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Dakoda's Revenge
Suzi Goode
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What would you do if your fiancé stranded you on a space station without a means to return home?
When Odessa Grante is left to fend for herself in a terrifyingly unfamiliar world, she is forced into contact with a gorgeous man who seems hard and cold; but, unknown to her, is seeking revenge for the death of his wife and child. Dakoda Harley sees a frightened young woman pretending to be a sophisticated space traveler and against his better judgment opts to protect Odessa from the hidden dangers of the space station and its constantly changing assortment of foreign travelers.
But can Dakoda trust her without knowing who she really is or whether she had a part in the death of his loved ones? How will Odessa return home—alive and well…or in a body bag?

Odessa was anxious to escape the crowded and unfamiliar public area of the space station and get back on The Drifter. The thrill of adventure had dissipated. Romaydia wasn’t a place intended for a woman walking alone with its ill lit corridors and unappealing strangers roaming everywhere in their search for novelty, perhaps forbidden, pleasures. Voices—some high-pitched, some husky and low—mingled with one another, creating a wall of noise that grated on her nerves. The smell—that of rotten eggs, unwashed bodies, overpowering flowery perfumes and musky colognes—did nothing to settle her queasy stomach. And today was her wedding day.

For the first time since she had left Earth six months earlier, Odessa felt panicky fear settle in the pit of her stomach. Adventure wasn’t all it was cut out to be. She clutched a small brown package protectively to her chest as she tried desperately to avoid brushing against any particular individual in the milling crowd. Roland had given her strict instructions about delivering the package.

Inadvertently, her upper arm touched the chest of a hairy alien who squinted at her with one misshapen eye. “Sorry.” She hoped he understood Earth English. He blinked and his lips moved wordlessly before he stalked off, leaving a stiff breeze in his wake.

To her relief, she found concourse fourteen behind which The Drifter was docked. Oddly enough, the door should have been open, but was closed. Uneasiness burgeoned within Odessa. Hoping there was some error with the operating system, she pressed her palm against the recognition panel next to the door, which should have opened at her contact.

Immediately an unsympathetic male voice intoned, “Concourse fourteen sealed. No admittance. Repeat. No admittance.”

The dread that had been growing for the last hopeless hour bloomed to life.

“What is going on?” Odessa questioned. How was she supposed to get back on the ship if the concourse was closed? Maybe Roland Baylon, her fiancé who was aboard The Drifter, would know, but how was she supposed to contact him? How had she become so helpless, so totally out of her mind because she had fallen in love? She lowered her right eye to the round hole of the viewing circle, expecting to see the ship—which looked like a flat quarter—docked in the perpetual darkness.

Her heart began to race. Sweat beaded on her forehead, as if her fear had taken physical form. Outside, there was nothing to see but twinkling stars.

Alarm bells pounded in her head. The warning signs about Roland had been there all along, hadn’t they? How his jokes had become painfully thin. She was almost on the verge of tears. She had never before felt so alone and abandoned. “He’s playing another of his gags. I can take care of myself. I can take care of myself,” she repeated over and over like a mantra.

She drew herself to her full height, a smidgeon over five feet, three inches. Was Roland playing one of his silly and droll jokes again, those jokes that had become irritating and not-at-all funny because they were at her expense? This time, he had pushed the boundaries. “Where are you, Roland?” She spun slowly around, dragging on her heels, searching for him, suspecting the effort was wasted. When he didn’t want to be found, he became as good as invisible.

She shouted into the crowded station in a high voice, “Roland! Come out right now! Don’t play around on our wedding day!”

Amidst the already ear-splitting noise, her shout of frustration hardly made a dent. No one turned to look at or question her. She was truly, and miserably, alone.

Her carefree uncle’s prediction came rushing back. “He’ll love you and leave ya. He’s nothing more than the devil in disguise and won’t ever commit to you.”

“Intrigue and suspense abound in Dakoda’s Revenge. Dak doggedly persists in uncovering the person who gave away his position that day in the warehouse. He and his wife were on assignment for the GDA, following a lead given by Baylon, their informant; information that could take down an infamous drug leader. Once inside the warehouse the criminals set fire to it, trapping Dak and his wife. Her dying in excruciating pain haunts him; still today, he can hear her screams. Upon meeting Odessa, Dak never reveals his avenging mission or working for the vile Murrach Pardua. When she discovers his secrets doubts arise; is he her protector or just another Romaydia man wanting to dominate and take advantage of her? Odessa admits that he has ardently kept her out of harm, more importantly alive, and that alone overrides any misgivings.” -- Pamela Jenewein, Romance At Heart Magazine


"Dakoda’s Revenge is a riveting science-fiction tale which confirms author Suzi Goode’s fine writing talents and creativity in world-building. Author of the excellent fantasy series The Lost Wizard, Ms. Goode here turns her skills to creating a futuristic space station, where despair is prime and hopelessness rules amidst the chaos of crime, illegal dealings, and patriarchal society.

Dakoda’s Revenge literally bears out the truth of that time-worn adage, "I couldn’t put this book down." I couldn’t-and readers won’t be able to stop before the end either. Kudos and highest praise to author Suzi Goode who has earned her rightful spot on my must-read authors’ list!" – Annie, Euro-Reviews


“Suzi Goode takes you off world in the exciting, futuristic romance, DAKODA'S REVENGE. Colorful and compelling characters are found throughout this fascinating story. A naïve young woman finds herself betrayed and at the mercy of strangers. One stranger in particular, Dakoda, wants to use Odessa in a scheme of revenge but soon finds himself falling helplessly in love.

Suspense built to the point that I found myself captivated and it was followed by many wonderful surprises. The relationship between Dakoda and Odessa begins for all the wrong reasons, but the lightening attraction is there from the beginning. Their passion demands to be expressed even if it is through anger.
They are soon heating up the scenes as they give into the heat that is just waiting to combust between them. DAKODA'S REVENGE by Suzi Goode is an entertaining romance that is sure to be enjoyed by many.” – Anita, Romance Junkies


"The intensity of storytelling flows from the romance building between Dakoda and Odessa. The characters are interesting and individual though Odessa’s revenge is greater than Dakoda’s. When they are on the run there is time to stop for the finer things in life, then sleep.

Dakoda’s Revenge by Suzi Goode is a romance to bring hope to broken hearts."

- Reviewed by: Dakota Wind, © Rolling Seas Reviews

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ISBN: 1593748892
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593748890
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 196
Paper Weight (lb): 8.6

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