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The Sorcerer's Key
A Novel

C. C. Bye
Mass Market Paperbound
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A sorcerer from Eden battles Jack Lightfoot for a talisman that will give him access to Earth and her technology.

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The Sorcerer’s Key is Clayton Bye’s first installment in the fantasy series FROM EARTH TO EDEN.

Morgan Heist, a dark sorcerer from the original Garden of Eden, has opened a door to Earth. He doesn't care about the repercussions. The time has come to risk everything for The Sorcerer’s Key, a talisman with the power he needs to conquer both worlds.

Even though he has been forced to spend most of his life in hiding, no one could have predicted Jack Lightfoot’s reaction to Heist’s arrival on Earth. He decides to intervene in the twenty year fight between his father and the evil mage, drawing upon raw talent and the unbending courage of youth.

What results is a voyage of self-discovery that uncovers a secret originating with Adam and Eve, one that jeopardizes everything Jack holds dear, including the future of both Earth and Eden.

Jack Lightfoot is a complicated protagonist who is destined to face down one of literature’s most unexpected of villains. And, with a unique look at the mythology and ideology of our culture, Clayton Bye’s FROM EARTH TO EDEN creates an engaging, fantastical set of worlds which will capture readers on page one.


Creote grunted when he hit the ground. He lay still for a moment, hoping to catch his breath. No such luck.

The heaves struck with an intensity that terrified, forcing his body up and away from the unyielding earth until all that held him aloft was his forehead at one end and his toes at the other. Comets of light stormed behind his closed eyelids. Blood roared in his ears. He struggled for air.

Another spasm wrenched his innards. Creote grabbed his stomach and fell back onto the sun-baked soil. Lying on his side now, he began to writhe, oblivious to the small bits of stone and twig that bit into his face.

Trembling muscles clenched again, forcing spew from the man's lips. He hadn't eaten anything this time, thinking it would lessen the ordeal. Even so, the heaves were so intense he felt as if his ribs were cracking.

He gagged, tried to get his lungs to unlock. Couldn't do it.

Flares continued to ignite behind his eyelids, becoming ominous, fluttering, black and red splotches that left him swimming with dizziness. Still he heaved.

There came a terrible braying in the background. Creote realized the sound had to originate with him, the knowledge coming as a cold blade of panic in his chest.

By sheer effort of will he pushed himself to his knees, ropes of mucous, puke and snot hanging from his nose and mouth. A second, Herculean thrust brought him to an upright kneel. In this position, with arms wrapped around his ribs, Creote looked as if he'd sustained a terrible wound and was trying to hold the pieces of himself together.

The watchers sat white-knuckled as another visible wave of pain ripped through the man's body. They were right to be concerned. This was Creote's third trip to Earth, and the effects of passage were probably going to kill him.

Creote swayed. His chest heaved. He finally managed to get some air into his constricted lungs. But it was wasted effort. He knew this. The torture would continue; the sickness would have to run its course.

So, on the edge of unconsciousness, slumping down to the ground beside a pool of his own waste, body jerking and weak, arms still forming a protective jacket around his torso, the man quit fighting.

A brutal half an hour passed.

The body spasms stopped. Creote's breathing steadied. His eyes opened. But he remained where he was, motionless, showing no other signs of life.

A gentle wind danced in and out of the clouds and filled the air with the melancholy rustling of leaves. Grasshoppers snap-snapped noisily in the long grasses. One of the insects dropped into Creote's field of vision, its weird, sideways flight allowing the human to watch the bug as it passed along the entire length of his body.

Somewhere in the pines that bordered the field in which the man lay an angry squirrel let loose a characteristic "Chitchitchitchitchit."

Then came the whoosh of giant wings as an ancient raven flew overhead. The bird gave one deep, reverberating croak and disappeared over the tree tops.

More long minutes trickled by.

Those watching him had given up, were discussing who they'd sacrifice next, when Creote stirred. He struggled to his feet, gave a halfhearted wave to his invisible audience and, taking staff in hand, began the long walk into town.

