you someplace.”

Jesse jumped at the slamming back door.

“Whew,” she breathed out. “The tornado’s off to school.”

“Well,” Cardon announced, “I’ve got something a little different going on over here. I’ve got this small-town police chief calling me from Wisconsin. Met him last year at a forensics seminar here in Seattle. He’s got some people missing and he’s calling for help.”

Jesse shook her head.

Same old Sergeant Cardon, right down to business.

“And of course you offered me? Right?”

She calmed her heart and held her voice steady. God had given her the gift after all. It started as a child and now had become her career. While standing at the scene of a murder she could actually see how it occurred and she’d helped the Seattle Police Department with several unsolvable cases already.

“What does that mean? Offered you? Just thought since you grew up in Wisconsin, maybe you’d like to pay a little visit.”

She stared at the unread newspaper she’d just strolled out to retrieve from the corner café. “Sorry, I guess I’m getting hooked on this vacation time. Just never thought I’d become so popular that you’d ship me across the nation on cases.”

She heard his sigh through the phone. “Meet me and we’ll talk,” he said. “You know it’s your decision.”

“When and where?”

“Same place, Duke’s, and I’m on my way.”

Jesse chuckled. “Of course. Let me get my shoes on.”

Cardon laughed in response. “See you there.”

Jesse drove up and parked in her usual spot on First Avenue. She turned off the car, pulled the key out of the ignition and hooked the ring through her forefinger. Gripping the steering wheel, she slid her open palms back and forth across the top.

A smile found its way to her lips as she stared at the sparkling of sunlight off car bumpers and shadows from a green-striped awning shading the sidewalk. A huge pot with red, yellow and blue flowers caught her eye.

“One day I’ll retire and learn about flowers,” she mumbled as she climbed out and into the sharp sunlight.

She pulled open the big wooden door to Duke’s Hideaway and inhaled the familiar odor of beer and frying foods.

4 Stars, excellent mystery! “Jessica Tyson is called to Wisconsin to help find three missing women. She has a special gift for finding missing people. The police chief is inept and won’t make a move without his the mayor’s permission. There is a lot more to this mystery than she first thought. Her investigation soon becomes personal. Jerol Anderson knows how to write a mystery that will hold people’s attention. Her plot is well developed. I found myself trying to solve the mystery right along with Jessica. The characters are well developed. They seem life-like. Fans of mystery will not one to miss Emma’s Garden.” Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com

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ISBN: 1603133951
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603133951
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 252
Paper Weight (lb): 10.6

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