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Eden's Child
Margaret Blake
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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The victim of a hit and run, Maddy cannot remember anything. When she arrives in Australia, a place that seems alien to her, she discovers that her husband, Nevis Ballantyne, hates her. He tells her she is a thief and a liar. Perhaps it would be better if she never remembered. She is ashamed of the person Nevis says she is. Yet in spite of his animosity towards her, she cannot stop herself being attracted to him

Vous êtes le français?” After asking the question, the young woman looked confused.

“That’s a surprise; I wonder what else is in there.”

The man, tall and thin, raised a hand and gently tapped the young woman’s forehead. He said something more in French and she responded naturally. He attempted some German; she was able to make something out from what he said but her reply was not as fluent as with the French.

“So you speak good French and have some knowledge of German.”

She ran a hand over her forehead, pushing back the soft curly fringe of copper hair.

“If only,” she murmured, “if only it told me who I am. It’s a clue of sorts, I suppose.”

He shrugged.

“And in answer to your question, I am not French, I am Corsican.”

“I know where Corsica is but I don’t know my own name.”

“You will one day but you must not rush yourself. Time will heal.”

Time? Do I have time? Isn’t there someone concerned for me?

She’d been in hospital for eight weeks and in spite of the publicity, no one had come forward. She knew nothing of her past and the future terrified her. Her bruises—received in a hit and run accident—had healed now, but her mind was blank. She didn’t even know her own name.

The nurses had named her Cash because she’d been wearing a grey cashmere jogging suit. The clothes had put her into a well-off category but no one, banker, solicitor—anyone who might have had dealings with someone of her probable background, had come forward to claim her. She felt unwanted and unloved.

Over the weeks that followed and when she had long conversations comfortably in French with her doctor, she realized as did everyone else, that she was bi-lingual. She had to have worked or lived somewhere in France to be that fluent. Perhaps, she suggested, if they extended her story to the Continent, someone would recall her. Anytime now she would have to leave the hospital. Her physical injuries were better, she could no longer justify taking up a bed. There had been mention of a move to a Psychiatric Unit for more care, but she had balked at the idea—but with no money and no name, where could she go?

Anxiety put pressure on her to try to remember something—anything. The pressure brought headaches and depression; it was a vicious circle from which there seemed no escape.

Whenever Doctor Arnaud came in to see her, he always gave the gentlest of smiles. She was in turn always pleased to see him. Foolish as it seemed, there appeared to be a link between them. Of course it was only language they had in common but it was the best thing she had. This time his smile was broader. “I have news.”

“You do?”

He came and sat on the bed. Dark and attractive, he always was able to cause a little pleasant flutter of feeling inside her. She enjoyed it, for even if her mind had gone, her ability to feel pleasure had not. However, apprehension now tempered the flutter.

“Someone has come to claim me?”

“You make yourself sound like baggage—you are far from that. But yes, someone believes they know who you are. I want you to be aware that even if they know you, you may not know them.”

“They won’t be...” she shrugged, uncomfortable with the thought. “...crazy, you know, people who claim things that aren’t true?”

“We demanded absolute proof.”

“And they...they have it?”

“It would seem so.”

While the doctor went to fetch the man, she fussed illogically with her hair, as if she had to make a good impression. As if she was up for adoption.

Don’t be a silly girl, she cautioned herself.

The door opened; in walked a man of medium height—but the thing about him, the thing that oddly shocked her was that he was so handsome. Each feature was perfect. A face that having once been seen would never be forgotten—but she had no recollection whatsoever of this man. No stirring of memory, no frisson of delight. The Doctor had caused a flutter; this other man awoke a feeling entirely different.

"Eden's Child is a wonderfully told story that will suck the reader in and drop them face-first in the Australian rainforest. I've never read a story set in such a location. Ms Blake's descriptions of the sights and sounds and locals made this book utterly charming. Maddy's emotional slide went up and down but never strayed into the melodramatic. When she cried, I wanted to cry with her. When she was happy I smiled with her. Nothing about this story was predictable.

Eden's Child has to be one of the best novels I've read in a long, long time. I devoured it in one sitting. Ms Blake should be very, very proud of this story. I'll definitely be looking for more of her work!

Recommended Read
Ash Arceneax at Rites of Romance Reviews


Five Ribbons from Romance Junkies.

"Margaret Blake's Eden's Child is one book that is sure to keep readers guessing. I loved getting to know Maddy. She is a warm caring person whom readers will love. Nevis is just as lovable but he's been burned once by Maddy and isn't about to trust her too easily. The mystery behind the difference in Maddy;s before and after personalities fascinated me and kept me engrossed in the pages throughout the book, but I was spellbound at how the storyline eventually turns out. it's completely unexpected and riveting but above all, heart warmingly beautiful. Wonderful job Ms Blake!"


Fallen Angels, Reviewer Linda, Five Angels, Recommended.

Eden's Child is one non-stop read that I couldn't put down.
Ms Blake has written an astonishing page-turner, with just the right amount of suspicion, guilt and intrigue that had this reader guessing the outcome until the last page.
The dialogue is superb and the lot well crafted in this extraordinary story that is a recommended read.


"There's a danger surrounding Maddy and the mystery of her past only deepens as memories start to return. I won't spoil the pleasure you'll get from this wonderful book by revealing anything more. Trust me when I say that you'll enjoy Eden's Child and will eagerly await Ms Blake's next book. I know that I'm ready for more from this talented author. Stop by Whiskey Creek Press and get your copy today.

Lori Ann - Romance Reviews Today.


Five Hearts - Lynn Bushey for The Romance Studio.

"The author does a wonderful job of gradually revealing the truth. The solution is logical but surprisingly unexpected. The action is gripping and well thought out."

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ISBN: 1593746872
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593746872
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 210
Paper Weight (lb): 9.0

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