Clayton Bye, under the imprint Chase Enterprises, has been writing and publishing since 1994. The author of several books, he's also known as an accomplished speaker, trainer and business management consultant

Mr. Bye's current projects include increasing his internet presence and writing a sequel to his novel, The Sorcerer's Key.

A member of the Manitoba Editors' Association (MEA), the Writers of the Woods(WoW), the Lake of the Woods Art Collective (LOWAC) and the Independent Authors Guild (IAG), he lives in the City of Kenora, Ontario, Canada

Biblio Books
Clayton Bye, Independent Author


THE SORCERER'S KEY is Clayton Bye's 272-page fiction debut novel that was published in January of 2005. While this novel of the Fantasy genre is Clayton Bye's first work of fiction, he is a seasoned speechwriter as well as a well-known author of motivational books, such as GETTING CLEAR, HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT FROM LIFE, THE IT CAN'T BE DONE, NO WAY, YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING, CRAZY OR UNBELIEVABLY STUPID TO TRY IT HANDBOOK FOR SUCCESS, and THE HUNDRED.

THE SORCERER'S KEY examines the reality of God against the backdrop of Eden (as the cradle of life) and Earth. Existing parallel to one another, yet with the majority of Earth's inhabitants blissfully unaware of the magical place that is Eden, the fragile border that separates both worlds is suddenly in danger by the workings of Morgan Heist, sorcerer and ruthless user of the "dark arts." Heist will stop at nothing to gain free access to both worlds, and seeks to conquer and rule both. In his path stands young Jack Lightfoot whose key allows him to travel between the worlds. Unfortunately, Jack is unaware of the powers that seek to control him, and he soon finds himself in mortal danger. Will Morgan succeed and literally take over the world? Will Jack stand in his way?

Clayton Bye's work of fiction creates a fascinating set of "what if" scenarios. What if God had tried to start over? What if the devil is still around and lending active support? What if magic and sorcery were God's gifts to mankind? What if they weren't?

THE SORCERER'S KEY is a fast-paced read that combines action, adventure, and even romance with the elements of spirituality, religion, and magic. Without taking the quick way out by route of an omnipotent deity and an equally formidable adversary, Clayton Bye avoids the easy answers to the age old question of good versus evil, and instead offers the reader a third version, what if God made mistakes? What if the devil is not as powerful as we would have him be?

An interesting read!


Eden - haven to both good and evil?

Jack Lightfoot feels a need to end a lifelong battle with the most feared sorcerer devil in Eden, Morgan Heist; a battle his father has struggled in for over 20 years

Young and inexperienced for Morgan, Jack finds himself in a very compromising position when Morgan confronts him at one point. The overpowering spell to reveal how Jack is able to travel so freely from earth to Eden, with no side effects whatsoever, is a climatic scene. Jack, realizing he foolishly and prematurely stepped into this fight without truly understanding what he was facing, now needs to pull every trick in his possession to get out of this predicament,

Traveling back and forth from earth to Eden, Jack desperately searches for the answer he unknowlingly possesses, before his next and ultimate face-off with Morgan: how does he, indeed, possess this power to travel so freely? With the help of old friends on earth and new ones in Eden, Jack slowly begins to piece together this puzzle.

Alongside this battle enters Kate, a resident and eye-beholding beauty of Eden, who allies with Jack to help him capture and rev up his hidden magical powers.

Interesting and riveting characters amidst an intriguing plot sets this fantasy novel apart from ones I have read. Mr. Bye, using first person point of view, draws you into the Lightfoot family predicament, allowing the reader to step right along with Jack and help him solve the mystery of the "key."

Mr. Bye excels his writer's voice in this truly highly recommended read. At times, its appeal felt like an Agatha Christie mystery, intermixed with a bit of that Stephen King flair for bonding a reader with his characters.


Jack Lightfoot has known that Earth is not the only place where man lives. Beyond Th

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ISBN: 0969842856
ISBN(13-digit): 9780969842859
Copyright: 2005
Book Publisher: Chase Enterprises
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 288

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