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T.C. Lotempio
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Reporter Jess McCall seems to have it all – a great career, money, fame - but what the intrepid reporter really desires is to finally mend fences with her younger, wild-child sister Amanda. When Amanda suddenly disappears, Jess reluctantly returns to her hometown of Ebony to investigate. There her efforts are stymied by the uncooperative Chief of Police and Amanda’s employer, a respected pillar of the community. Undaunted and unconvinced by their blasé attitude, Jess delves deeper into the circumstances behind Amanda’s disappearance, an action that partners her with Frankie Marshall, a reporter with secrets of his own.

A series of other odd disappearances prompts them to wonder if Amanda’s might not be linked as well, and they begin an inquiry that soon uncovers, among other things, their attraction to one another, a realization complicated by the appearance of Jess’s ex-boyfriend. Old passions take second place to the drama unfolding around them, and they find themselves drawn deeper into an investigation that leads them to an abandoned factory in the woods just outside Ebony. There, they find they must confront undead horrors and the insane madman behind them in order to save Ebony…and themselves.

Amanda never saw it coming.

She was exhausted after a long day in court—who ever said court stenographers had it easy? Her fingers ached from pounding away on her stenographer machine, and there was a knot in her back from hours of sitting. She hoped she wasn’t assigned to Judge Mason again. He was a real pain in the ass, and his lengthy addresses to the jurors made her tired.

But the trial was finally over. They’d found the defendant guilty, and now his lawyer would probably appeal. Well, lots of luck. Luck was something she was desperately in need of, too.

Her answering machine indicated she had six messages. She hit the Play button. The first three were various endorsements and advertisements. The fourth was from her sister, the usual “how’re you doing” call, the one she made weekly to appease all the pent-up guilt she surely felt over their neglected relationship. The fifth made her smile. It was from Grey Halleran. “You looked good today in court.” The young district attorney’s voice was butter-smooth. “As a matter of fact, you look good every day. How about going out for coffee some time, Amanda? Call me.”

She grinned.

Things were looking up after all.

The sixth message was a voice she barely recognized. It was brief, to the point, just two words. “You win.”

She hit the erase button for the first four, decided to save the last two. Her lips curved upward in a satisfied smile as she replayed the last message again.

It was a bittersweet end to a mediocre day, and right now Amanda knew just what would cap it all off…make her feel even better than that last message.

A nice, hot bubble bath.

This story will shock and terrify you as you read of things that are far worse than being dead. Fast paced action keeps things moving towards a climax that will surprise you. By Amanda Killgore.


Ebony is a supernatural, mystery packed read that will keep you nail-biting your way to the end. A well written story with great character development, local and intense drama. Don't miss this one!
Shirley Johnson/Senior Reviewer
MidWest Book Review


“Ebony is the first horror book I have read that held me spellbound from beginning to end. T.C. Lo Tempio does a wonderful job creating a dark mood in the book that gave me shivers. The characters and their relationships are skillfully woven into the unfolding drama but that was not my favorite part of the book. For me, the best part of the book has to be the details given in each scene. The descriptions of not only the actions of the characters, but also of the smells and sights around them were so vivid and real that there were times while reading when I had to turn on all the lights in the room.
Ebony is a book fans of horror and suspense will truly enjoy!” 4 ½ Lips!
Reviewed by Tara Renee, Two Lips Reviews


"I have to say after reading Ebony, I still have chills thinking about it.
This riveting page-turner had me hooked from the first page. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. Thoroughly engaging to the end, Jess and Frankie really take the reader on a twist and turn of events that holds one spellbound. I could relate to Jess in the way she and Amanda were different in many ways, even though they had love between them. T.C. Lo Tempio has definitely created a horror that this reviewer found utterly amazing. She crafts realistic main characters, as well as secondary characters, that grab hold of the reader and doesn’t let go, long after the story has ended. I thought the blending of the voodoo and zombies was very clever. The ingenious plot and great direction of the characters make this a first-rate read." 5 Angels! - Reviewed by: Linda L, Fallen Angel Reviews


3 stars! "This story grips you at the start: Is someone in the woman's house, or is it something more sinister and terrifying than a human assailant? The story picks up and builds to a great conclusion." ~Cindy Himler for Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Fiction Books :: Thrillers Books

ISBN: 1593748388
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593748388
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 324
Paper Weight (lb): 13.4

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