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The Devil's Candy
Lauren N. Sharman
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Behind Angel Shelby’s dancing eyes and mischievous smile, lie the razor sharp tongue and fearless attitude that have helped her conceal painful secrets. However, they aren’t enough to save her this time—as she’s issued a shocking ultimatum.
Nicknamed, The Devil, Blackie McCassey’s violent past keeps most people exactly where he likes them…at a distance. Sacrificing his freedom to repay an old debt, he agrees to marry Angel in name only, watch over her, and play peacemaker in the uncivilized bar she runs.
Along with unexpected happiness, marriage brings surprises. Once wild and reckless, Blackie suddenly finds himself in the unfamiliar position of keeping someone else out of trouble…his wife.
When a murder occurs, Blackie’s forced to face his past one last time, risking his life to put an end to the chaos disrupting their lives. Unfortunately, victory comes at a price…

Most people in the small town of Hagerstown, Maryland said that Blackie McCassey’s heart was as dark and cold as his name; if he even had a heart, that is.

Others claimed he was more dangerous than all the hell-raising McCassey cousins in Washington County put together, including his two younger brothers, Rebel and Judd.

Blackie knew there were even a few who thought the time he’d spent in prison would never be enough for all the havoc he’d wreaked throughout the county in his thirty-nine years.

He may not give a damn what anyone thought, but Blackie was smart enough to admit they were all right.

Aside from the years he’d been locked up, Blackie had spent his entire life in the small western Maryland town—much to the chagrin of most of its residents. Those who didn’t know him steered clear of the six-foot-seven powerhouse who’d not only lived up to, but had surpassed his bad reputation.

Blackie didn’t give a damn about that, either.

He didn’t even mind being nicknamed ‘The Devil’. The name that had been given to him a long time ago fit him well; better than most people knew. He enjoyed knowing no one wanted to come near him. The more people that avoided him, the happier he was.

And that included women.

Blackie never had a hard time getting a woman when he wanted one, preferring the kind who stayed in his bed just long enough for him to find his release. Females of any other kind were nothing but trouble, so it made him happy that most of the ones he wasn’t related to kept their distance.

“Hi, Blackie.”

All except one.

Swiveling on his barstool, Blackie came face to face with Angel Shelby. As a kid, she’d been a rough and untamed tomboy, dogging the heels of her older brother, Digger. Now twenty-seven, she was the five-foot-five, fearless, walking invitation for trouble who worked the late afternoon and evening shift in Digger’s bar.

“Hey, Angel Face.”

Blackie liked Angel. She wasn’t what he considered a ‘typical’ woman; one who caused a man more grief than she was worth. And she was hot. Hot enough to make a man imagine what it’d be like to take her to bed.

Angel received more than her share of attention from men. She wasn’t skinny and didn’t have a boyish figure like his sister-in-law, Gypsy. Angel had curves in all the right places, but probably didn’t weigh more than a hundred and forty pounds. She didn’t put on airs or act better than anyone, either, and she treated everyone she knew, blue collar or white, with the same amount of respect.

Sometimes, he almost forgot she was female.


Angel set an ice-cold bottle of Budweiser on the long, rectangular, mahogany bar in front of him and smiled; her greenish-gray eyes, as always, exuded mischief. He smiled in return when she reached out and plucked the half-smoked Marlboro from between his lips, took a long drag, and released the smoke in rings.

She returned the cigarette and winked. “It’s last call, bad boy. How come you’re just rolling in?”

Blackie used an oversized, rough, and weathered hand to brush away the few tresses of his wavy, thick, waist length dark brown hair that had fallen into his face. Absentmindedly, he stroked the equally dark Fu Manchu mustache, a trait that not only added to his menacing presence, but made him look every bit the part of an outlaw biker.

Turning his head to the left, Blackie glanced at the blue and red neon Miller Lite clock hanging on the far wall. Having no idea it was so late, he was surprised to see that it was one-thirty in the morning.

“The boys and I just got done paintin’ the inside of the garage. My apartment above it smelled too much like fumes to sleep in tonight. I’m just in here lookin’ for somethin’ to do.”

"Ms. Sharman has almost reinvented the contemporary genre because she doesn't write about the rich and the beautiful. These are downhome people, blue collar romances. . .if you've read Iris Johansens's Delaney books or Nora Roberts' Chesapeake Bay saga, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. . .I feel like I'm not expressing just how cool her (Ms. Sharman's) writing is. Best I can do is recommend you check her out for yourself."—Annie Dean (Reviewer)


"Sensational is an understatement when describing Lauren Sharman's second tale of suspense, vengeance, and family loyalty. I was pulled in from the very first page and couldn't put THE DEVIL'S CANDY down." 5 Lips! –Joni, Reviewer, Two Lips Reviews


"Lauren Sharman has done it again. Her second novel in the McCassey trilogy is just as amazing as the first. It is a must read from start to finish. The romance and emotion she brings forth in her books make her a master at her craft." -Kimberley Spinney, Reviewer, Ecataromance


“The second installment in The McCassey Brothers' Trilogy proves to be just as riveting as the first, as the eldest brother battles his need for solitude vs.
his growing feelings for a woman just as feisty as he is. Well-drawn characters entangled in suspenseful situations that will put readers' nerves on edge in empathy keep the action rapid and the pulse rate high. Readers will be left anticipating the third installment. Meanwhile, enjoy the action and romance of The Devil's Candy as author Lauren Sharman demonstrates her fine storytelling talent once more.” –Annie, Euro-Reviews


"Ms. Sharman never fails in creating life-like characters with down-to-earth problems that leap into the reader's heart." -Cherokee, Reviewer, Coffee Time Romance

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ISBN: 1593748425
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593748425
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 326
Paper Weight (lb): 13.8

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