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Dreams Of April
Stephen LaFevers
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Fiery deaths of children and adults have been part of his nightmares since a childhood he cannot remember. Now, through hypnosis and physical investigation, Hartley James is coming to learn the horrible truth behind his forgotten youth and those horrific dreams. Guided by another kind of dreams, Hart travels from the Missouri Ozarks to the Alaskan wilderness in search of answers. But the deaths are no longer limited to dreams. A scientist in Hawaii, a newspaper woman in Missouri, a cook, a waiter, and a teenaged girl all burst into flames and die as Hart tries to find the truth. Others seek another truth and it is a race to see who can find the answers first, and who will survive the fantastic revelations. A middle-aged college professor with a secret past, a journalist with a strange illness, a genetic engineer, Hart’s wife Holly, and others put their lives on the line because of the DREAMS OF APRIL TEN.

Dr. Samuel Wong sat back in his white plastic lawn chair. He laced his delicate, almost feminine fingers behind his balding head and let out a big, contented sigh. This was certainly the life, he thought. The sun, the sea, the clean air—what more could anyone ask? High up in the incredibly blue sky, a bright, slivery dot moved slowly toward the east. A thin line of white vapor trailed behind it. The dot seemed to crawl ever so slowly across the heavens. Wong watched its white tail grow longer and longer as it inched its way across the blue expanse. What a luxury, he thought, to sit here watching airplanes and not worry about meetings or what time it is. He glanced down the beach to where a white-haired adolescent girl played in the surf. He waved, smiling. She did a handstand on the wet sand and waved back at him with her feet.

How Kitty loved it here, he thought. Poor kid. He hadn’t been able to giver her much of a childhood. He just didn’t know how. But she really loved the sea and the beach. He liked it, too, he decided. Two weeks were not enough. They would stay longer. Perhaps even move here permanently. Why not? He could work anywhere, couldn’t he? And Kitty deserved at least that.

He unbuttoned his brightly flowered shirt, sloughed it off and laid it on the deck beside his lawn chair, allowing the warm sun unfettered access to his sallow flesh. Ah, yes, the sun was just wonderful. There was a little breeze, but it, too, was warm. This place was perfect. He looked around for the bottle of sunscreen. It was on the other side of the deck. What the heck? A few unscreened rays wouldn’t hurt him. He’d take care not to get burned.

He retrieved a cold glass from the table beside his chair and took a long, grateful sip of cola. He could hear the surf as if he were at the water’s edge instead of on the back deck of his rented beach house. How calming the sound was. He closed his eyes and listened, relaxing more with every passing minute. Yes, this was really the life!

He glanced down at the water’s edge. Kitty was there. She bobbed up and down in the surf astride a foam board. Her white hair shone in the bright light like car headlights on a dark night. Abruptly, she slid off the board and rushed up out of the surf. She looked his way with wide, pale eyes. She cupped her hands at the corners of her mouth and shouted. Wong heard her frantic voice, but he couldn’t make out her words. He sat up, trying to see if something had happened to her.

No, she seemed to be all right. But she appeared excited about something. Then he heard a strange noise. It was a hissing sound like air escaping from a punctured tire. And his skin was feeling tight as if it were shrinking. It was getting hard to breath. Smoke was coming from his hands and arms!

* * * *

“A rapidly-paced, engrossing story that pulls you along into a world you've never even considered. It keeps you turning the pages as this haunting and tantalizing tale leads you through a twisted journey ending in a terror that will surprise and upset you. Stephen LaFevers has a gift for the unusual and unexpected.” Beverly Bateman, author of Death Awaits and Just Like You


"DREAMS OF APRIL TEN" is an entertaining and carefully plotted mystery that kicks some serious ass. For God's sake, don't mess up and pass this novel over." Reviewed by Mike Purfield, Be Independant


5 ANGELS - "Mr. LaFevers explanation of why humans get frostbite resulting in the loss of fingers and toes, hands and feet, while animals do not was something I had never really considered, but made a lot of sense. His development of characters: Scott, Charlie, Hartley, Holly, Kitty, Zahn, Adam and April is nothing short of phenomenal. Readers will find that they either identify with them or they don’t, and that they either like them or they don’t. There is no middle ground; you’ll like some of them and you’ll begin to hate others.Throughoutitallthough, you will find Dreams of April Ten to be a very good read".- Reviewed by: Rogue Storm, Fallen Angel Reviews


"With Dreams of April Ten, Stephen LaFevers has written a very special thriller, lots of suspense, but not in the usual way. It's suspense factor 10!!! You can hardly put this book aside once you begin to read, you want to know what exactly is happening and why. The SHC's are written in a way that you can almost see it happening, very frightening. If you don't believe in the existence of SHC you might just change your opinion after reading Dreams of April Ten.

Stephen LaFevers has written a medical thriller that, without any doubt, deserves 5 Flags!"

Reviewer: Annick Euro Reviews

Fiction Books :: Thrillers Books

ISBN: 1593742266
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593742263
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 224
Paper Weight (lb): 9.6

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