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The Dragonfly
Rosemary Goodwin
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A history professor, Cathy White, is in a car accident that delivers a traumatic blow to her head. She wakes to find herself in a 620 A.D. Anglo-Saxon village, where her knowledge of the future confuses the villagers.

Her further travels take her to a 1606 manor home in Bury St. Edmunds, England, where she warns of the plight of the Jamestown, Virginia, explorers. The owner of the manor is Bartholomew Gosnold who planned the journey to America and captained the expeditionary sailing ship, Godspeed, accompanied by the ships, Susan Constant and the Discovery. Their landing in Virginia on the James River on May 12, 1607 is marked by the 400th anniversary being celebrated in 2007 in what is now known as Jamestown. Celebrations will take place in Virginia and in England, including a special service held at the Cathedral in Bury St. Edmunds, marking the founding of the first English-speaking settlement in the United States. Cathy’s foretelling of the outcome of the Jamestown voyage is misinterpreted and causes problems for her with the superstitious townspeople.

Cathy’s final destination is a country village in 1943, during World War II, where she lives as a Land Army gal. Being a history professor provides her with knowledge of the war which she recounts, raising governmental suspicions toward her. Throughout the story, her goal is to find her way back to her husband in present time. Woven throughout this story is the true, fascinating history of the author's hometown in England.

Present Time
West Stow

In the pub’s parking lot, cars nuzzled into the parking spaces next to the building, like suckling pigs on the teats of a sow.

Albert (“Just call me Al”) White and his attractive wife, Catherine, known as Cathy to her friends, had edged their way out of the crowded pub. “See you Saturday,” she called back over her shoulder to their friends.

“Race you to the car,” Al dared as they darted out into the rainy night. He’d parked their car cautiously between two large vehicles.

“You’re on.” Cathy giggled as she pulled her jacket up over her head to protect her hair.

They opened the car doors and landed simultaneously with a flump onto the front seats. Cathy shook the rainwater from her coat. Some splashed onto Al.

“Sorry about that.” She laughed.

“You really look it.” Al grinned.

“Al, I’m shocked,” Cathy said with mock offense.

He wiped the foggy windshield with his handkerchief. “Now, don’t distract me from my driving.”

“You’re not driving yet! You haven’t even turned the engine on,” she snapped.

“Just warning you.” He glanced at her. “Don’t get nasty now.”

“I apologize. Just tired.”

“That’s not an excuse.”

He turned the key, and the engine purred to life. He popped a favorite CD into the player, and the car soon filled with the haunting, soulful melody of a clear-voiced pan flute.

“I’m going to go home the back way.”

“Whatever.” She pouted.

He exited the parking lot slowly, after checking in both directions for cars.

“I’ll go through West Stow. Not so much traffic that way. It’s hard to see in this rain.” He squinted as the lights of an oncoming car glared in his eyes. “Must get new wipers this week.”

“We’ll light the fire as soon as we get home. This weather is disgusting. The cold goes right through to the bone,” Cathy whined. She dug her hands inside her coat pockets and slumped down in her seat. “I wish we were back in the States where it’s warm.” She leaned her head back onto the seat’s headrest, while the rhythm of the music entered and began to calm her whole being.

“We can’t be on holiday all the time.” Al eased the car around the sharp corners of the narrow country roads meant for use by horses and carts, and not for the horsepower of today’s careening automobiles. Cathy slid upright in her seat.

She glanced through the gates as they drove by the old West Stow church, now almost deserted by the villagers, where generations of her family lay huddled in their eternal sleep in the churchyard. So many families moldered there at St. Mary’s, beginning centuries ago, but with youngsters apparently no longer interested in the lovely old church, she wondered who would tend their graves when they were in there. Most of the churchyard had already become an overgrown tangle of weeds with ivy and gray lichen clinging to the gravestones, obliterating their owners’ identities and eventually crumbling, returning to earthen minerals once more.

She thought of her mother, Janice. They should visit her tomorrow in town where she lived alone since the death of her husband. He’d been a farmer with a large farm, but it was sold off to pay debts.

Janice could be described as a timid woman brought up during World War II by an even more timid woman. She’d been raised to behave as all “good” girls should, in the opinion of the times.

As a young woman, Janice had vowed she would not raise her only child, a daughter, in a similar fashion. Consequently, Cathy grew into a happy, bubbly child, allowed to run in the rain without her shoes and climb trees with the boys. The child had a tremendous curiosity about the world and would ask grownups a hundred questions. Janice liked to think her little girl had grown into a self-assured, strong, and educated woman.

“Must drop by tomorrow to see Mum,” she said.

"THE DRAGONFLY sends a present day history teacher back through time on an adventure filled with excitement and romance. It is a fascinating time-travel adventure that brings history to life through its carefully researched facts and compelling characters." - Romance Junkies


Cathy is a history professor and is married to Al White. One rainy night they are in a car accident that sends Cathy back in time. When she wakes, she finds that she is in the year 620 A.D. There she is found and taken to an Anglo-Saxon village. This is just the beginning of her journey back in time. Her knowledge about the future helps her adventures. Although amazed by what she sees, she worries about her husband and wonders how she will get back to the time where she belongs.
Rosemary Goodwin has written an imaginative and intriguing adventure that will send you on an adventure back in time. Thorough research and interesting true facts, dispersed throughout the story, bring the different eras to life. This is reinforced by the compelling characters that show what it was like to live during different times in history. Cathy is a fascinating character for her ability to adapt and bravely face each of her trials. Because of the way the story begins I wondered if Cathy was really experiencing a trip through time. This stirred my curiosity and kept my interest until the very end.
Throughout the story, THE DRAGONFLY, there is passion and there are many chances at romance. I enjoyed the fact that Cathy struggled with the knowledge she has a husband in a different time. These times left me wondering about what I would do if placed in a similar situation. I found many surprises throughout the story that added to the conflicting emotions.
THE DRAGONFLY is a remarkable time-travel adventure filled with excitement and romance. It will appeal to readers that enjoy history because of the careful research that was involved in creating this story.
By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Anita


“Rosemary Goodwin demonstrates a vivid descriptive talent, captivating her readers from the very first sentences. Understanding of the nature of her characters makes them both more realistic and easier for the reader to empathise with them. The Dragonfly is an exciting paranormal novel which will entice and enchant readers. Kudos to Rosemary Goodwin for a read that keeps us turning pages to the end with excited anticipation!” Annie, Euro-Reviews


"I particularly enjoyed the way this author wrote her characters. Al showed up in all of his wife’s adventures, in one form or another, and he was intrinsically the same man. It didn’t matter what time or place he was in, Al was Al and it seems to me that wouldn’t be any easy thing to do, to keep the character consistent. Cathy, too, remained stable. I felt as if I knew her, regardless of what adventure she was on. The plot of The Dragonfly is intricate and although it’s not really original, Rosemary Goodwin put a new twist on an old story. This is an engaging story, one I won’t readily forget.
I enjoyed The Dragonfly, and I think others will, too. 5 Angels!" --Reviewed by: Carly

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ISBN: 1593741022
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593741020
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 254
Paper Weight (lb): 10.8

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